Presentación de Geoff Ramsey en IAB Conecta 2012


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Presentación de Geoff Ramsey, CEO de eMarketer.
Evento: IAB Conecta 2012
Lugar: Centro Banamex

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Presentación de Geoff Ramsey en IAB Conecta 2012

  1. 1. Keeping Up with theConsumer in a Digital World Geoffrey Ramsey @geofframsey
  2. 2. ¡Cuidado conlas modas!
  3. 3. “What % of internet users in Mexico go It’s Better to Get It’s Better to Get to social sites?”a Complete, Objective Picture of a Complete, Objective comScore 91% the Digital Landscape Picture of the Digital AMIPCI 92% Landscape Pew 59% Ipsos 68% CIU 72%Ranstad 84% IAB Mexico 87% Socialbakers 75%
  4. 4. Part IUnderstanding the digitalconsumer today
  5. 5. Global 2012InternetPenetration 2.3B 41% 32.3% online penetration in Mexico Global Pop 7.0 B Source: eMarketer, 2012
  6. 6. 51% by 2015 41%penetration in Mexico Source: eMarketer, 2012
  7. 7. Broadband penetration tells a more important story for marketers (% of households)Russia 21% UK 64%Mexico 26% W. Europe 64%China 28% Japan 68%Brazil 30% US 69%Argentina 47% 32% Canada 75% South Korea ––Strategy Analytics, 2012 92% Source: eMarketer, 2012
  8. 8. In many countries, the most active internetusers spend 20+ hours/week online Source: Motorola Mobility Study, 2011; comScore, 2012
  9. 9. % of internet users in each country who are 34 years old or youngerSources: *Roy Morgan Indonesia, 2011;**comScore, 2011; ***Sinomonitor, CNNIC, 2011
  10. 10. Mobile Phone 2016 2012Penetration 2/3’s 4.91B 3.93 67% 56% penetration penetration Global Pop 7.3 B 7.0Source: eMarketer, 2012
  11. 11. Top markets by mobile penetration % on MobileCountryCountry 2012 (2011) Country 2012 2011 2016 2015South Korea 85% 73%UK 83%Germany 81% 73% 66% 58%55%39%Argentina 79% BrazilMexicoIndia 66% 54%Spain 78% “¿Y los 36%US 77% Middle East/Africa smartphones?” 54% 44%Russia 74% ––Frederico Carrera, Exponential 44%Canada 67%Latin America 65% Source: eMarketer, 2012
  12. 12. Smartphonesmake all thedifference Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile Video Mobile Search Social Gaming Apps Mobile 13% of the global population Coupons are smartphone users
  13. 13. Smartphone user penetration in Mexico (as a % of total population) US 37%Asia/Pacific 12% Canada 31%Middle East/Africa 5% W. Europe 25% 85% Smartphone ownership access the skews heavily towards those aged 18 - 34 mobile We b at least 1X per day ––Ipsos, 2 012Argentina 18%Brazil 17%Latin America 15% Source: eMarketer, 2012
  14. 14. What about tablets??? % of Population with a Tablet in Mexico* Millward Brown 3.0% AMIPCI Ya casi, 5.3% pero... UM 6.6% *figures adjusted to show percentages based on the total population
  15. 15. 63% of all internet users One out of every 2.3B five people in the Online entire world (32%) 1.5B 2012 on social networksGlobal Pop 7.0BSource: eMarketer, 2012
  16. 16. % of internet users who are on social networks Mexico 27.9% 88% of online executives in Mexico are on social networks ––Millward Brown and IAB Mexico, 2011Source: eMarketer, 2012
  17. 17. In many markets, social networksaccount for over 20% of time spent online 27 27 27% of time spent online
  18. 18. @geofframsey What % of internet users are tweeting? TweetSources: *eMarketer; **Deloitte; ***comScore;****Nielsen Sources: *eMarketer; **Deloitte; ***comScore; ****Nielsen
  19. 19. % of global companies “What are the they have a who sayPart II “highly evolved” digital biggest 10% marketing strategy obstacles?How Are Marketers Doing?
  20. 20. 3 BIG CHALLENGESFacing Marketers 10 Billion mobile internet devices by 2016 – Cisco #1 #1 #2 #2 #3 #3
  21. 21. Understand the “TechnologytoStack” them as Consumers expect brands keep up with they migrate seamlessly ¿Estamos across devices, platforms and activities.preparados??? In a global study, only 5% of companies can track customer behavior across channels
  22. 22. Skeptical Resistant Lacking in trustToday’s Empowered Consumer
  23. 23. Data complexity is overwhelming marketers “What are the media spending trends?” ¡Ay u da ! By 2017, the CMO will spend more on information technology than the CIO
  24. 24. Total global media spending in 2012 Mexico UK $542.3 dices “¿Por qué no nos 10.2% 32% Billion más sobre el crecimiento en México?” Argentina Canada 9% 23% 17.4% is spent US online 6.3% 22% Source: eMarketer, 2012
  25. 25. What I said at IAB Conecta in 2010
  26. 26. Online ad spending is growing fast in MexicoArgentina 55%Latin America 31%Brazil 30% vs. 10% growth for total media
  27. 27. Online ad spending per internet user $185 $24 UK $10 Brazil $165 $20 US Mexico Argentina $118 Canada $14 Latin America $105 W. Europe $13 China Source: eMarketer, 2012
