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1 password for ios Expect more from your password management tool


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Published in: Technology
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1 password for ios Expect more from your password management tool

  1. 1. 1Password for iOS—Expect more from your password management tool
  2. 2. Keeping passwords safe is one of the most crucial things intoday’s tech world. However, making a strong password andcreating unique passwords for all the different accounts is wherethe problem arises.With so many restrictions, we manage to make one or two newpasswords and then keep reusing it repeatedly. This is abig password security threat, as if anyone knows or learns aboutyour password, he can also gain access to all your otheraccounts.As per a survey conducted by security firm CSID, 61% ofAmericans accept that they use the same password on multiplesites. However, things change with AgileBits’s 1Password 4.This is the latest entry in the different password managementsoftware offered by the company. It works as an universal appand runs on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and requires iOS 6or higher. This password management software works by creatinga virtual ‘vault’ that can save different kinds of sensitiveinformation like passwords, credit card and bank accountnumbers, passport data, software keys among others.Though 1Password 4 is called a ‘password management tool’ ithas the capability of storing every crucial data that you want. Thismakes it extremely handy, especially when we are carrying ourentire digital world in our pockets nowadays.Here are some features of 1Password 4 that makes it stand apart.Power and flexibility right in your handsThe strength of 1Password 4 app is in its user interface. It is quiteattractive and user friendly. The app is organized in an extremelylogical way and the movement from one screen to the other is acomplete delight.Once you enter the app, new items can be added directly from theCategories tab. 1Password automatically will split the data youenter into individual groups. Adding and editing items is also easyin this password management tool.
  3. 3. Other than the default categories, this password managementapp also allows you to group your secure items in arbitraryfolders, making it easy to segregate work data from personalinformation. If you want your password management tool to domore than just store your passwords then 1Password fits the billcompletely.The built-in browser is another great feature of this passwordmanagement tool. The freedom to navigate the web allows1Password 4 to automatically fill forms for you, using your securedata.SecurityIf we are talking about password management, then data securityis the most important thing. With 1Password 4, all your data isprotected by strong encryption and can only be unlocked by asingle password that you select at the very beginning. Other thanencryption, there are a number of security features that make thistool absolutely great. For example, if you browse through yoursaved items, all your sensitive data is discretely blanked out, soeven if someone is shoulder surfing, your confidential informationis safe. You can of course reveal the particular piece ofinformation that you require.1Password 4 app can also be set to automatically lock your datavault as soon as you leave 1Password 4. You can also set acertain idle time setting. This way, no one can access your appeven if you leave it unattended by mistake. 1Password 4 alsoautomatically clears out your pasteboard after a set period oftime.Syncing abilityOne of the great things about this password management tool isthe ability to synchronize your data across multiple devices.1Password 4 supports both manual sync through iTunes as wellas automatic sync through Dropbox or iCloud. However,1Password 4 does not support synchronizing locally over Wi-Fi.
  4. 4. Strong password generatorThis is all about from where we started the article. 1Password 4 isan extremely strong password generator. It lets you create andstore passwords made up of pseudorandom characters. Thesekinds of passwords are much harder to crack as compared toanything we humans come up with. With this app we no longerneed to reuse passwords or come up with passwords that are tooeasy to crack.The Verdict1Password is an excellent data management solution foreveryone. The execution of this app is practically flawless. Thispassword management app for iOS costs $18. However, takingthe loads of features it offers, it is worth every penny.