F46 The School Next Door


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High schools—are you interested in creating more effective partnerships with the colleges in your neighborhood? Colleges—are you interested in more effectively reaching out to high school students in your own backyard? This type of proximity offers some unique opportunities for forming partnerships with the school next door. Come prepared to hear how two colleges and two high schools have used these relationships to their advantage, and bring some of your own examples as well.

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F46 The School Next Door

  1. 1. PresentersKaren Dahlstrom, Blackhawk College - ModeratorRachel Gustafson – Assoc. Director of AdmissionsAugustana CollegeSterling Kingery – CounselorRock Island High SchoolMartha Stolze – Director of AdmissionNorth Central CollegeJean Childers – College & Career Center AssistantNaperville Central High School
  2. 2. The School Next Door
  3. 3. NapervilleNCC & NCHS close proximityAttractive campus townThriving shops & restaurantsScenic Riverwalk & Parks
  4. 4. Naperville Central High School & North Central CollegeA mutually effective partnership
  5. 5. Benefits to Students•College ready students•Recruitment•Smooth transition to college•Community outreach
  6. 6. Instructional•Bachelors in education for local teachers•Masters in education program for teachers•Theatrical programs resource for English classes•“Calculus – the Musical” for Math classes
  7. 7. Teacher Preparation•North Central provides novice teachers•NCHS provides opportunity for student teaching•30 of NCHS teachers North Central College grads•Supervisory teachers receive reduced tuition
  8. 8. Gifted Student ProgramLederman Scholars ProgramEarn up to two years of college whilemaintaining enrollment in high school
  9. 9. AthleticsYouth sports campsHigh School athletics •Cross-town football •Soccer championship
  10. 10. Creative ArtsFine Arts PerformancesWorld Class Artist Concerts District 203 Art Show Youth Music & Theatre Camps Lecture Series
  11. 11. Summer Enrichment Programs Camps & Workshops Musical Productions Academic Camps Athletic Camps
  12. 12. Advisory Committees
  13. 13. Possible Pitfalls• Assume the local students don’t need as much support• Assume that commuter students don’t want to be involved• Assume they know their way around campus
  14. 14. College & Career FairsIACAC College Fair Kids Matter Job Fair Kids Matter Volunteer Fair
  15. 15. ICE College Fair Survey“What special services or programs does yourcollege offer to local high schools?”
  16. 16. Survey Responses Group Visit Info Day in Spanish Career Event at High School Financial Aid Workshop
  17. 17. Survey Responses Theology Class for Private HS Chicago Public Schools AVID Students can take class for free
  18. 18. Survey ResponsesAdmits Yard Signs & BackpacksStudents transfer back homeSummer Programs
  19. 19. Survey Responses Sports Facilities Career Development Programs and Tours of Chicago AVID Class Presentations
  20. 20. Survey Responses Dual Enrollment AP Courses Take classes free during HS year Campus Tours for HS busloads
  21. 21. Survey Responses Masters Programs for Teachers Presentations “Social Media” College & Career Support & Scholarships
  22. 22. Survey Responses Multicultural Arts Show/AVID HS Visiting Students JR-SR year Engineering/Pharmacy Camps Physics & Math Competitions & summer enrichment programs
  23. 23. The School Next Door, a Quad Cities partnership Augustana College and Rock Island HS  Rachel Gustafson, Associate Director of Admissions, Augustana College  Sterling Kingery, Guidance Counselor for Rock Island High School
  24. 24. Augustana College Augustana is located in the Quad Cities, a metropolitan area of 400,000 spanning the Mississippi River Partner with high schools in Illinois and Iowa Quad Cities About 10% of our student population is from the “schools next door” (Illinois and Iowa Quad Cities)
  25. 25. Whose job is it to partnerlocally? Two counselors have the schools next door as part of their regions, along with an admissions counselor who works specifically on multicultural and community outreach Recruited Kane and DuPage counties for 16 years Recruited “schools next door” for 4 years
  26. 26. Rock Island HS Located in Rock Island, IL School of 1679 students 32% go to 4 year colleges 34% attend 2 year colleges 4 full time counseling staff
