Developing a Vision for Your Career


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IACAC Summer Institute 2012
Anne Kremer, Ziggy Blackwell, Allegra Giulietti-Schmitt

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  • AGS – 5 minutes dedicated for them to fill out this form… encouraging them to also make notes throughout the presentation as there might be more ideas and thoughts that come to mind as we speak to various categories on the sheet.
  • AGS Slide – although it may take awhile to determine the direction you want to go, this could be your career. Be patient with that process.AK ex: “Fell” into this position. Know that the pace you take with “figuring” it out, is an okay pace…
  • ZB slide – Started at a small private, moved to a selective private, and currently at a public institution. Helped to understand various admission operations. (briefly explain why that is important) AK ex: taking lateral moves for the experience, look for what you’re going to gain, don’t be a job hopper. Consider who your bosses might be in the future; always thought Sacha/Carlene would be great people to work for…
  • AK slide - focus on finding more than one mentor, peer mentors, mentors within your institution (in and outside of your office depending on where you want to go), Mentorship through IACAC.
  • AGS slideAK ex: MMI
  • ZB slideI haven’t found my niche but I’m confident middle management admissions is not for me. Hoping graduate school will expand my qualifications and uncover my niche.
  • AK slide – focus on anticipating what your supervisors wants to know, the questions they will ask. Enter meetings with a plan/proposal, be willing to do the work on the front or back end of a project. Know your supervisor’s strengths/weaknesses – how can you “help” them, where can you plug in? Be vocal about your goals/where you want to go, etc.
  • ZB slide: Pop balloon… “You’re not going to be a VP in two years.”AK ex: Share story about VP from Beloit that got an email in April from two admission counselors asking about raises, titles, advancement opportunities…
  • AK slide: look at change as an opportunity; take on jobs no one else wants – this will build on your experience to make you more attractive for the next job.
  • ZB slide – outside professional development opportunities, committeesMentorship, Conference Program Committee (Chair), District Seminar Committee (Coordinator), CAP Committee (Chair), College Director. Helped to expand my leadership when it wasn’t available within my office.
  • AGS Slide:
  • Developing a Vision for Your Career

    1. 1. Developing a Vision for Your Career Ziggy Blackwell Allegra Giuletti-Schmitt Anne Kremer
    2. 2. Our Stories.
    3. 3. ZiggyographyEducation:• B.A. in English Creative Writing, Illinois College, 2005• Graduate Student at DePaul University in School of Education – College Student Development, anticipated May 2014Experience:• Admission Counselor, Illinois College 2005 - 2007• Assistant Director of Admission, Illinois College 2008• Assistant Director of Admission, Illinois Wesleyan University 2008- 2011• Chicago Area Regional Coordinator, Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville 2011-Present
    4. 4. AllegraographyEducation:• B.A. in Psychology and Sociology, Minor in Women’s Studies, Bradley University, 2004• DePaul University, Masters in School Counseling & Type 73Experience:• Student Admissions Representative (StAR), 2001 - 2002• Admissions Intern, 2002 - 2004• Admission Counselor, Bradley University, 2004 - 2007• Assistant Director of Admission & Chicago Regional Representative, Bradley University, 2007 - 2009• College Counseling Assistant/Counseling Resource Center Coordinator, Highland Park High School, 2009 – 2012• College Counselor, Niles North High School, Present
    5. 5. AnnieographyEducation:• B.S. in Business, Iowa State University, 2004• M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration, Loyola University Chicago, May 2011Experience:• Admission Representative, Bradley University, 2004 - 2007• Assistant Director of Admission, Bradley University, 2007• Assistant Director of Admission, Northwestern University, 2007 – 2011• Senior Assistant Director of Admission, Northwestern University, 2011• Associate Director of Admission, DePaul University, 2011 - Present
    6. 6. Self Reflection.
    7. 7. This could be your career.
    8. 8. Every move should be intentional.
    9. 9. Get a mentor.
    10. 10. Develop a niche.
    11. 11. Graduate School: Consider it.
    12. 12. Know your supervisor.
    13. 13. Develop realistic expectations.
    14. 14. Diversify your experiences.
    15. 15. Look outside.
    16. 16. First impressions are the most important. Ask questions.
    17. 17. Thank you!