2013 IAB Australia Awards - Case Studies


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Congratulations to all the winners at the 2013 IAB Australia Awards 2013 held in Sydney on 11 July 2013 at The Star Event Centre. Take a look at these one page case studies to learn a little bit more about the award-winning campaigns.

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2013 IAB Australia Awards - Case Studies

  1. 1. Best in Show Winner Mobile Platform Winner Mobile Medic Agency: GPY&R Melbourne Client: Defence Force Recruiting The Problem The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is on a permanent mission to find high quality candidates, with Medical Officers being a critical role for recruiters to fill. In order to drive applicants, the Defence University Scholarship (DUS) was set up but application numbers were significantly below expectations. The Solution In the civilian world medical students more often than not have to wait up to nine years to get ‘their hands dirty’ and apply their skills. This is a real source of frustration for medical graduates whereas Defence University Sponsorship students are empowered to practice ‘hands on’ medicine straight after graduation. Thus the campaign focus was to dramatise the fact that a career in the ADF would enable graduates to apply their medical knowledge from day one. To reach the time-poor and highly intelligent audience, GPY&R Melbourne created the world’s first medically diagnosable advertising: ‘Mobile Medic’. Less of an ad and more of an immersive medical test, it paired a mobile app with outdoor creative and online microsites using image recognition layered into Augmented Reality technology to challenge participants by plunging them into diagnosing a true-to-life set of medical emergencies and enquiring into the DUS. The Results Mobile Medic has been one of the ADF’s most successful campaigns. In the first two months, the app was downloaded over 8,000 times, 64% of eligible students reported considering a career in the ADF and 71% who participated in the road shows requested more information. All in all it exceeded campaign expectations and delivered on the key objective of the campaign; to drive positive awareness of the scholarship and to inspire prospective students to pursue a career in the ADF. http://awardurl.com/mobilemedic/
  2. 2. Brand Awareness and Positioning Winner Direct Response and Lead Generation Winner Not for Profit Winner Volunteer to Promote Volunteering Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne Client: Seek Volunteer The Problem SEEK Volunteer, a not-for-profit website that enables charities to find volunteers free of charge, wanted to get more people signing up to volunteer its website. The brief was specific. Volunteer sign ups and monthly registrations needed to increase by 25% and awareness needed to increase by five percentage points to 22%. And all this had to be achieved with the lean not-for-profit budget of 70 thousand dollars. The Solution Taking inspiration from their Seek Volunteer’s ethos, the strategy was to promote volunteering by enlisting media owners, celebrities and individuals to volunteer their time and resources to help. The campaign message was purposely constructed so that any media organization, company, celebrity or individual could take it and apply it to any medium, anywhere. An integrated online media kit was created and soon started to infiltrate the mainstream media, including super-sites, transit, posters, cinemas, packaging, as well as online, press and magazine, cafés, lift and digital screens, TV, radio and news presenters. Thousands instantly became media volunteers simply by volunteering their social media spaces to display the message. The Results Described by the IAB Awards judges as “clever, effective and contagious”, the campaign was a huge success with over 60 media brands and 150 organisations volunteering space. 20,840 registrations were received resulting in 5,210 new volunteers during the campaign period. Awareness also rose reaching 34% – up from previous historical rates of 17%. www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9MAu_oeZdo&feature=youtu.be
  3. 3. Brand Loyalty and Retention Winner Social Media Marketing Winner Oak Reverse Robberies Agency: The Monkeys Client: Parmalat The Problem Oak drinkers had a problem. A change in ownership had left OAK flavoured milk without distribution. It was disappearing from convenience store fridges. The OAK Facebook wall was flooded with complaints from fans who were up in arms about the lack of availability of their favourite milk but with the category in rapid decline, shopkeepers were showing limited interest in stocking it. The Solution With a campaign objective to secure distribution for OAK in twenty stores where consumer demand was highest and changing the perception of skeptical shopkeepers, The Monkeys opted to use Facebook to seed a creative idea and then to execute the campaign placing power in the hands of its customers. A manifesto was published on Facebook and OAK fans were invited to nominate stores in need of a Reverse Robbery - turning robbery on its head by forcibly stocking convenience stores with OAK. Each Reverse Robbery was videoed and shared online. The Results The campaign achieved an impressive 60 new stores for OAK, which resulted in a thirteen times return on investment. OAK’s Facebook fans were highly engaged, submitting over 3,000 requests for a Reverse Robbery, equating to a 30% response rate that superseded the 2% target. It also doubled OAK’s Facebook fan base and scored No.2 on YouTube’s coveted ‘Entertainment’ category. www.thisisourawardentry.com/awards/oakrr/
