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9 burnout--wb--1-2011


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9 burnout--wb--1-2011

  1. 1. Burnout Zone ! You !
  2. 2. The Burnout ZoneThis is exciting stuff … But… Bad News … this workenvironment is a “grinder” like Pro Sports
  3. 3. Pro Sports• Pick your favorite sport• Now try to name a top athlete who has not had a significant injury.• Friend -- It was so cool. I got inside the Canucks dressing room … Weird though … the most memorable thing was all the surgery scars. Every guy had one.
  4. 4. “Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations”• Sport stars have a defined schedule, doctors on staff, time off between games, etc – Loads of rules, boundaries, and limitations in search of optimum performance.• Business Leaders – Boundary-less schedule, few (if any) doctors, no time off, … more – Ie no rules, no boundaries, no limitations in search of ???
  5. 5. Fred Wilson - VC• Ten Meetings Per Day – day.html• In Comments – “long work day today, started at 7am today and will finish at 9pm but today is unusual,Igenerally start at 8am and am done at 6pm, butIcan do nine one hour meetings in that span or 8 one hour and 2 thirty minute meetings”
  6. 6. Packet Engines - VC Funded Startup• Basic Hours – M-F 7am - 7pm – Sat 7am - noon – Sun off – Holidays off• Project “Plan of Record” Meetings – Friday 11pm – “the only good time to meet”
  7. 7. John Morgridge x-Cisco CEO & Chair• The podcast description finishes with “He also discusses the personal sacrifices that he believes an executive must make to succeed.”• hn-morgridge.html
  8. 8. Have You Experienced• Getting dizzy spells during a meeting.• Watching a colleague fall asleep during the weekly update.• Watching a customer fall asleep during a meeting.• Forgetting a close colleagues name.• Forgetting a bosses name.• Forgetting how I got to this meeting room.• Getting dizzy spells on the drive home.• Not being able to get out of bed for 2-3 days after a big conference. (burnout pre-cursors)
  9. 9. : Hint : you need to use a Pro Athlete as your modelwrt/ rules, boundaries, and limitations.
  10. 10. Schedule Your Family Time• And make it Priority #1 10
  11. 11. Work / Life Balance• You will be 60 work / 40 life • At best … likely 70/30 with 100/0 times. 11
  12. 12. Staff Your Home• Your home requires staff – Get a nanny – Get a housekeeper – Get a gardener• Do this earlier … It takes a while to get good at this. 12
  13. 13. Medical• Get a doctor• Schedule your annual Physical• Get a fitness plan ( do it ) 13
  14. 14. Single Tasking• Can you multi-task while playing a sport?• Can you multi-task while presenting?• Can you multi-task while listening?• Think single tasking … get deeper into your tasks. 14
  15. 15. :Hint #2: Exercise is Very Important • “Exercise is 3x more effective than any other activity in promoting brain health”, Dr. Max Cynader, UBC 2011. • About Max Cynader – Canada Research Chair in Brain Development at UBC – – There is a podcast at end of this page “The Ageing Brain: How to Age Successfully” 15