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Short three page company overview for IAG Consulting,

IAG Consulting is a market leading professional services firm that provides contract consulting, transformational and professional development services in business analysis, requirements definition and management. Established in 1997, IAG has over 40 senior consultants, has worked with a majority of the F500 companies, trained over 10,000 Business Analysts, and written over 1000 requirement specs. IAG helps US and international organizations define their business and system requirements for IT projects and other organizational initiatives. IAG provides consulting expertise, methodologies, standards and resources to the IT and business community in medium to large corporate, government, and other customers worldwide. IAG is privately held with offices in the US and Canada, based in New Castle, Delaware. www.iag.biz 1.800.209.3616

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IAG Profile

  1. 1. Company Overview IAG Consulting is solely focused on business and software requirements. We are specialists that have worked with over 300 of the Fortune 500 companies to improve the efficiency of these organizations in business analysis. Combined with recently acquired Digital Mosaic, our company has completed over 1,000 requirements projects for companies developing solutions or implementing packaged applications. Our organization focuses on a practical and practiced approach that is efficient for all stakeholders: business professionals, information technology departments, business analysts and project managers. We pride ourselves in bringing measurable gains to our clients: • Reducing time needed to complete requirements • Ensuring completeness in documentation and reducing change requests • Issuing RFPs where vendors can bid accurately and clients get better terms • Reducing costs in systems development • Salvaging troubled projects Our average consultant has over 20 years of experience. Each member of our team is taken through a rigorous screening, hiring and certification process that assures a high standard of professional facilitation, analysis and interpersonal skills. Using this professional facilitation, we have found that business requirements engagements can be compressed about 60% from what clients have seen in the past, while assuring a higher level of completeness. Our Services IAG Consulting works with clients in one of three modes, offering: Requirements Discovery and Management Services: Using small teams of expert analysts, we facilitate requirements sessions, develop requirements specifications, assure completeness, and may even manage your requirements through the delivery cycle. We also develop RFPs, fix broken projects where these projects were derailed by poor requirements, and provide excellent people to accelerate the elicitation and management of business and software requirements. Analyst Professional Development and Best Practices Implementation Services: Using our Best Requirements PracticesTM methods, we help clients change the performance of their analyst organization. We bring the end-to-end combination of tested process and depth in Requirements Practice IntegrationTM, rich professional development assets like our analyst training courses or simulations, and an experiential learning approach that has been proven effective at embedding business analysis excellence with hundreds of clients. Turn-Key Business Analysis Center of Excellence: Some clients are implementing the business analysis function for the first time, conducting a transformational change to the services delivered by the analysts, dealing with a significantly larger portfolio of projects, or grappling with a series of failed projects and overruns and need immediate access to turn-key capability to meet the urgent objective for the analysis function. IAG’s approach enables immediate performance gains on achieving business and project goals while leveraging and developing existing staff and resources. For clients serious about immediate performance change, we deliver exceptional analyst resources and best practice implementation. IAG Consulting Company Profile
  2. 2. Example Engagements Analyst Professional Requirements Discovery and Business Analysis Center of Development and Management Excellence Best Practices Implementation Michigan Department of Bank of Montreal (BMO) Salt River Project (SRP) Transport (MDOT) A financial institution with total assets the largest utility in Arizona with just Providing the highest quality of $320 billion and almost 35,000 over 4,300 employees and just under 1 integrated transportation services for employees million customers economic benefit and improved quality of life. Together with some Since 1999 IAG has exceptional talent from the completed dozens of projects As part of an overall plan to BMO organization, our team with the pragmatic improve project manage- worked to improve the management team of SRP. ment, Couto and his team first templates, courses, instruction, Acting like a center of turned to enhancing the and management process for excellence for the SRP business requirement definition requirements. Together organization, IAG staffed lead process, and ran a test case simulation programs were analyst project roles for a with IAG to prove the gains in developed and a full period of time, then performance efficiency that certification and assessment transitioning these roles to SRP could be attained. SafeStat approach was developed for staff. This program included or “the Safety Status System” the BMO analyst team. To defining and implementing that monitors and tracks the date, BMO has trained over the analysis practices and progress of traffic and safety 400 of its people in our process for all projects by all IT projects was selected with the methods and practices, has analysts, designing client- intent to develop an RFP used our e-learning materials specific courses and training which would go to one of the tactically to reinforce skills, selected Business Analysts in major outsourcers – IBM, EDS, and has made excellent use business requirements CSC etc. For this complex, of our facilitators on strategic facilitation and docu- $1,000,000 project, IAG was projects. mentation skills in support of able to help compress the the process. Implementing requirements discovery cycle This initiative with BMO our turn-key capability into less than 2 weeks and became the genesis of the accelerated the trans- then work with the team to International Institute of formation of SRPs analysts into issue a comprehensive RFP. Business Analysis (IIBA) – taking a highly efficient and So precise were the this same professional progressive organization. Our requirements, that the accreditation to BAs team delivered group training, variability of responses from worldwide. IAG is a founding self-paced exercises, these vendors was only member of IIBA and is, of assignments, individual one- $30,000. Doug’s team was course, endorsed as an on-one coaching, testing, able to use this precision to education and services mentoring and working secure far better terms, provider. together with SRP staff across including performance many projects. guarantees, and eventually delivered the project 33% under budget. IAG Consulting Company Profile
  3. 3. The Potential Performance Improvement brought by IAG to your Organization We play a focused role in overall organization development. The importance of the requirements area cannot be underestimated; for example: the findings of InfoTech Research (2004) “Flawed Requirements Trigger 70% of Project Failures … up to 50% of project rework is attributable to problems with requirements”. Our research (below) has discovered similar findings in a study of 36 projects at 6 client organizations.1 Reduction in Changes to Requirements Reduction in Total Requirements Cost Reduction in Total Development Cost Changes per 100 Requirements (All formal and informal changes including additions due to ambiguity. Excludes reduction of scope due to business Company-wide Person Weeks Person Months change) Pre-IAG Consulting Post-IAG Consulting Pre-IAG Consulting Post-IAG Consulting Pre-IAG Consulting Post-IAG Consulting Our basic proposal is that we help an organization get requirements right the first time. This means far less requirements change over the course of development and far better control of time and scope. Clients that use our approach find a significant reduction in the number of changes to requirements over the life cycle of the project. This is not because we do not encourage change, ours is an iterative approach, it is because the clients themselves have a more complete understanding of the system needed, they have achieved consensus, and do not wish to make change. The process of getting requirements right makes a dramatic impact on total time and effort needed to do business and software requirements as well as the total development cost. On many engagements over $1 million, clients have found that they are saving over $200,000 by working with the IAG team. IAG is for clients that are serious about controlling scope and achieving repeated project success. 1 On projects undertaken between 1993 and 2002, six repeated measures on 36 projects in six subject organizations were collected on project, before and after implementing the IAG RDP and using BRP. To ensure both ’before and after’ data sets are logically and methodologically comparable, ‘between-subject variability’ was reduced through sets of project pairings of similar types and function points such that the ‘before’- and ‘after’-implementation statistics are comparable. High and Low here refer to the largest and smallest of the projects in the sample of 38. Generally, it indicates that the larger the project, the more significant the benefit – except – in reduction of change requests where a 75% reduction is true regardless of project size. IAG Consulting Company Profile