  4. 4. Brand Destination Site Winner Cocktail Revolution HQ Agency: GPY&R Australia Client: Schweppes Australia The Problem Schweppes wanted to raise awareness and drive sales for its mixer products amongst a younger demographic for whom mixing and making drinks at home was not part of their usual drinking behaviour. The Solution GPY&R set out to rejuvenate the cocktail making experience by creating a ‘Cocktail Revolution’ to break the cycle of ‘safer’ beer and wine drinking and encourage creativity through making bespoke drinks at home. To make the campaign authentic and relevant to the target audience, partnerships were formed with three of Australia’s hippest lifestyle publishers, Vice, Broadsheet and Everguide, to create a program of inspirational video content, recipes and practical advice for mixing at home with friends. This was bought together at www.cocktailrevolution.com.au which was promoted and supported by TV, Facebook, Twitter, billboards and YouTube. The Results Results surpassed both client and the agency expectations, with the judging panel noting that it was a great example of “consistent story telling from start to finish that was well executed from every aspect.” Sales of Schweppes Mixers range increased 8.8% year-on-year, equating to a dollar value of $130 million. Since launch, Cocktail HQ has recorded an average of 40,000 monthly unique visitors. The revolution also helped to rejuvenate Schweppes’ overall digital presence with more than 30,000 Facebook Fans joining since the launch of the campaign. http://awardurl.com/cocktailhq/
  5. 5. Branded Content Winner Ice Break Drag Race ‘Em Agency: The Monkeys Client: Parmalat The Problem Ice Break Iced Coffee already had an established brand association with all things motor thanks to its tag line “Adds a Motor to Your Day”. The client brief was to devise a motor-related initiative to create content, build engagement and time spent with the brand, and tie-in with Ice Break’s annual motor-based giveaway promotion. The Solution At the heart of the campaign were the prizes of four classic Aussie muscle cars. These cars would be used to leverage and create content to engage and delight Iced Break fans. A two month promotional campaign was launched to settle a crowd-sourced ‘score’ to be settled by a drag race. Two of the cars were customised to represent the selected ‘Drum Solo vs Guitar Solo’ score, with fans involved in the process every step of the way. By creating specially crafted content focused around the prizes, a personal connection with the cars was made and interest kept spiking, ensuring campaign awareness and anticipation as the giveaway date approached. The Results The panel of judges noted that this “funny” and “well-pitched” initiative “bought the brand to life and was perfectly pitched at its core fan base”. Fans were so invested in the campaign that a second ‘score’ was crowd- sourced to build on momentum and interest. This resulted in the Ice Break ‘Drag Race’ Promo being the most successful on-pack promotion Ice Break has even run, with a phenomenal 400,000 entries. www.thisisourawardentry.com/awards/ibdragrace_brandedcontent/
  6. 6. Cross Platform Integration Winner Product Launch Winner The Perfect Lager Project Agency: AnalogFolk Client: Casella Family Brewers The Problem Casella were famous as winemakers but wanted to enter the premium beer market for the first time with a new boutique lager. In a category that is dominated by history and heritage references, the agency was tasked with finding a modern way to launch a brand in a challenging and increasingly crowded and promiscuous market. The Solution The campaign addressed Casella’s lack of beer making credentials head on by inviting beer lovers to help create the ‘Perfect Lager’. A hybrid mobile app was created that allowed people to rate the perfection of beers using advanced image recognition. Over 100,000 data points were submitted and fed to the brewers who then created two potentially perfect lagers. The two lagers were handed over to loyal fans to sample and vote on their favourite using social media. The two lagers were launched at a media event attended by Australia’s most renowned beer experts who were each sent personalised video invitations. The Results The Perfect Lager project generated over two million conversations and over 10 million earned impressions via PR and social media, created over 20,000 fans on Facebook and ensured the biggest single sales week of any new Australian beer in 2012 with Dan Murphy’s naming it “Australia’s most innovative lager”. The campaign was widely praised by the judging panel who lauded its “fresh approach that used inherent brand heritage weakness to its advantage”. www.awardsite.net/perfect/
