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Network of Excellence in Internet Science (Multidisciplinarity and its Implications, Z.Turk, LJU)


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The Network of Excellence in Internet Science aims to achieve a deeper multidisciplinary understanding of the Internet as a societal and technological artefact.
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Network of Excellence in Internet Science (Multidisciplinarity and its Implications, Z.Turk, LJU)

  1. 1. Multidisciplinarity and its Implications: View from Ljubljana dr. Žiga Turk professor, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia EINS project kick-off meeting, Brussels, 21.12.2011
  2. 2. Contents• Past in Ljubljana – briefly about the research team• Future of Europe – Reflection Group on the Future of Europe• Future of GEANT – GEANT Expert Group• Future of the World EU ISS: The world in 2030
  3. 3. Past in Ljubljana• Chair of Construction Informatics – how IT has been changing the creation, maintenance and use of the built environment• role of technology, philosophy of information modeling, core construction topics
  4. 4. Interdisciplinary:Built Environment and Society• Richard Florida: – “Human Talent is the Ultimate Economic Resource”• The War on Talent: – Quantity, Quality, Impowerment• Immigration• Construction provides – housing, – work environment, – civil infrastrcture• Provides an attractive place for talent
  5. 5. Reflection Group on the Future ofEuropeThe Group is chaired by Mr. Felipe Gonzalez Marquez, assisted by two Vice-Chairs,Ms. Vaira Vike-Freiberga and Mr. Jorma Ollila, and includes 9 more members, alleminent experts in their own fields: Ms. Lykke Friis, Mr. Rem Koolhaas, Mr. RichardLambert, Mr. Mario Monti, Mr. Rainer Munz, Ms. Kalypso Nicolaidis, Ms. NicoleNotat, Mr. Wolfgang Schuster and Mr. Lech Walesa. The Group is supported by asecretariat headed by Secretary-General, Mr. Žiga Turk.
  6. 6. .
  7. 7. ABCDE of grand transformations• automation and abundance• BRICs and globalization• climate change and energy• demography• e-everything
  8. 8. Europe has choices across ABCDE • restructure for post • cherish industrialA industrial society traditions • agent of change, trend • bunch of passive selfishB setter, player • maintain technological former superpowers • build walls for migrantsC and political lead • family and immigration and dams for seas • a continent of grumpyD friendly • embrace digital like we old men (an women) • defend the ways ofE embraced print paper based society
  9. 9. Chapter: Growth Through Knowledge:Empowering the Individual • “Knowledge-based and creative industries and services have expanded significantly over the last two decades, becoming the central pillars for employment and economic dynamism in Europe” • “European Research Area must become a reality – an area without borders where all scientific potential, wherever it is, can be fully tapped thanks to the free movement of researchers, ideas, technologies and capital”
  10. 10. Interdisciplinary:• Impact of Internet on Europe• e.g. European Research Area
  11. 11. GEANT Expert Group• task: – “articulate a 2020 vision for European Research and Education networking and will identify an action plan for realizing this vision”• members: – Žiga Turk (chair), Arndt Bode, Vasilis Maglaris, Dorte Olesen, Roberto Saracco, Peter Tindemans, Pedro Veiga• timeframe: – december 2010-august 2011
  12. 12. The Vision ofGEG• “GÉANT 2020” is the European communications commons• where talent anywhere is able to collaborate with their peers around the world and• to have instantaneous and unlimited access to any resource for knowledge creation, innovation and learning,• unconstrained by the barriers of the pre-digital world.
  13. 13. Goals that Fulfill the Vision1. Support knowledge communities by providing world-class connectivity and services.2. Support the growth of these communities, in both breadth and depth within Europe, and opening up to talent beyond Europe’s borders ;3. Push the state-of-the-art of the communications commons by constant innovation and by translating this innovation into a competitive European ICT sector;4. Reorganize to cope with the constantly changing environment.
  14. 14. Interdisciplinarity:• Impact of Internet on Scientific Communities• also past research: – open access publishing
  15. 15. ESPAS Project• Global Tredns 2030• interconnected world
  16. 16. Society is organized according to itscommunication means
  17. 17. Can information technology bring about a change from atotalitarian to a democratic system?
  18. 18. How change happens technological populism innovation habitualization (gets widely adopted) objectification (orgs. start to adapt) sedimentation (becomes part of the norms)(Scotts Institutional Theory, cascade by Tolbert and Zucker)
  19. 19. Interdisciplinary:Throughout History ICTswere empowering• exclusive technologies were empowering the centre• democratic technologies empowered masses – paper in the renaissance – paper based democracy• internet?
  20. 20. Interdisciplinary: Summary• Internet and the Built Environment• Internet and Broadest European Political Strategies• Internet and the Empowering Talent• Internet and Democracy
  21. 21. Eins, zwei, drei:• “The essence of technology is nothing technical”