From databases to information flow: CIFOR and seamless integration of information systems


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Presentation by Sufiet Erlita (CIFOR) at the IAALD 2010 World Congress - 26-29 April 2010, Montpellier, France

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  • Photo by Eko PriantoCIFOR headquarters; Bogor, Indonesia
  • Photo: CIFOR Slide Library #9001 – by YayatRuchiatInterpreting maps
  • Photo: CIFOR Slide Library #5254 – by HerwasonoSoedjitoDayak tribe, hunting; East Kalimantan, IndonesiaTo give you just one example of the incredible diversity of forests, the island of Borneo – where CIFOR has conducted a lot of research over many years – occupies less that 1% of the world’s land surface, yet contains over 6% of its plant, bird and mammal species. And biodiversity is of value not just to international conservationists, but to the livelihood and cultural integrity of forest communities. CIFOR research undertaken in collaboration with forest communities in East Kalimantan identified some 2100 different species with more than 3600 uses, of which 120 had no known substitute.
  • Photo: CIFOR Slide Library #4912 – by Mary MilneWaterfall; Noel Kempff Mercado National Park, BoliviaForests maintain a steady supply of clean, fresh water, which is crucial for municipal drinking water, agricultural production and hydroenergy.
  • Photo: CIFOR Slide Library #12829 – by Brian Belcher.
  • From databases to information flow: CIFOR and seamless integration of information systems

    1. 1. From databases to information flow CIFOR and seamless integration of information systems Sufiet Erlita and Irvan Rianto Montpellier, 29 April 2010 THINKING beyond the canopy
    2. 2. Who we are THINKING beyond the canopy
    3. 3. SIIS Concepts THINKING beyond the canopy
    4. 4. Why are we doing this ? CIFOR’s aspirations  CIFOR will become a leading source of information and analysis on the relationships among forests, poverty and the environment, and how management and governance arrangements affect livelihood and conservation outcomes.  CIFOR will become a leading source of information and analysis on how to harness forests for climate-change mitigation and adaptation.  CIFOR will become a leading source of information and analysis on the impacts of globalised trade and investment on forests and forest-dependent communities. THINKING beyond the canopy
    5. 5. What is SIIS Seamless Integrated Information Systems  Integrated system of databases, systems and processes that enable rapid access to and analysis of information for enhanced decision making THINKING beyond the canopy
    6. 6. The BIG picture of SIIS People Process Technology THINKING beyond the canopy
    7. 7. Change Management Training & Awareness & Capacity Communication Building People THINKING beyond the canopy
    8. 8. Information infrastructure Standards & Enterprise Interoperability Architecture Technology THINKING beyond the canopy
    9. 9. Business Process processes re- Reform engineering Process THINKING beyond the canopy
    10. 10. SIIS Framework Resource Planning module Project Documentation Grant PDU Sun Systems (ver426 or 5?): GL/PO Project Financial Reporting (internal and Management External), Web-based Systems Budget Systems Time Systems Contacts database Admin Systems Financial CRM Events Systems Marketing •HR4U – contracts and people SIIS Publication administration Research Grey Literature Consulting Database HR Systems Data Image management GIS Statistical Data Record Management Systems THINKING beyond the canopy
    11. 11. Implementation THINKING beyond the canopy
    12. 12. Policy Implementation Committee Data Steward New roles for People Information Data Custodian Management Data Expert Data Operator THINKING beyond the canopy
    13. 13. Data Warehouse Concept All systems/databases share common identifier Technology Generate CIFOR General reference information ERP Form like systems THINKING beyond the canopy
    14. 14. Publications Business process re-form Proposal and Contracts Process Single point of information Process re- engineering 1 source for all THINKING beyond the canopy
    15. 15. SIIS System Design CIFOR General CIFOR Applied SIIS External Information Systems • CIFOR Top 10 services • Publications • CRM System Donors • RSS Publications • Financial • Proposal & • Number of • RSS Research Information Contract System proposal profile • GIS Database • Research System approve vs Proposal size • HR Database • Budget System categories • Institutions • Publication • List Publications database Inventory • Research profiles THINKING beyond the canopy
    16. 16. Questions? THINKING beyond the canopy