D31 “I Hate your Job!” — How to Balance a Busy Job and still be a Great Partner and Parent


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Explore how to balance being an admissions counselor with travel or a high school counselor with evening activities and being in a romantic relationship or an involved parent. As more demands are put on us in our jobs, how do we juggle things in our personal lives? This session will give tips on how to be a great professional and still maintain a healthy romantic relationship and be a great parent.

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D31 “I Hate your Job!” — How to Balance a Busy Job and still be a Great Partner and Parent

  1. 1. “I Hate your Job!”-How to balance a Busy Job and still be a great Parent and Partner By Nick Sanders, Office of Admissions at Eastern Illinois University Kelly Brooks, Office of Admissions at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
  2. 2. Introduction Here is my lovely wife Sparkle and I spending timewith her away from the office. She is smiling, happy, and just enjoying life!
  3. 3. This is the look on her face when I am not spendingtime! She is upset, frustrated and is asking “Is your job more important than me?”
  4. 4. Balancing your job and being a partner• According to a survey conducted in the New American Foundation paper titled “The Stress of Work and the Family: The Impact on Parent and Child Health and the need for flexibility” found that 66 percent of men and women would like to work more hours than they would like but have to due to pressure from their employers• CNN conducted a survey in 2006, and found that the following information: 33 percent of people check in with the office while on vacation 44 percent of mothers report bringing work home at least once a week 36 percent of fathers bring work home at least once a week• According to a poll conducted by MSNBC, 81 percent of Americans said they “were unhappy with their work life/balance”.• According to Attitudes in the American Workplace survey conducted in 2004, 63 percent of workers state the job pressures interferes with their personal lives.
  5. 5. The effects on a relationship without proper balance Cheating on one Constant Arguing Insecurities Lack of another understanding and compassion Communication Bad Sex Life Paranoia Unable to make Issues decisions as a coupleFinancial Difficulties Lack of progression Constant Breakups Divorce in relationship
  6. 6. Ways to help the balance between relationship and work1. A text message early in the morning2. A phone call throughout the day3. Make one night out of the week date night4. Participate in activities that you would not normally would like to5. Do not take work home6. Make a rule about discussing work at home7. As best as possible, eliminate time-wasting activities i.e. X-Box, Playstation, hanging out at the bar all night, talking to parent/siblings for excessive periods of time, etc.8. Surprise Gifts9. Schedule a weekend getaway during the fall or at the end of the fall (non work-related)
  7. 7. Five Love Languages- A Life Saver!