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Just what are those regional representatives doing all day? And, how best does an in-office supervisor evaluate their performance? It seems most colleges and universities employing off-site representatives don’t utilize anything in the performance review process that specifically evaluates the work of a regional representative.This interactive session will offer some thoughts, some solutions and plenty of dialogue on the topic of evaluating the work of regional representatives.

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  • D26 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

    1. 1. OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND?Evaluating Regional Representativesfrom a State University’s perspective
    2. 2. OUR GOAL…Create a successful regionalrepresentative experience that isproductive and effective for theUniversity and for the employee.
    3. 3. SELECT THE RIGHT PERSON• The foundation must start with a successful employer/employee relationship• Traits of a successful regional representative – Reliable – Self-motivated/directed – Trustworthy
    4. 4. SELECT THE RIGHT PERSON• Other traits include: – Organizational skills – Communication skills – Time management skills – Flexibility – Responsible• On-campus experience – Not a must, but beneficial
    5. 5. DESIGN POSITION FOR SUCCESS• Provide the employee with physical support – Vehicle – Telephone – Computer – Access to data• Define job responsibilities – Aspects that are the same between a small private and large public • Sharing the message of the institution • Visiting high schools & attending college fairs • Encouraging applications for admission • Building relationships with counselors • Building relationships with students
    6. 6. DESIGN FOR SUCCESS, CONT’D – Aspects that may be different • Reading Applications • Follow-up with prospective students – Include other appropriate responsibilities • Special presentations • Responding to emails that come to the office • Follow up with specific groups of students • Scholarship review via document imaging • Professional development/association liaison • Project work
    7. 7. COMMUNICATE!If you do not communicate on a regular basis throughoutthe year, you will not have a good performance evaluationexperience.• Responsibilities of the Representative - Keep in regular contact with supervisor via phone or email (nearly daily basis) - Seek advice from supervisor when there are unique situations - Share information about the region with supervisor - Be available and responsive
    8. 8. COMMUNICATE!• Responsibilities of the Supervisor – Keep regional rep updated with information and any changes in University/office policy/procedures – Be sure that regional reps are part of the team • Regular visits to campus & staff meetings • Participate in programming activities (Open Houses, First Look, etc.) • Counselor of the week – Listen for ideas & information from regional reps who have feet on the ground – Provide training
    9. 9. THE EVALUATION• Supervisor should keep performance logs – Don’t rely solely on your memory to evaluate employee performance. • Can be very simple & brief • Date the entry • Write observations, not assumptions • Remember to include the positive, not just the negative
    10. 10. THE EVALUATION, CONT’D• The Representative should also keep a performance log – Note and date accomplishments – Remember that your supervisor may not see your day-to-day work – Send this to your supervisor prior to your performance evaluation
    11. 11. THE EVALUATION, CONT’D• Tangible Activities to be Evaluated – Performance Log – Travel/Visit Summary • High schools visited • College fairs attended • Special presentations – Application performance within territory – Telephone calls made & received, emails answered – Scholarship applications read – Professional development activities
    12. 12. THE EVALUATION, CONT’D• Intangible Traits to be Considered – Knowledge of work – Quality/Accuracy of work – Professional Judgment – Planning and Organization Skills – Professional Development – Initiative/Innovation – Communication Skills – Customer Orientation – Teamwork – Self-Direction/Self-Motivation – Reliability
    15. 15. CONTACT INFORMATION• Doris Groves – Director of Admissions- Illinois State University – dfgrove@ilstu.edu• Nate Bargar – Coordinator, Chicago Regional Initiatives- Illinois State University – nabarga@ilstu.edu
    16. 16. And now for something completely different… … or at least very green
    17. 17. • Knowledge • Recruiting and Counseling • Service, Teamwork and Hustle • Communication • Technical Competence, Data Gathering and Analysis • Creativity, Innovation and Resourcefulness • Application Reading and ManagementSlide 18 www.nacacconference.org
    18. 18. Hmmm. Something’s missing.
    19. 19. The Larry U Crew Ken AnselmentKen.anselment@lawrence.edu Carin Smith Carin.smith@lawrence.edu