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IACC Civic Ambassador Network: Engaging and Developing Student Leaders


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Iowa Campus Compact implemented its new student-focused program, the Civic Ambassador Network, as a way to engage students in IACC programs while also providing them with professional development opportunities and project assistance. The Civic Ambassador Network will begin its second year this fall.
Monique Ellefson
VISTA Leader
Iowa Campus Compact

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IACC Civic Ambassador Network: Engaging and Developing Student Leaders

  1. 1. Civic Ambassador Network Engaging & Developing Student Leaders
  2. 2. Civic Ambassador Network Creation  VISTA Leader: Colin Studer  Program Advisory Board model  Researched a variety of programs  Wanted to give back to student participants  Provide professional development  Mentor on projects  Connect campuses across the state
  3. 3. 2013-2014 Academic Year  First year of program  Nomination process  Focus on Social Change Wheel  Open for students to guide program
  4. 4. Program Goals  Civic Ambassadors will…  Strive to be Active Citizens contributing to social change  Engage with Iowa Campus Compact as ambassadors and advisors.  Develop and implement campus or community civic engagement project, program, or event
  5. 5. Fall 2013 Retreat  Established mission as group  Discussed social change wheel  Shared common issues on campuses  Brainstormed CA projects
  6. 6. Participant Breakdown  15 participants  6 campuses  8 projects  ASB, issue awareness, student involvement
  7. 7. Challenges  Very enthusiastic at Fall Retreat  Good participation October conference call  Almost 100% participation November 1:1 phone calls  ~30% participation in webinars (December, January)  Lack of communication from majority of CAs
  8. 8. Brainstorming  Met with student member of State Farm Youth Advisory Board  Discussed possible options for moving forward  1 theme for all CA projects  1 project for all CA members  Senior Ambassadors  More competitive application/nomination process
  9. 9. Award Winning First Year!  Bethany Welsh  Senior, University of Iowa  Outstanding Contribution to a Greater Community  Meet the Challenge Award – Engage  Emily Rouse & Lisa Langenberg  Seniors, Central College  Bridge Builder Awards
  10. 10. Spring 2014 Retreat  Students presented their projects  Discussed relation to social change wheel  Reflected on CA experience  Suggestions for next year’s program  Reviewed IACC strategic plan
  11. 11. Evaluations  Q: Describe at least one way that your experience in the Civic Ambassador Network has impacted you.  “This program has given me leadership skills that I didn’t know I had.”  “I’ve found a passion for helping others and being involved in my community that I never knew was important.”  “The Civic Ambassador Network has helped me really use other ideas and think more critically.”  “I have become a more aware person on my campus. I learned about a problem I never would have thought of.”
  12. 12. Evaluations  Q: Describe at least one thing you have learned from your Civic Ambassador Network Experience about civic engagement and/or social change.  “Civic partnership and collaboration is absolutely the most efficient way to create social change and promote empowerment.”  “Civic engagement/social change requires flexibility, vulnerability, and hard work/effort.”  “It has really helped me explain what civic engagement is. It helped me show folks how easy it is to get involved.”  “How much impact I can have on my community.”
  13. 13. 2014-2015 Academic Year  2 Senior Ambassadors  Returning CA members  Main contact for Civic Ambassadors  Liaison between CA and VISTA Leader  2 Civic Ambassadors per member campus  Application process  Projects on campus or in community  Fall & Spring Retreat
  14. 14. Questions?