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Presentation of Professional Experience

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Cv presentation1

  1. 1. Iain R M CameronPresentation of Professional Experience
  2. 2. Introduction• This presentation is an attempt to demonstrate my experience visually and pictorially.• I have apportioned my experience into a number of categories as shown on the following slide.
  3. 3. Experience Categories• Project Management• Construction Management• Business Development• Contract Administration• Highways and Transportation• Rail• Water and Drainage• Structures• Health & Safety• Environmental• Education and Training
  4. 4. Employment List• The following slides show details of my employment listed chronologically, starting from the present.• Each employment period is broken down into time spent on the various experience categories.
  5. 5. Employment List Period Duration Employer Post Projects Experience (mths) Category mths Roads, Rail, Highways & Transportation 8Aug 11 – CPG – Global, Transport Sector Leader - Marine & to date 87 Auckland, NZ Project Management 5 NZ Airports Projects Business Development 8 Highways & Transportation 9Jul 10 – 12 QPM Doha, Qatar Infrastructure Director Lusail Light Rail Jul 11 Contract Administration 6 Network Bid Business Development 9 Rail 18Feb 09 – KiwiRail, Auckland, New Lynn Rail 18 Project Interface Manager Project Management 18Jul 10 NZ Trench Contract Administration 5 Shopping Mall Project Management 12 Service Delivery TeamNov 07 – EC Harris, Abu Dhabi, and Hotel 12 Leader (Snr Project Contract Administration 6Nov 08 UAE Development, Manager) Abu Dhabi Business Development 6 Construction Management 12 Responsible for over 200 site Project Management 10 staff – ProjectsOct 06 - Hyder Consulting, incl. 60 storey Contract Administration 6 13 Construction DirectorNov 07 Abu Dhabi, UAE towers, marine Health & Safety 6 works, infrastructure Environmental 3 works Education & Training 3 Project Management 10 Responsible for Contract Administration 5 teams involvedJan 06 - MWH, Hawkes Bay, Group Manager - Local 10 in infrastructure Water & Drainage 6Oct 06 NZ Government works and environmental Environmental 4 Business Development 5 For details of Business Development 50Oct 91 - EES Ltd, Linlithgow, 170 Director EES ProjectsJan 06 Scotland refer below.
  6. 6. Elwood Engineering Services Ltd – Own Ltd Company• Between Oct 1991 (on returning to Scotland from the Middle East) and January 2006 when I took up the post in New Zealand I ran my own Consultancy (EES Ltd). I generally contracted my services out to one major client at a time (as listed below). These appointments were generally of a fairly senior nature with significant staff management responsibility. The length of time for each of these posts was very much dependent on the clients’ staffing needs and policy.• I also carried out work on an ongoing basis for a considerable number of smaller clients, particularly for Structural and Civil Designs. I received regular commissions for Tender Preparation and Assessment and also for Claims Evaluation and Reporting.
  7. 7. EES Ltd Projects List Period Duration Client Post Projects Experience (mths) Category mths Highways & Transportation 20May 04 – West Lothian Council Roads Capital Project Management 20 20 Programme Manager Jan 06 Roads Operations Programme Contract Administration 10 Education & Training 4 Project Management 8 Upgrade of 22 Rail 8Sept 03 – No. Stations in 8 Northern Ireland Rail Resident Project Manager Contract Administration 6May 04 Northern Ireland Construction Management 6 Health & Safety 6 Project Management 35 Rail Bridge Babtie (Jacobs) Inspections and Rail 35Sept 00 – Bridge Engineering Project 35 Group, Glasgow for AssessmentsAug 03 Manager Railtrack Scotland throughout Structures 8 Scotland Health & Safety 20 Project Management 39 Contract Administration 10 BonnybridgeJun 97 – East of Scotland 39 Project Manager WWTW, Falkirk, Water & Drainage 39Sept 00 Water Scotland Health & Safety 8 Environmental 6 Construction Management 21 Brand Leonard, Buchanan Contract Administration 15Sept 95 - 21 Consulting Resident Engineer Galleries,Jun 97 Structures 9 Engineers, Scotland Glasgow Health & Safety 6
