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Password security


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Do you think, you know everything about password security? Most of us become most vulnerable online due to password breach…even the security conscious paranoid of us out there.

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Password security

  1. 1. PasswordSecurity
  2. 2. Do you think, you know everything about password security?Most of us become most vulnerable online due to passwordbreach…even the security conscious paranoid of us out there.Websites tell us to use all numbers or use upper and lower casecombination or different things to make the password secure. Butdoes it really make a password secure? A password like„Bka5234JS7j8pol‟ does not promise complete protection. Whatthe websites actually tell us are good guidelines towards creatingpasswords, which are safe.What makes a password safe, anyway?A safe password is the one that somebody cannot guess easily orguess from the information available to him about you.Whom are we protecting our passwords from?Most of us have the misguided notion that we are protecting ouraccounts through these passwords from strangers and malicioushackers. We focus on creating passwords that strangers will notbe able to break. This is wrong! You should be more concernedabout protecting your password from people who know you orhave information about you. It is 80% people around us whobreak into our accounts, rather than hackers.Passwords NEVER to haveBefore we start thinking about making complicated and difficultpasswords, here are few passwords, which are ridiculouslyobvious. Nobody should ever have the following passwords: Have the password be “password.” Use his or her Birthday as the password– seriously, anyone can find this out. Use their anniversary date, or graduation date as the password. Use their area code, address or phone number as the password
  3. 3. Use the name of their spouse, significant other or crush as a password. Use their favorite color, favorite band, or any sort of passion as a password. Have the password “thisisnotapasswordlol” as a password.Things that we love are the biggest open secret of our lives and ittakes no effort to guess it. Personal information can be foundeasily. Your address is not a secret, your phone number is not asecret and your favorite food is not a secret.Most important password ruleThe most important rule is forgotten most easily. Don‟t tellanybody your password, not even your spouse. If your passwordis known to anybody, then it is not safe anymore. If for somereason you just have to tell your password, then change itimmediately after the work is done. Change password for all sitesthat are identical.So what password is safe?A password doesn‟t necessarily have to be complicated. It has tobe unpredictable. Your password is safe with or without 3numbers and 2 capital letters as long as nobody can guess it. Ofcourse it helps to add random numbers and capitals. Make sureyou can remember it. Do not write it down.Password ProtectionHere is an infographic stating the password breaches and thebasic guidelines each one of us can follow to keep our accountssecure.