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My Ignite: Twitter


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My first Ignite presentation (that is presenting 20 slides, 15 secs a slide, auto advance, 5 minutes in total) to share my passion with my audience about Twitter. I'm glad it wasn't recorded because I messed up around slide 6, but I added the script here so you can see that a lot can be said in 5 minutes. It was a fun challenge as it took me out of my comfort zone... much to be said about that :)

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My Ignite: Twitter

  1. 1. That old familiar tweet… tuit twiittini Tweetjeim ТвиттI’m Enza, twitterize me & you get iVenus. My pointless babble, conversations and news are about technology and books, based oncircumstantial evidence of course. I share this information cheerfully, with my geeky grin. Ah, that old familiar tweet…
  2. 2. We are what we tweet… The top 5 moments in the US indicate we tweet a lot when we watch TV. What does that say about usculturally…think about it. If we are what we tweet, are Americans couch potatoes?
  3. 3. According to Twitter’s privacy info tip What you say on Twitter may be viewed all around the world instantly. Youshare it publically to your following. Hmmm, Tell me who you follow…
  4. 4. So who do we follow…not surprisingly celebrities. Is celebrity stalking, via their self-obsessive sound bites, is as important to starsas the Milton Berle show was to Elvis’, or the Ed Sullivan show to the Beatles? We can get info in real time nonstop. As my 10yodaughter says…don’t let your children on Twitter (PS they must be 13 yo to have an account)
  5. 5. We’ve seen the top 5 tweeting moments (what) and top 5 tweeps (who). Is that newsworthy…yes and no! The mediumbecomes the message…. Traditional news sources reporting about what happens on Twitter! Ah, if only the mild-mannered Marshall McLuhen could tweet ;)
  6. 6. Twitter’s 2012 numbers are staggering! People from around the globe tweet night & day, always on, always connected.we have access to global Twitter moments in over 61 languages. As language teachers, how do we harness this?
  7. 7. I have been using Twitter to learn Spanish. What a resource! There are 2.5 M hispanic americans who prefer to tweetin spanish!. But I can also learn from Beatriz in Mexico City, Luis in Honduras, Yoani in Cuba, Pam in Argentina, eraserin Seville & Pedro in the Canary Islands
  8. 8. Daily this 3rd party app, I have my Spanish tweets nicely laid out for me in a traditional looking e-paper, so I canread, learn, explore and share. My content is organized so I can easily “study” Culture sections in textbooks can’tcompete!
  9. 9. Using Twitter for Spanish is too predictable, you say? Let’s look at the other languages, in all major writing systems.Remember what Ferdinand deSaussure’s said about the arbitrary nature of language … doesn’t matter how you spell it a tweetis a tuit, is a twittini, tweetjaim, twitt
  10. 10. My tweeting students or my STWudents, if you will, could theoretically follow experts (native Italian speakers)-they can share whatever: themselves, what they know about Italy, Italians, ItaloAmericans;- they can chat and learn from whomever they choose
  11. 11. Twitterers can: Micro-blog about what they are doing (learner written output) Read what others are doing (learner’s comprehensible input) Communicate directly with someone they are following (negotiation of meaning)Chapelle (1998)’s theory of good interaction underlies my research. Twitter maximizes opportunities to create tasksfor good interaction with a communicative objective: content is in authentic context, and the tasks generatecommunication and require meaning to be negotiated.
  12. 12. Twitterersinterpret inputproduce output engage in conversations Tweets are self-perpetuating generative authentic It’s organic… those who enjoy tweeting don’t need prompts or encouragement from the teacher
  13. 13. Teacher/Res Italians earcher 25% 14% Students in other sections 15% Classmates 46%My students tweeted with whom? In the two classes that participated in the study, mostly they chatted withtheir classmates. But they didn’t stop there…initially I encouraged conversations
  14. 14. To rank students perceptions of learning Italian with Twitter-Helped build their confidence in writing italian/ -Made the course more interesting, raising motivation / -Increased theirknowledge of grammar & vocabulary / -Increased their cultural awareness
  15. 15. I <3 overachievers! Posted 324 tweets from Sept. to Dec. 2008 (required to post only 60!)Was is really such a positive experience? This student isn’t an italian major but is a bilingual twitterer, even nowalmost 4 years later. She was introduced to twitter in my class and took flight to be a twegend, exceeding expectationsby 400%!!
  16. 16. Since twitter is real-time updates, we should allow our students to take advantage of tweeting wherever and whenever. I loveit when students tweets from trains/buses, the gym and other classes (eeps!)…Don’t limit foreign language tweeting to theclassroom!
  17. 17. Have them Have them tweetbrainstorm ideas without promptsand post them for Have themfeedback investigate/searchUse polls and topics related tohashtags to get syllabiinstant feedback Have them investigateHave them ask language use to buildquestions and get vocabularyfeedback from a Have them post alarger community photo and describe itof experts Suggestions for using twitter in and out of the classroom. Contact time has a different dynamic (Reynol Junco’s 2011 study). Going beyond the classroom helps learning occurs intersticially, during pauses in the daily routine
  18. 18. Twitter does have a place in education, with analogous concepts of input, output, negotiation presented hereaccording to degree of difficulty. This spectrum is just a sampling of possibilities for Twitter for teaching and learning.
  19. 19. In my 5 minutes, about 1500 new twitter accounts were opened and approximately ½ million tweets were posted.See, I’m not the only one passionate about twitter!
  20. 20. Enza Antenos-Confortia.k.a. iVenusa.k.a. the “mother” of foreign language twitterers*Professor of ItalianChair, Academic Technology CommitteeMontclair State UniversityTwitter:@iVenusSlideshare:
  21. 21. SourcesTwitterize Me [INFOGRAPHIC] created at How Big Is Twitter In 2012? [INFOGRAPHIC] Bird Logo (png) Bird on Books (image credit) Many US Hispanics on Twitter’m Learning Spanish Daily We Wired For Mobile Learning? [INFOGRAPHIC] Ways That Mobile Learning Will Revolutionize Education Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom, By Degree Of Difficulty Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds[Infographic], Enza. 2009. “Microblogging on Twitter: SocialNetworking in Intermediate Italian Classes” in The Next Generation:Social Networking and Online Collaboration in Foreign LanguageLearning. Calico Monograph Series, No. 9 Edited by Lara Lomicka andGillian Lord. pp. 59-90.