  8. 8. EES Ltd Projects List, Cont’d Period Duration Client Post Projects Experience (mths) Category mths Project Management 36 D & B Project Construction Management 24Oct 91 – Carl Bro Group, for 3 WaterSept 95 47 Stirling and Glasgow Project Manager Water & Drainage 30 Treatment Plants Structures 20 Business Development 12 Employment List, Cont’d Infrastructure Project Management 12Jun 90 – Sir M MacDonald & Projects for Construction Management 6Oct 91 16 Partners (MMP), Abu Water Manager WED, Abu Dhabi, UAE Dhabi; Leak Water & Drainage 16 detection Business Development 6 Construction Management 20 Al Salaam St. De Leuw Cather Contract Administration 12Oct 88 upgrading 20 International Ltd, Resident Engineer-Jun 90 project, Abu Abu Dhabi, UAE Highways & Transportation 20 Dhabi Water & Drainage 6 Infrastructure Highways & Transportation 4 Asco ConsultingJan 88 – Projects for 10 Engineers, Doha, Senior Design Engineer Contract Administration 4Sept 88 Army Camps in Qatar Qatar Highways & Transportation 12 A96 Kintore Environmental 4Jan 87 – Bullen & Ptnrs, 12 Senior Highway Engineer Bypass,Dec 87 Glasgow, Scotland Scotland
  9. 9. Employment List, Cont’d Period Duration Client Post Projects Experience (mths) Category mths Structural and Structures 14 Infrastructure Water & Drainage 12Sept 84 – Waterman & Ptnrs, 28 Section Engineer Projects forJan 87 Edinburgh, Scotland Highways & Transportation 8 Ministry of Defence Town Centre Highways & Transportation 37Aug 81 - Central Region Relief Roads & Contract Administration 6Sept 84 37 Council Roads Dept, Highway Engineer Trunk Road Scotland Improvement Construction Management 9 Schemes1976 - Paisley University,1981 Scotland Water & Drainage 29 Structures 6 South-East ScotlandApr 74 - Civil Engineering Technician Water Supply 29 Water Board Contract Administration 6Sept 76 Projects
  10. 10. Total Experience per Category Category Months Project Management 204 Construction Management 84 Business Development 95 Contract Administration 93 Highways and Transportation 117 Rail 55 Water and Drainage 138 Structures 57 Health & Safety 46 Environmental 17 Education and Training 13
  11. 11. KiwiRail - PROJECT INTERFACE MANAGEREmployed by KiwiRail for the proposed $40 million (NZ) new RailStation at New Lynn, West Auckland as part of the New Lynn RailDuplication Project.Duties & Responsibilities:• Manage the Interface with Principal Stakeholders to ensure continued input and co-operation.• Draft NZS 3910 Professional Services Contract to procure a Contract Administration Consultant.• Provide co-ordination between Contractor and Stakeholders to manage project risk, implement change control and explore value engineering opportunities.• Set up a financial reporting mechanism for project.• Carry out Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment for Station and prepare Safety Case and Evacuation Plan.
  12. 12. New Lynn Rail Station prior to commencement of project –single track, ground level.
  13. 13. New Lynn Rail Trench during construction (Sept 09)showing diaphragm walls, high level permanent props, midlevel temporary props and platform walls.
  14. 14. First Train in Trench Milestone (March 2010)
  15. 15. Artists Impression of Completed Station (due August 2010)
  16. 16. EC Harris - Senior Project Manager• Proposed Marina Mall Extension and Hotel Towers Development
  17. 17. Hyder Consulting - Construction Director• Acted as Senior Project Manager, responsible for the planning and execution of large high-rise residential / commercial development (2 Billion AED) on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi.
  18. 18. West Lothian Council Roads Operations -Programme Manager• In 2004 an additional £83m (Dh 500m) was identified by WLC to eliminate backlog of repairs necessary to bring roads, footways, street lighting and structures up to standard. This resulted in the creation of a 3 year Capital Programme for road maintenance works.• I was appointed to advise the client on every aspect of delivering this project from the initial establishment of the project team, through the planning stage and on to delivery.• This was a very ambitious programme but innovative ideas and prudent management ensured successful delivery of 20% additional work over target for budget cost.• WLC were named as UK Council of the year in 2006 due to the success of this project.
  19. 19. West Lothian Council Roads Operations -Programme Manager – cont’dDuties & Responsibilities:• Advising on Staff structures and establishment of teams for design and supervision of contracts and to provide effective management and co-ordination of the Project and Project Team• Liaison with Statutory Undertakers and other Council Departments.• Monitor progress and financial targets utilising excel spreadsheets and Ms Project Gantt Charts.• Monitor performance of Design Teams and Contractors against Programme• Management of Task Execution Contract to utilise 17 Contractors in the execution of the maintenance works.• Training of Council Staff – delivered a highway engineering course to the design teams• Training of staff in use of Ms project and excel.