  28. 28. Globally, marketers are looking to increasetheir spending in some key digital channels
  29. 29. Almost half of global marketers are usingmobile, and their spending is increasing... + 145% + 62% Global Sources: eMarketer, 2012 (spending increases); Strongmail, 2012 (45% of global marketers are using mobile)
  30. 30. Despite the interest in mobile, actualspending is relatively smallSocial media =Global Digital Media Spending Total 5%of total digital ad $113.7 Billion spending Mobile = 6% of total digital ad spending Source: eMarketer, 2012
  31. 31. Part III “Don’t we need a whole newFour Strategies for Success: approach?”Marketing to DigitalConsumers
  32. 32. Su anuncio aquíThe interruption/disruption model of advertising will have less and less effect
  33. 33. Push Marketing
  34. 34. Pull Marketing “Contenido Magnético” “Magnetic Content”
  35. 35. Strategy #1: Create MagneticContent to attract consumers “Contenido Magnético”
  36. 36. Magnetic content age, “In the digitalcan also be useful is all advertising now opt-in.” ice cream
  37. 37. Strategy #2: Reach consumers––throughout thepurchase cycle, and throughout the day–– withmultichannel marketing “We are researching all channels 36% of global companies to come up with the appropriate admit their digital channels consumer journey to accompany are NOT INTEGRATED their natural path to conversion.”
  38. 38. Top multi-channel marketers balance direct response withbranding efforts that create interest, engagement and demand “Use the right channels for direct response, and the right ones for branding.” Shopping & Learning Discovery Transaction (online or offline) Pre-Purchase Information Interest Gathering Attitudes Perceptions Awareness
  39. 39. The best direct response channels for driving immediate action SEARCH MOBILE EMAIL A majority of smartphone Use mobile as an integrated owners in Mexico search on channel––to allow the their phones in response to consumer to engage further ads seen in offline channels, with your brand after being according IPSOS offline exposed to your MediaCT marketing efforts
  40. 40. The best branding channels for stimulating discovery, curiosity,learning and interest DISPLAY VIDEO Show vs. Tell New technologies provide more efficient targeting, • Product demosoften with personalized ads • Customer testimonials delivered in real-time • Entertaining videos • “How To” videos SOCIAL
  41. 41. 52%Strategy #3: Use social media to reach,engage with and influence consumers of social network users worldwide have “liked” or followed a brand on a social network – Nielsen, 2011 – Nielsen, 2011
  42. 42. Social media has the Consumers trust each other power to influence. more than they do marketers.
  43. 43. How to use a Contenido Magnético approach through social media 1. Leverage the Trust factor Listen and Learn Add genuine Value to the conversation Focus on your Core Brand Enthusiasts
  44. 44. #2. Listen and Learn
  45. 45. New Strategy¡INTENSIFICAR!
  46. 46. Hello, Adobe, I’ve got a problem!
  47. 47. #3. Addsure the content you post “Make value to the conversation… is what consumers actually want to see and share.”
  48. 48. #4. Focus on Your Core Brand Enthusiasts: Nurture them Prospects carefullyFind them via Why?Social Media Customers #2.They’ll make You’ll wantit. #1. They expect #3. them even more to tell others. CORE loyal.
  49. 49. Strategy #4: Start building mobileinto your marketing mix With mobile, focuswho feel highly % of US marketers on providing competent in their use of mobile? esto? 1. shifts the power even more towards ¿Y the9% genuine value or a service to the consumer; 2. bridges the gap between theconsumer, digital worlds; physical and i.e., Contenido Magnético 3. should be integrated with your other media 4. is a highly personal channel... Su anuncio aquí
  50. 50. Another example of Contenido Magnético pormobile “Mobile can add two new exciting dimensions to your marketing efforts.” – Noah Elkin, eMarketerScanupdates your Facebook about your the code and it “tweets status, checkspint,in via Foursquare, downloads couponsyou promotions and even invites yourandfriends to join you.”
  51. 51. CONCLUSIONS “¡Sigan• Consumers everywhere are getting deeper into digitalplatforms, and marketers are struggling to keep up Do your adelante!”homework––understand what your target consumer isdoing online and how you can engage with them Seek toattract, rather than distract, consumers––with ContenidoMagnético Be bold. Take risks. Test, measure, repeat.
  52. 52. “¡Muchas Gracias!”Geoffrey RamseyChairman,Co-founder @geofframsey