Call for paper may-june 2013


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Call for paper may-june 2013

  1. 1. International Association for Engineering and ManagementEducation (IAEME), India( for Paper (May- June 2013 Issue)Papers are invited for the IAEME International Journals (Online andPrint) - High Journal Impact FactorIssue: May-June 2013Submission Deadline: 25thJune 2013Acceptance Notification Date: Within one week of SubmissionExpected Date of Publication in Printed format: 5thJuly 2013Submit your Paper: and editor@iaeme.comWebsite: www.iaeme.comList of IAEME Referred International JournalsS.No Name of the InternationalJournalISSN (Online and Print) Journal Impact Factor(2012)FrequencyofPublication1International Journal ofManagement (IJM)ISSN 0976-6502 (Print)ISSN 0976-6510(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 6.9071Calculated by GISI62International Journal ofElectrical Engineering &Technology (IJEET)ISSN 0976-6545(Print)ISSN 0976-6553(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 5.8896Calculated by GISI63International Journal ofElectronics and CommunicationEngineering &Technology(IJECET)ISSN 0976- 6464(Print)ISSN 0976-6472(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 3.5930Calculated by GISI64International Journal ofComputer Engineering &Technology (IJCET)ISSN 0976– 6367(Print)ISSN 0976- 6375(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 6.1302Calculated by GISI6
  2. 2. 5International Journal ofMechanical Engineering &Technology (IJMET)ISSN 0976 – 6340(Print)ISSN 0976 – 6359 (Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 5.7731Calculated by GISI66International Journal of CivilEngineering & Technology(IJCIET)ISSN 0976–6308(Print)ISSN 0976 – 6316(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 5.3277Calculated by GISI67International Journal ofAdvanced Research inEngineering & Technology(IJARET)ISSN 0976-6480(Print)ISSN 0976-6499(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 5.8376Calculated by GISI68International Journal ofMarketing & Human ResourceManagement (IJMHRM)ISSN 0976 – 6421 (Print)ISSN 0976- 643X(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 4.6901Calculated by GISI39International Journal ofAdvanced Research inManagement (IJARM)ISSN 0976– 6324 (Print)ISSN 0976 – 6332(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 4.7271Calculated by GISI310International journal ofIntellectual PropertyRights(IJIPR)ISSN 0976-6529 (print)ISSN 0976-6537(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2012): 0.9130Calculated by GISI311International Journal ofGraphics andMultimedia(IJGM)ISSN 0976–6448 (Print)ISSN 0976- 6456(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 4.1089Calculated by GISI312International Journal ofInformation Technology andManagement informationSystem (IJITMIS)ISSN 0976– 6605(Print)ISSN 0976- 6413(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 5.2372Calculated by GISI313International Journal ofProduction Technology andManagement (IJPTM)ISSN 0976- 6383 (Print)ISSN 0976 – 6391(Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 4.3285Calculated by GISI314International Journal of Designand ManufacturingTechnology(IJDMT)ISSN 0976 – 6995(Print)ISSN 0976 – 7002 (Online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 4.2823Calculated by GISI315International Journal of IndustrialEngineering Research andDevelopment(IJIERD)ISSN 0976 – 6979(Print)ISSN 0976 – 6987 (online)Journal Impact Factor(2013): 5.1283Calculated by GISI316International Journal of ThermalEngineering(IJTE)ISSN- Applied Journal Impact Factor(2013): 2.3871Calculated by GISI217International Journal of Library &Information Science (IJLIS)ISSN Print: 2277 - 3533ISSN Online: 2277 - 3584Journal Impact Factor(2013): 3.7623Calculated by GISI218International Journal of ComputerApplications (IJCA)ISSN- Applied Journal Impact Factor(2012): Applied 2
  3. 3. 19International Journal of SocialSciences (IJSS)ISSN- Applied220International Journal of PhysicalEducation (IJPE)ISSN- Applied221International Journal ofBiotechnology (IJBT)ISSN- Applied222International Journal ofNanotechnology (IJN)ISSN- Applied223International Journal ofMathematics (IJMM)ISSN- Applied224International Journal of Chemistry(IJC)ISSN- Applied225International Journal of Physics(IJP)ISSN- Applied226International Journal of ChemicalEngineering (IJCE)ISSN- Applied227International Journal of Education(IJE)ISSN- Applied2Issue: May-June 2013Submission Deadline: 25thJune 2013Acceptance Notification Date: Within one week of SubmissionExpected Date of Publication in Printed format: 5thJuly 2013Kindly mention the name of the journal for which you are submitting the paper forpublicationPaper Submission The manuscripts should be formatted according to the IAEME Journalguidelines available at IAEME Journal Format available in the website ( andsubmitted to the Chief Editor through email mentioning the journal name: &editor@iaeme.comPaper Acceptance: The final decision on publication is made by the Chief Editor uponrecommendation of Editorial Board Members. If the manuscript is accepted for publication inIAEME Journals, it must not be published in any periodical elsewhere without the permission of theeditorial board.
  4. 4. Special Issues: From time to time, Guest Editors are invited to produce Special Issues consisting ofsome articles grouped around a common theme. Proposals for Special Issues are welcome, as areGuest Editorials and Announcements.Copy Right: Each manuscript must be accompanied by a statement that it has been neitherpublished nor submitted for publication, in whole or in part, either in a serial, professional journal oras a part in a book which is formally published and made available to the public. For the mutualbenefit and protection of authors and publishers it is necessary that authors provide formal writtenconsent to publish and transfer of copyright Copyright Form before publication of the work.Proofs: Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author and should be returned with one week ofreceipt. Corrections should be restricted to typesetting errors; any other corrections may be chargedto the authors. Authors are advised to check their proofs very carefully before return, since theinclusion of late corrections cannot be acceptable. Corrected proofs are to be returned to thepublishers.Publication Charges: There is a publication fee for IAEME International Journals. The purpose ofcollecting publication charge is to pay remuneration for Journal reviewers, printing charges,Indexing charges, Citation Creation & Monitoring charges and print subscription for the journal andcommunication cost.Indexing: Our Journals are indexed in many Search Engine Database