  20. 20. Northern Ireland Rail - Resident Project Manager• Responsible for planning, administering and supervising the Contract to upgrade 22 No. stations in Northern Ireland on behalf of Northern Ireland Rail.• Belfast Central – Platform Alterations
  21. 21. Antrim Station –ReconstructionLurgan Station –Platform ExtensionDetail
  22. 22. Babtie Group - Bridge Engineering Project ManagerCarried out bridge inspections and assessments for Railtrack Scotland. Dunblane Station FootbridgeSouth Elevation Corrosion to U/S X-Bracing
  23. 23. Newmill RoadOverbridge, Keith –General view of theWest elevation.Characteristic freeze-thaw damage at edgesof the arch brickworkmasonry.
  24. 24. East of Scotland Water - Project Manager• Upgrade to Bonny bridge WWTWDuties & Responsibilities:• Liaison with ESW Designers (Civil, Structural and Process) and co- ordinate with ESW Operations (end users) to develop and finalise scope of works.• Procurement of Lead Design Contractor.• Agree scope of work and fee with MEP Consultant.• Managing client’s Project Team.• Liaison with Environmental Authority and HSE in development of Risk Assessment.
  25. 25. Construction of Pumping Chamber
  26. 26. Outlet from Pumping Chamber
  27. 27. Inlet Pipework
  28. 28. Inlet Works
  29. 29. Brand Leonard - Resident Engineer£150m, Buchanan Galleries Project, Glasgow. This is now Glasgow’s premier shopping mall, containing numerous large, top-brand department stores.Duties & Responsibilities:• Design approval, supervision and checking of all piling, foundation, sub-structure and super-structure works.• Monitored Quality and Progress of Construction and reported on same.• Overall approval of Contractor’s method statements.
  30. 30. South AreaConstruction of Tower Crane Base and MiniPiling Rigs for Piling adjacent to Railway Lines
  31. 31. North Area with Steel Framed Loading Areaand Concrete Framed Shopping Mall
  32. 32. This was the largest crane in Scotland
  33. 33. 4.5 m deep Girders to carry Multi Storey CarPark over Main Glasgow – Edinburgh RailwayLine
  34. 34. Congratulations All Round after SuccessfulRemoval of 120 year old Cast Iron Road Bridgefrom over Main Glasgow – Edinburgh RailwayLine
  35. 35. Large Diameter Piling Rig
  36. 36. Carl Bro Group - Project ManagerDesign and Build project in consortium with Trafalgar House to construct 3 No. Water Treatment Plants for Strathclyde Water -value £14 million stg.Duties & Responsibilities:• Co-ordination between consortium partners.• Agree detailed scope of work and share of responsibilities for each party.• Management of B/CE design and coordination of design teams in Carl Bro’s Edinburgh and Glasgow offices and procurement of external Architectural services.• Liaison with Water Authority, Statutory and Environmental Authorities and Planners.• Management of Programme.
  37. 37. WTW at Picketlaw
  38. 38. Sludge Treatment Building with Sludge Press
  39. 39. Sedimentation Tanks
  40. 40. Sir M MacDonald & Partners, Abu Dhabi - Water Manager• Responsible for all design and site supervisory staff for various water supply, pipe laying and rehabilitation projects for the Water and Electricity Department, Abu Dhabi.• Also involved in ‘leak detection’ studies for Abu Dhabi, a dam rehabilitation project for the Dubai government, and preparation of prequalification document for Consultancy Services for Al Ain City.• Worked closely with WED, Abu Dhabi to develop water policy and write specifications. I visited the Bayard Fire Hydrant Factory in Lyon, France and the Vanadour Valve Factory in Pau, France to ensure compliance with the specification. <Bayard Fire Hydrants Vanadour Butterfly Valves >
  41. 41. De Leuw Cather, Abu Dhabi - Resident EngineerAl Salaam Street widening and upgrading project.Al Salaam Street looking north.
  42. 42. Al Salaam Street – Pavement Construction
  43. 43. Al Salaam Street –Construction of Storm Al Salaam Street –Water Drainage Asphalt Operations