8 best free audio players for your desktop


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iYogi reviews: Best audio players for your desktop- When dealing with audio players, there are considerations to be had. The file formats available, the ease-of-use, organizational capabilities, and any extra functionalities play a large part in helping you choose between one or another. Here are 8 of the best right now.

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8 best free audio players for your desktop

  1. 1. 8 bestfree audioplayers for your desktop BY ROANSONG
  2. 2. When dealing with audio players, there are considerations to be had. The file formatsavailable, the ease-of-use, organizational capabilities, and any extra functionalities play a largepart in helping you choose between one or another. Here are 8 of the best right now.1. SongbirdSongbird plays your music just like any other program on this list, and provides a simple-to-useinterface for arranging your music. However, Mozilla (the creator of Firefox) has donesomething no other audio player has done so far: allowed the use of elaborate extensions, justlike Firefox. There are loads of add-ins available, from Last.FM functionality to an extra thatshows the Wikipedia page of the band that’s playing.This feature (that provides so many features) allows you to expand the player into something farbigger than you would previously have imagined. A must-have.2. WinampIf you like llamas, and like highly varied program skins, then WinAmp is for you. It gives you abenefit that most other audio players don’t: you can sync music to your iPod, so there’s no needto feel excluded if you’re an Apple fan. It’s open-source, so updates and bug fixes are frequentand regular. The design is catchy and the logo is offbeat. WinAmp provides a host of audioeffects, allowing you to tweak your sound the way you like it.The Cons: Occasional crashes, and you have to upgrade to the Pro package for mp3 encodingand full-speed CD burning.3. iTunesiTunes is considered by many to be the be-all and end-all of the audio player world. It has a sleeklook, a simple interface, and great features, like the Genius tool, which plays you songs it thinksyou’ll like. The more you use it, the more uncannily accurate it gets (think StumbleUpon).iTunes is, of course, integrated perfectly with the iTunes store, so you don’t have to worry aboutgallivanting off into the faraway interwebs to buy music.Cons: Updates are not small patches – you are required to download full iTunes installer everytime. They also come packaged with required QuickTime software, too.4. VLC media player
  3. 3. If you want a player that can handle any format, this is it. It can decode any and every video andaudio file, so you never have to worry about what will or won’t play. Newer versions have amuch easier to use interface – there were complaints that it was a little too complex, buteverything has now been sorted into a simple, effective player. One of the key features isgranular playback – this allows you to control the speed of your audio in real time, upsamplingor downsampling it as you please.It is updated very frequently – being as it is, an open-source program with a lot of public interest.5. Media MonkeyGeared towards managing extensive collections, Media Monkey places emphasis on clear,concise organisation. It can sync music to your iPod, and has an ‘Auto DJ’ feature, wherebytracks are played at random, or following a specified playlist of requests. It has full CD and DVDburning capabilities, as well as a host of encoding options. Third-party plugins are available forany additional audio processing or encoding you may require (EQs, .ogg encoders, etc.).For such a comprehensive audio player/manager, it manages to keep to a stunningly simple andefficient interface.6. UMPlayerThe Universal Media player is the layman’s VLC. It can handle any format you throw at it, andhas a number of slight differences to its functionality that give it an edge above most otherplayers. It features YouTube integration – adding a search bar for streaming, and playsdownloaded YT videos as well. Its interface is big, bold, and exceedingly simple. If you want aminimalist player with maximum usability and function, look no further.7. RealPlayerRealPlayer has evolved from being a mere audio player. It is now one of the easiest, handiesttools available for downloading videos from the internet. All it takes is a single click startdownloading any unprotected video. This functionality extends to your own videos; only one ortwo clicks to share it to FaceBook, Twitter, or convert to a mobile-ready format. You can evenslice and dice videos before sharing – making it easy to send your friend only the part youactually want them to see.For sheer ease of use, RealPlayer is a must-have.8. Windows Media Player 12
  4. 4. I know, most people groan at the oh-so-generic software, and have since Windows XP. WMP 12brings with it increased functionality, fixes numerous bugs and prevents glitches while changingto fullscreen. On the video side, it’s also added hardware support, allowing your GPU to rendervideos, instead of having your CPU lag behind in HD movies.The cons: WMP requires a stack of codecs to play the more popular formats of today.