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FreeNAS 10: Challenges of Building a Modern Storage Appliance based on FreeBSD ((MeetBSD California 2016)

The slides for Jordan Hubbard's presentation, “FreeNAS 10: Challenges of Building a Modern Storage Appliance based on FreeBSD”, given at MeetBSD California 2016 in Berkeley, CA.

A recording of the talk can be viewed at:

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FreeNAS 10: Challenges of Building a Modern Storage Appliance based on FreeBSD ((MeetBSD California 2016)

  1. 1. FreeNAS 10 Challenges of Building a Modern Storage Appliance based on FreeBSD
  2. 2. But first…
  3. 3. Welcome Back to Berkeley! Last time Here: FreeBSDCon ’99!
  4. 4. FreeNAS 10 Key Requirements Key Requirements • Make a highly complex system as simple as possible for end-users but still powerful for admins • Provide maximum “situational awareness” to all users • Do as much as possible asynchronously • Provide for flexible application hosting as well as storage (“Hyperconverged storage”)
  5. 5. A Short Demo
  6. 6. Challenge: Building • FreeBSD builds are not bit-for-bit reproducible (build times and paths sneak into binaries; delta packages are wheeeeeeeee!). • Packaging: Appliances require cryptographically signed update mechanism with config data segregated • Debugging symbols: No concept of the .DSYM file; we need to keep two copies of all binaries (install ISO is 670M - debug info is 908M!)
  7. 7. Challenge: Building • FreeBSD is at least three different things: • Kernel + Modules • “Base” • Ports (Poudriere) • We had to create our own build system + DSL (profile description language) to unify these concepts for a software appliance
  8. 8. FreeBSD Today Kernel Base Packages (ports - infinite size) All Your Base Self-serve Cafe
  9. 9. FreeBSD Someday? Kernel Base Packages (ports - moar infinite size) Minimalist Approach Kernel Optional Modules Appliance Profile Schema
  10. 10. Appliance Software Lifecycle Management • Install (for specific mission profile) needs to be as automated as possible. ZFS boot environments have been a big plus. • Need to be able to upgrade entire application profile (kern + base + pkgs) as one unified concept. • All config data needs to survive upgrades with no user intervention (sorry, mergemaster).
  11. 11. Misc FreeBSD Challenges • Future of SMB 3.1.1 Performance is iffy - FreeBSD is not a poster-child for Samba and SMB is important. • Some perf issues identified by Samba core team, now need work from us. • Unix Domain Sockets really suck for serious IPC (we’ve found long-standing data corruption bugs, performance is definitely not great, namespace is filesystem) • /etc/rc.d is really not service management (highly porous, doesn’t provide consistent pid tracking, etc etc etc)
  12. 12. Misc BSD Challenges • More full-stack developers would reveal and fix blatant userland + OS mismatches earlier (python fork()! OMG!). More appliance folks would be great • We’re missing out on mainstream clustered filesystems, some of the latest OpenZFS encryption work (ZoL is pulling ahead), and much other Enterprise goodness from Linux space
  13. 13. Bhyve Improvements Made • Added 9pfs client / server support to share host data with VMs - still some challenges (ACLs! )� • Created early VM guest tools (user kind of wants to know what IP address a VM is on, among many other things) • Better virtual device support (E1000 / NE2000) • Virtio Console driver for C&C, fast VNC console
  14. 14. Bhyve Improvements Needed • VGA Emulation still very green • USB Device Mapping (like VMWare) • Suspend / Resume (for snapshots / migration) • CD image mount/eject after boot • High-level management APIs / better ZFS integration / other crazy dreams
  15. 15. Containers • Jails are sort of cool and all but fragile (esp with VIMAGE), implementation has long beard, and we never standardized lifecycle management (mechanism not policy again??) • Docker / LXD combine privilege domains with packaging / lifecycle and better networking management out of the box • Fight for mainstream DevOps hearts-and-minds has been won by Docker / LXD / (TBD) - Now What?
  16. 16. Container Futures • BHyve + VM guest tools allow us to simply wrap containers and many other “service providers” into VMs and proxy them as “bigger containers” • Wrapping is a lot easier than making Linux Emulation 100%, but if we go that route we also need a roadmap and a clear idea of what “victory” looks like
  17. 17. *BSD is still awesome • … But every year it gets a little harder to justify building Enterprise solutions like FreeNAS on top of it • It’s about making both tools and solutions (chicken-and-egg problem). Software appliances and HW/SW combined solutions are a good start • We can move faster (less bikeshed, more ambition)
  18. 18. Q&A