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D30 Maximizing Multicultural College Students in Underrepresented Student Recruitment and Outreach


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As colleges and universities work to attract diverse students, engaging multicultural college students in recruitment and outreach efforts is a vital means of connecting with students of color. Highlighting DePaul University’s Office of Community Outreach’s Peer Guide program and the Office of Undergraduate Admission’s Student Ambassador and Intern program, attendees will learn how to recruit and effectively engage minority students in recruitment and outreach efforts geared towards reaching out to minority students. Attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with a panel of college students that actively participate in the Peer Guide program.

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D30 Maximizing Multicultural College Students in Underrepresented Student Recruitment and Outreach

  1. 1. MAXIMIZING MULTICULTURAL COLLEGE STUDENTS IN UNDERREPRESENTED STUDENT RECRUITMENT AND OUTREACHAmanda Parada-Villatoro, DePaul UniversityAshley McKnight-Phillips, DePaul UniversitySparkle Hunt, DePaul University
  2. 2. Our Goal To recruit an academically talented and diverse student body that reflects DePaul’s mission - Accessibility - Diversity - Educational Excellence Three approaches: - Ambassadors - Peer Guides - Interns
  3. 3. AmbassadorsEnhance prospective student experienceReward volunteers5 Paid E-Board Positions Membership Male Overnight Host  60 members Coordinator Female Overnight  30 Active Members Host Coordinator  Gold Members Panel & Visit Day Coordinator  Ambie of the month Secretary  Annual Ambie Fundraising & Special awards Events Coordinator
  4. 4. Ambassadors Unpaid volunteers Work with all prospective students  Host students overnight on campus  Student panels  Calling campaigns  High school visits/college fairs  Housing tours Special on-campus programs  Class of Excellence  College Insight  Visit days
  5. 5. Peer Guides Paid student employees  Serve as tour guides, panelists, activity leaders  Assist with admission activities and events Focus on outreach to students of color (SOC)  Special groups: MIP, GLAD, College Connect, STEP UP… Represent backgrounds similar to students we serve  SOC  Chicago- area grads  1st Generation
  6. 6. Interns Paid, Para-professional student employees  6 Individual Positions  Campus Tour Coordinator  Territory and Travel Management  Communications Specialist  Transfer and Adult Specialist  Customized Visit Coordinator  Scholar Volunteer Coordinator  Shared Common Responsibilities  Quarterly Group Projects  Special Group Presentations  Out of State and Local Recruitment Assistance Fully Supported by Professional Staff  Report to direct supervisor regarding position-specific office needs  Assist various counselors at college fairs, hometown visits, panels, etc.  Work with Intern Coordinator to tailor experience in
  7. 7. How We Collaborate: Events Communication • Ambie Callers • Peer Guide Callers • Comm Intern • Scholarship Intern Campus Tours Housing Tours • Tour Coordinator Recruitment • Tour Coordinator • Panel/Visit • Panel/Visit Coordinator Events Coordinator • Tour Guides • Ambie Volunteers Student Panels • Panel/Visit Coordinator • Available Interns • Ambie Volunteers
  8. 8. How We Collaborate:Overnights Scheduling • CV Intern • Overnight Coords General Training/RB SOC Hosting •Overnight Coords •Available Interns Overnigh •Ambassador Hosts ts •Peer Guides Campus Tours •Tour Coordinator •Tour Guides •Peer Guides
  9. 9. How We Collaborate: Travel Communicatio n •Ambie Callers •Peer Guide Callers •Comm Intern HSV’s College Fairs • Peer Guides • Available Interns Targeted • Peer Guides • Available Interns • Ambie Volunteers Travel • E-Board Members Panels • Panel/Visit Coord • Ambie Panelists • Available Interns
  10. 10. Outcomes Ambassadors  Customized Visit – 135 customized visits September through April 2012  Class of Excellence  2011 – 18% of attendees deposited prior to event  2011 – 85% of attendees deposited  2012 – 19% of attendees deposited prior to event  College InSight  32% of attendees have applied for admission…and counting  Calling Campaign  2012 – 28% successful calls made to SOC Peer Guides  1200 students reached in 25 unique events (approx. 48 students per event) Interns  1440 students reached through special group visits and over 400 students reached through fairs, panels, and visits
  11. 11. Our Recruitment Started with:  Student Organizations and Greek Life  Involvement Fair booth  Current student employees/ office assistants  Referrals from TRiO, multicultural student support offices  Campus job board Pay/ Incentives  Ambassador E-Board- $3,000 Yearly Stipend  Point-based rewards redeemable for prizes  Special Events  Peer Guides- $10/hr  Interns- $11/hr Professional Development  Networking  Recommendations for special programs  Retreats  Professional Development Workshops
  12. 12. Your Turn! Steps toImplementation First things first  Assess your needs Second: Budget, budget, budget!  No budget- Volunteer Approach  Small/medium budget- Peer Guide Approach  Larger budget- Intern Approach
  13. 13. No Budget Volunteer  Fundraise for incentives (Finals kits, bake sales, etc.)  Pays for itself!  Connect students to paid opportunities as an incentive for involvement  In-house workshops/training  Attach students to pre-existing initiatives that won’t add to your budget  Overnight hosts  Visitdays  High school visits/college fairs  Calling campaigns  Housing tours
  14. 14. Small/ Medium Budget Do not require consistent weekly schedules  Offer competitive wages to students Targeted initiatives  Partner with programs/ schools for specialized visits  Adopt a school Invest in Leadership  Workshop brainstorming - Let students put their skills to use!  Leadership conferences
  15. 15. Larger Budget 20 hour per week expectation  Consistent weekly schedule each term  4-5 days per week commitment Maximize recruitment through paid efforts  Paid out-of-state travel outside of hometown visits  Incentive to assist in SOC events Invest in professional development  Development = Meaningful Experience = Referrals!
  16. 16. Steps to Recruitment Start with known leaders  Multicultural student orgs, Greeks, ministry groups, etc.  May already share your same goals! Reach out to university departments that work with diverse students Scholarship recipients/ Honors students  May need to meet service hours Pull from current student workers Post on campus job board… and don’t forget to advertise!
  17. 17. How We Keep StudentsEngaged Provide consistent opportunities to get involved  Keeps things fresh and interesting Cater to the students’ interests and passions  Ask what they want to get out of their experience, then follow through Empowerment through leadership  Letstudents create ways to engage  Creates buy-in and commitment Make sure we give them what we promised them!
  18. 18. How to Engage Remind importance of work  Provide updates on accomplishments and “numbers”  Allow them to stay connected with students they work with Professional Development: Prep them for success!  Conferences  Special workshops  Networking  Recommendations Praise, praise and more praise!  Parties & Awards  Thank you letters  Celebrate milestones as a group Social Media
  19. 19. Connecting the Dots… Tour guides Shared experience Mentors/ Role Models Email/ Facebook buddies Create and lead workshops/activities
  20. 20. Q&ACurrent DePaul Students Dion Meggs, Ambassador Priscilla Esparza, Intern
  21. 21. THANK YOUAmanda Parada-Villatoro, DePaul University aparada@depaul.eduAshley McKnight-Phillips, DePaul University aphilli5@depaul.eduSparkle Hunt, DePaul University