Mobile Rising Stars- IAB US


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Mobile Rising Stars- IAB US

  1. 1. IAB US Mobile Marketing Center Mobile Rising Stars Joe Laszlo Senior Director, IAB (US)Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence
  2. 2. Perceived Value of Mobile AdvertisingA mobile web • Big as percent of the screenstandard it’s on.300x50 • Usually only one per page • Gateway to very rich interactive experiences …just tap it! • BUT IT’S 320 PIXELS BY 50 PIXELS.1
  3. 3. What are Rising Stars?2 Building Brands Digitally
  4. 4. Mobile Rising Stars Program• Designed to uncover the best creative-friendly ad units in the mobile ecosystem and make these the first ever IAB-endorsed formats• “Creative Ad Products” for smart-phones and tablets• Wisdom of the crowd approach• Buy-side working group leading evaluation• Criteria: • User Experience - How well does the ad format positively impact user experience? • Branding - Does the ad format provide a canvas for brand creativity? • Functionality –Does the ad format take advantage of mobile user behaviors and technologies? • Integration –Does the ad format enhance the relationship between the ad and the publisher content? • Adoption - Could the ad format be widely adopted across the mobile ecosystem?
  5. 5. Mobile Rising Stars Winning Submitters Adhesion Banner4
  6. 6. Mobile Rising Stars The Mobile Rising Stars Pull Full Page Flex5
  7. 7. Mobile Rising Stars IAB Mobile Filmstrip6
  8. 8. Mobile Rising Stars IAB Mobile Adhesion Banner7
  9. 9. Mobile Rising Stars IAB Mobile Slider Slide Banner Slide Banner To show AD* To Close AD Slide Back * Alternate Top Banner Position8
  10. 10. Mobile Rising Stars IAB Mobile Pull Pull or = Pull9
  11. 11. Mobile Rising Stars IAB Mobile Full Page Flex10
  12. 12. View All Five
  13. 13. Mobile Rising Stars Next Steps• Trial deployments of Rising Stars units have been ongoing for the past six months• Peter Minnium of the IAB has been talking to agencies and media companies about their experiences with the Rising Stars.• IAB, with comScore and Vibrant, about to launch research program to test consumer response to Rising Stars ads.• Plan to finalize Rising Stars as IAB Standard Ad Units by midyear 2013.
  14. 14. Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines• Another IAB mobile standards project.• Rising stars are important, but also need basic banner ads, too.• IAB took MMA’s banner ad sizes, and added more details.• Need to be consistent with MMA ad sizes, while also offering IAB standard units.
  15. 15. Digital Video Rising Stars• The next phase of the IAB Rising Stars program• Five candidate video ad units announced in late February• Designed to work on both PC and smartphone/tablet screens• Similar process to mobile and display rising stars:• Design actual ad specs• Roll out test deployments• Do research on effectiveness• Name official IAB standard units
  16. 16. IAB Rising StarsThank You! Joe Laszlo