IAG Business Analyst Professional Development Services


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IAG has a broad curriculum of courses that teach a practical set of business analysis best practices. In addition, IAG has a variety of coaching and mentoring services to complement a BA training and development program. These range from shadowing IAG consultants during requirements definition engagements to lunch-and-learns, webinars, webcasts, simulations, and help desk support.

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IAG Business Analyst Professional Development Services

  1. 1. Business Analyst Professional Development Services Setting higher standards is just the beginning Transforming business analyst performance and consistency takes more than training – it requires a total approach to Business Analyst Professional Development. IAG’s total approach transfers the knowledge of field-tested practices through refined programs of instruction, develops the experience of analysts through interactions with the methods and IAG on projects, and assists management in measuring success. To achieve sustained performance increases, IAG emphasizes driving practical success… early, and often.
  2. 2. Business Analyst Professional Development Services Getting higher performance is the challenge. A Total Approach Best Requirements Proven Results IAG emphasizes three strategic PracticesTM IAG has been at the heart of many foundations: Clients like that IAG not only teaches high profile successes around the best practices, we live these methods globe, taking teams of over 400 • Knowledge: Bringing a every day. Practical experience analysts through framework of best practices to from applying the comprehensive BAs, while adapting this to fit the Requirements transformation client’s business context. Discovery ProcessTM programs. • Experience: Accelerating analyst in over 1,000 Results are experience in applying new engagements has realized with: practices through simulations, streamlined IAG’s • Significant personal coaching, and project methods, while our reductions to mentoring. research also rework; and, • Management: Assisting uncovers and • Substantial management in measuring both incorporates the best changes in team competency development and emerging techniques. efficiency. competency effectiveness. Clients want a program that is IAG emphasizes getting team IAG’s total approach is designed to endorsed by international standards successes early and often in pilot help an organization rapidly bodies like IIBA, and is compliant projects. Having measurably faster internalize and apply practices with with quality systems like CMMI, ISO project cycles, obviously clearer and successful results. and Six Sigma. IAG has united more accurate business individual analysis techniques into a requirements, and endorsing project cohesive process that gets results. stakeholders, helps clients gain traction on organizational change. New Castle, DE Toronto, ON 1.800.209.3616 www.iag.biz