  7. 7. Rich Media and Digital Video Winner Expendables 2: Deploy & Destroy Agency: SOAP Creative Client: Roadshow Films The Problem SOAP Creative was tasked to engage a male 15-30 target audience with the blockbuster movie, The Expendables 2: Deploy & Destroy, get them to watch the movie trailer, share information about the film with their peers and ultimately drive them to buy a ticket. The challenge was to cut through the noise of a crowded market, with a movie trailer that didn’t hit the usual mark of muscle and explosions, to create social buzz and encourage ticket sales. The Solution As gaming is a key passion of the target audience, this was put at the very centre of the campaign. An Expendables 2 ‘Tower Defense’ game was created with the trailer for the movie placed in the game and the game itself placed on sites where movie tickets could be purchased. This game became the media channel, acting like a viral video that would be viewed, shared and embedded on hundreds of other sites. This was complimented by a Facebook competition and a cinema/TV advert. The Results The game had over 10 million visits in the first two months with the average session lasting more than 13 minutes - hugely impressive in the age of 15 second viral video clips. There were 100,000 shares to Twitter and Facebook and 220,000 bought tickets. As the judges noted, “It had perfect pitch and tone, relevant to the target and the film that delivered very real return on investment”. http://boxofsoap.com/entries/expendables2/
  8. 8. Organic Search Marketing Winner Helping Australians Reclaim Their Money Agency: Reprise Australia and UM Client: Australian Government - MoneySmart The Problem The MoneySmart website wanted to make Australian’s aware of the millions of dollars in unclaimed money from old bank accounts, shares and insurance policies and show them how to determine what was rightfully theirs, as well as drive them to the MoneySmart website. The Solution A key barrier was consumer apathy so the content had to be innovative and rich in order to encourage engagement with this dry subject matter. Before a campaign could be launched, the agency had to improve the natural rankings of the website via a bespoke technical audit and complex improvements. Once achieved, MoneySmart’s new budget tracker was launched with a series of data visualisations demonstrating Australian’s financial health with the “What do Australians really spend their money on?” campaign. This was then followed up with a re-launch of the websites ‘unclaimed money’ tool, with “Australia’s unclaimed money” data visualisation, promoted across social media, TV and radio. The Results Natural search ranking improvements resulted in a staggering 8,432% increase in year-on-year organic traffic; and a 97% increase in non-organic traffic. Within days of launch, the Moneysmart budget tracker app went to number one in both the iTunes and Google play app stores for the finance category, and after five months over $67 million was reclaimed. The judges summed it up aptly noting “A great innovative approach to the content that made a dull subject exciting.”
  9. 9. Paid Search Marketing Winner Foxtel Call Tracking Agency: Agency M Client: Foxtel The Problem With no natural competitors, Foxtel’s marketing strategy is driven by the need to grow its customer base by changing people’s perceptions of Pay-TV. In order to drive performance via its phone sales efforts, the agency was challenged to find a technology to track phones sales back to a given metric, understand how paid search campaigns affect and can optimise phone sales and to increase the ROI from paid search investment by 7.5%. The Solution Agency M worked with Foxtel to hone the requirements for a call tracking technology. With paid search able to track phone sales by keyword, creative, search engine, time of day and day of week Foxtel needed to map that same data down to a suburb level to be able to provide targeted information in its direct mail, local newspaper, Regional TV and OOH campaigns. The second part of the strategy was to integrate this technology with Foxtel’s paid search tracking technology. The integration between these two technology providers was a world-first, giving Foxtel the edge it needed to achieve its ROI target. The Results The campaign completely transformed the way Foxtel conducts its pay per click marketing. By gaining a clear view of what channels were performing, Foxtel is now able to adjust its investment to maximise return and now can manage all digital marketing activity more effectively. The panel of judging commended the “innovative approach” and their deep understanding of the value of the search channel.”
  10. 10. Creative Showcase Best of the Best Winner The Most Powerful Arm Agency: Reactive Client: Save our Sons The Problem Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) affects 1 in 3,500 children which causes a progressive deterioration of muscles. Reactive's aim was to start a petition to involve the Australian Government to create a policy on DMD and match the money raised by parents-charity "Save Our Sons", dollar for dollar. The Solution With this, they built a robotic arm that connects to Facebook so that all the sufferers as well as the public can sign the petition making the use of innovative technology that turns signing the petition into an experience. Offline PR was also used which brought the story onto national television, newspapers, radio and blogs. Morning and daytime shows and formats with strong editorial content also responded strongly. The Results This campaign reached more than 20,000 signatures in only ten days (32,008 overall) which has been put forward to the Australia Government, posted on over 300 blogs, covered on primetime television, in almost every national newspaper and had over two million Facebook impressions. Awareness levels have grown exponentially and the web users donated more than $24,000. www.themostpowerfularm.com