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Product Camp Presentation by Samantha Yorke - June 2013


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Acting CEO/Director of Regulator Affairs, Samantha Yorke presented at Product Camp Sydney in June 2013 on the topic 'Future Trends in Digital Advertising'. Emerging trends were highlighted, which will have a direct impact on marketing and advertising strategies including Omnichannel, Singularity and Multiscreen Behaviours.

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Product Camp Presentation by Samantha Yorke - June 2013

  1. 1. Product CampJune 2013
  2. 2. How can we help you?• Highlight three emerging technology trendswhich will have a direct impact on marketingand advertising strategies:– Omnichannel– Singularity– Multiscreen behaviours
  3. 3. OmnichannelImage from David Sealey, SoLoMo for Omnichannel Customer Experience
  4. 4. Unlimited Yihaodian
  5. 5. InsightSource: WSJ, September 2012Mercent Corp. changes the price oftwo million products an hour
  6. 6. Learning Outcomes• Recognise the many ways of reachingpeople, and how they are using growingtechnology to change their purchasing habits• Understand the importance of transparency –how it gives credibility and authenticity
  7. 7. The SingularityDefinition according to futuristRay Kurzweil:“The singularity is atechnological-evolutionaryjump. Technology isprogressing atsuch a rate thatit will intersect and surpass theprocessing power of thehuman brain.”
  8. 8. • First coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999• Now more mainstream use of technologies suchas RFID which connects physical ‘things and stuff’to the web• 2012 was also arguably the year of ‘big data’ –interest in linking data between people, the weband things increasedInternet of Things
  9. 9. Strongbow
  10. 10. Learning outcomes• Understand what ‘The Singularity’ is and whatit means for marketers in 2013• Why it is an important trend to follow this year• Learn what ‘Internet of Things’ and M2Mmeans for marketers
  11. 11. Multiscreen OverviewSource: Google/Ipsos – Q3 2012
  12. 12. The TV screen is the least likely screen to capture people’sundivided attentionAnd only 5% of those people watch TV without any other screensQB12-16 When using your SCREEN, how much of the time do you spend using each of the following devices? (Base: Smartphone n=1,347, Laptopn=1,663, Tablet n=649, Desktop n=1,453, TV n=1,860)*9% 9%10%19%5%ScreenexclusivityMost people ‘do’ multi screen behaviour (75%)March 2013IAB Multi-Screen Briefing© 2013 IAB Australia Pty Ltd
  13. 13. People are quite comfortable clicking through when the screen fitsPeople interact more with ads seen on laptops/desktopsthan phones: it’s a more active deviceAds in digital environments are seen as annoyinginterruptions: but most people do click throughAnd digital clearly drives sales: from awareness andadvocacy to attitude change and action5. Ads work across all screens but differentlyMarch 2013IAB Multi-Screen Briefing© 2013 IAB Australia Pty Ltd
  14. 14. 27% Bought a product orservice24% Spoken tofriends/family about Iproduct I saw advertised14Mobile gets a high rate of attention but ads seen on differentscreens drive quite different behavioursQD3C In the past 3 months which of the following have you done as a result of seeing an ad on each of the following devices? n= 485-204916% Posted about aproduct / service online55% Searched online fora product / service49% Learned more abouta product / service46% Found out about anew product of service39% Clicked through anonline adNothingsignificant% of people who have‘clicked through’:45%Different actions from seeing ads ondifferent screens% of people who have‘clicked through’:53%% of people who have‘clicked through’:65%
  15. 15. Multi-Screen• Understand development of Multi-Screentrend• Establish what viewers are doing while theymulti-screen• Learn about connected TV ecosystems• Take risks with narrative – new technologiesare opening many doors so owning the livingroom is still up for grabs
  16. 16. Want more?– 13 June 8 - 10.30am Sky Venue, Sky Tower– Niall McKinney, Founder and CEO of trends platform12ahead + panel of senior marketers– Key digital marketing trends of the future. Followingthis, our panel of experts will discuss how these trends willimpact the role of marketers and the skills they will need.You can find more details of the event below.
  17. 17. Thank you!• The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Limited isthe peak trade association for online and mobileadvertising in Australia.• Our main objective is to increase the share ofadvertising and marketing dollars that interactivemedia captures in the marketplace.• We work with our members and the broaderadvertising and marketing industry to assistmarketers to identify how best to employ onlineas part of their marketing strategy.• We are one of over 40 IABs around the world.