  27. 27. Pros and Cons of recruitingin your neighborhood Pros:  Allows a higher level of engagement with students and other influencers  Opportunities for outreach and recruitment are endless  Requires creativity in meeting students where they are and overcoming objections  High name recognition  Large base of alumni and others connected to campus  High percentage of students who have grown up aspiring to attend  Increased willingness of campus partners to participate in recruitment locally  Limited travel
  28. 28.  Cons:  High percentage of students overlook the institution  Students who have spent limited time on campus (i.e. football games) think they know the institution  Base their view of the college on rumors, myths, misperceptions or assumptions  Recruitment and outreach could take place 7 days/week, 24 hours/day  Families sometimes expect a greater amount of recognition and service being from “the school next door”
  29. 29. Outreach vs. recruitment Start early and often Participate in community events  Presence at local festivals and fairs  Using student ambassadors wisely in the community Working with marketing & communications to publicize events that already happen on campus (i.e. science open house, planetarium shows, dinosaur day, etc.) Our staff has been known to do school visits to elementary and junior high classes to get them excited about college
  30. 30. Outreach Classroom presentations  How to write college application essay – English classes  How to choose a career  Foreign study in college - Foreign language classes  The college application process  Interviewing skills  Careers in art
  31. 31. Academic Partnerships Augustana Summer Academy  HS freshmen-juniors  In its 3rd year  Courses offered on Gross Anatomy (cadaver dissection), CSI Forensics, Neuroscience, Pipe Organ, Sports Medicine, Harry Potter  Live on campus in res halls  Grant money for local students offered
  32. 32. Academic Partnership Faculty involvement  Accounting faculty speak to all local high schools’ accounting classes about careers in accounting  HS Anatomy classes invited to a tour of cadaver lab and able to see work in progress  AP English classes invited to the library to do guided research with librarians
  33. 33. Guidance partnership FA nights for parents and students Bilingual FA night College planning 101 – invite local guidance counselors to work with visiting alumni students and their families Taking current local Augie students to high school visits at their home school Guidance counselor/admissions relationship
  34. 34. Arts Partnership Offer free tickets to QC high school students for every concert, play, dance show, improv show, etc. Second Baptist Music Academy – Augustana faculty work with low-income high school students to offer free music lessons and free or discounted use of instruments Bucktown Center for the Arts – annual photography show which highlights Augustana students’ work includes a high school photo contest which draws dozens of high schoolers to the show.
  35. 35. Athletics partnership  Invite local teams to games and meets, making them a “big deal”. Announcing visiting teams and players at the game and meeting with the coach.  Sports camps  Shared use of facilities – local Catholic HS shares our football facilities every Friday
  36. 36. Recognizing local students Newspaper project  Student ambassadors comb through local papers  Find articles on local high school students making news  Drop them a note congratulating them
  37. 37. Using local resources fromthe high school side: Group visits to local 4 years and community college Financial aid night – use ISAC FAFSA workdays at Black Hawk Support local college fairs ELL recruitment (Rocky has over 160 ELL students that speak 19 different languages) Legacy event partnership with Augustana
  38. 38. Discussion groups1. What ideas has your school tried in terms ofneighborhood partnerships that are unique or seem tohave worked well?2. Have you tried partnering in ways that were notsuccessful and why?3. Where do you see potential to try something newthat hasn’t been tried in your neighborhood?4. What do you hope to gain from partnership with theschool next door?
  39. 39. 5. Whose responsibility is it at your school toreach out to the schools next door? Is there justone individual this falls, is it a committee or is iteveryone?6. For the schools you feel you have a goodrelationship with, what contributed to that?7. For colleges, do you publicize eventsdifferently, or host different events, for localstudents?8. For high schools, do you see the localcolleges as a resource? How could they be abetter resource?