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Studies indicate that community-engaged learning strategies are a promising best
practice for student retention and success. The nationally recognized Institute for
Community Engagement and Scholarship (ICES) will invite participants to inventory active
learning strategies on their campus and visualize ways to more fully develop those
opportunities for students’ success.
Jodi Bantley, Community Engagement Coordinator, and Victor B. Cole, Community
Engagement Coordinator, both in the Institute for Community Engagement and
Scholarship (ICES) at Metropolitan State University

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  1. 1. ARE YOU ENGAGED?Campus Compact, Upper MidwestCivic Engagement SummitMay 29-30, 2013Loras CollegeDubuque, IA
  2. 2. Institute for Community Engagementand Scholarship (ICES)Community Action and Civic Engagementat Metropolitan State UniversityPresentersJodi Bantley, Community Engagement Coordinator forService LearningVictor B. Cole, Community Engagement Coordinator forAcademic Internships & Study Abroad
  3. 3. Institute for Community Engagementand ScholarshipEngaged Learning• Academic internships• Capstone courses/projects• Co-curricular civic engagement• Collaborative assignments• Cultural immersion experiences• First-year seminars• Learning communities• Participatory research• Service-learning coursework• Study abroad
  4. 4. Institute for Community Engagementand ScholarshipBy design, effective engaged learningstrategies promote deep, integrativelearning• Practice and build skills• Apply new ways of thinking• Reflect, makes connections, challengetheoretical constructs• Understand with a purpose
  5. 5. Institute for Community Engagementand ScholarshipResearch on engaged learning strategies• Enhance well-established student successfactors• Positively contribute to academic performanceand persistence• Positive correlation between service-learningand re-enrollment
  6. 6. Institute for Community Engagementand ScholarshipInstitutional commitment• “Institutions with a deliberate and explicitcommitment to the success of all studentsgraduate low-income students and students ofcolor at much higher rates than their peerinstitutions.” Campus Compact Research Brief #1, May 2008• Graduation rates
  7. 7. Institute for Community Engagementand ScholarshipFive elements of institutional commitmentto engagement• Connection to mission and vision• Integration at all curricular and co-curricular levels(and collaboration between academic/studentaffairs)• Integration into faculty promotion and rewardstructure• Professional development opportunities forcivically-engaged faculty• Infrastructure to sustain reciprocal engagementwith diverse communities
  8. 8. Institute for Community Engagementand ScholarshipMetropolitan State University, an engagedcampus• Mission and Vision• Core Values and Strategic Plan• University-wide initiativeso student organization service projectso a significant number of courses with a community-based componento annual day of serviceo mentoringo civic and community engagement initiatives
  9. 9. Institute for Community Engagementand ScholarshipICES programs and events• Academic Internships• Community Outreach• Community Service Learning• Literacy Corps & Project SHINE• Study Abroad• Youth, Family and Library Outreach
  10. 10. Institute for Community Engagementand ScholarshipFaculty Team• Course assessments for community based courses• Civic Engagement Minor• President’s Circle of Engaged Learning• Tenure and promotion
  11. 11. Mission &VisionCommunityConnectionCivic EngagementCommunityImmersionCommunity-BasedLearningUniversity-CommunityServiceService toCommunityCommunity-UniversityPartnershipCircle of EngagementMetropolitan State UniversityVisualization of an Engaged CampusThe Circle of Engagement, utilizing a list of concepts/terms, is designed to identifycommunity connections, which describe the various components of an engagedcampus at Metropolitan State. The university has adapted the Circle for use in thepromotion and tenure process. The list of terms with definitions (which can beseen on the reverse side), was created through a process that included input andapproval from faculty members, staff, administrators, community partners andstudents.5-5-09sss
  12. 12. Social Transformation EngagementA long-term unified commitment by the university andlarger community to alter social disparities byworking towards social change and justice
  13. 13. Civic EngagementActive involvement in exercising the power ofcitizens in public life and learning
  14. 14. Community-Based LearningUniversity-wide approach of teaching, research, orexperiential learning that combines authenticcommunity or public service activity with academicinstruction, focusing on critical, reflective thinking aswell as evidence of civic responsibility and/orpersonal growth
  15. 15. Community ConnectionRelationship with one or more communityorganization(s) and one or more department(s) orprogram(s) within the university to accomplish ashared objective on a short term basis which may ormay not include academic learning
  16. 16. Community ImmersionA university course or program that involvessignificant student immersion in a community-basedproject, program, organization or governmental unitwith a primary focus on reflective learning thatsupports or enhances classroom learning
  17. 17. Community-University PartnershipA mutually defined relationship, between at least oneuniversity department or program and one or morecommunity-based organization(s), of sufficient scaleand duration to significantly benefit the communityorganization(s) while providing important learningopportunities and reflection for university students
  18. 18. Service to CommunityOne or more university department(s), program(s) orcourses committed to regular opportunities forstudents and faculty to assist communityorganizations with their objectives, which may or maynot include academic learning
  19. 19. University-Community ServiceA university department, program or course and acommunity partner are committed to the mutualsharing of objectives in this reciprocal relationshipwhich may or may not include an academiccomponent
  20. 20. Institute for Community Engagement andScholarshipContact / 651 793-1285Gregory Mellas, / 651 793-1292Evelyn Rolloff, Associate / 651 793-1291Jodi Bantley, Community Engagement / 651 793-1294Victor B. Cole, Community Engagement / 651 793-1290