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SPC1024 Course Information


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SPC1024 Course Information

  1. 1. SPC1024 – Intro to Speech CommunicationMr. Tyler WattsLearning Resources Manager
  2. 2. What does studying an online course mean?• Study when you want• Study where you want• Requires self-discipline• Requires independent learning• No one to remind you about your work (for the most part)
  3. 3. SPC1024 - Intro to Speech CommunicationInstructor: Prof. Gary SerlinTextbook: Communicating Effectively,9th Edition, by Saundra Hybels & Richard LWeaverVisit Library to order copy
  4. 4. SPC1024 - Intro to Speech CommunicationMain Assignments:• Complete activities and assignments (online)• Take exams (2 total) (online)• Participate in discussions (online)• Deliver, record, and submit three speeches toan audience of your choosing.Speech 1: Self-Introduction SpeechSpeech 2: Informative SpeechSpeech 3: Persuasive Speech
  5. 5. SPC1024 - Intro to Speech Communication Assignment Point ValueOrientation 40 Email (5 points); Discussion (5 points); Assignment Submission (10 points); Quiz (20 points)Self-Introduction Speech 50Informative Speech 135Persuasive Speech 135Exam I 100Exam II 100Online Discussions 70 (5 points each)Total 630
  6. 6. SPC1024 - Intro to Speech Communication Grading Scale Grades Points Grade = A 567-630 Grade = B 504-566 Grade = C 441-503 Grade = D 409-440 Grade = F 408 and below
  7. 7. SPC1024 - Intro to Speech CommunicationClass facilitatorTyler Wattstylerwatts@vatc.netOffice: 4th floor & Library- Bi-weekly check-ins- Help with access, troubleshooting- Help with videos as needed
  8. 8. SPC1024 - Intro to Speech CommunicationFirst AssignmentEmail me (using an email you check regularly) with thefollowing items:•Full name•Have you ever had to give a public speech before?How did you feel?•What do you hope to learn in this class?