iLearn iTalian: Perceptions on Using the iPad


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Presentation given at NEALLT 2012, Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

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  • The iPad combines a portable media player, personal digital assistant, and Wi-Fi mobile platform. It has the potential to enhance learning as follows: \n1) its multi-touch graphical user interface requires greater interaction by the user, therefore, learners may have a greater interaction with content accessible by applications; \n2) it merges personalization with accessibility. Students can download various applications that meet their learning needs/preferences and continue their learning in any environment where a wireless network is available; and \n3) it facilitates student engagement in both social and participatory learning via social networking sites, and via text, audio and video capabilities.\n\nReplacement & transformation : The simplest and most known example of this is to replace a paper textbook by the same textbook in PDF/eBook form on for example an iPad. replace pen&notebook with note taking apps. How is our teaching transformed when these replacements occur? How does student learning change with these replacements?\nE-learning: -delivery of courses; -on-line assessment; -student to student and student to teacher communications; -use of Internet resource; -other learning activities involving ICT and the Internet\n\nMultimodal modes of learning: “Adding an image to a sound and text presentation can be of noteworthy assistance to learners, but only under certain conditions, ... “adding another medium does not turn out to be more productive if the added information is ineffective in facilitating in-depth processing of the information”\n\nCollaborative - physical sharing of the tool during class time; access to the information and data beyond the contact hours\n\n
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  • I invite students to dropbox and share a course folder with them.\nWith every student who downloads dropbox to his/her computer, I get 250MB bonus. The free account allows for 2GB, now, with students who enjoy using dropbox, I have 5.5GB. Lots of space for us to share \n\nCloud computing is valued for its capacity to enable collaboration over the Internet, and for its flexibility in handling the complex computing demands inherent in the IT work of schools. The only caveat is that internet access is required. Data is still stored on the iPad, so nothing is lost if there is no internet access available, but the dangers of single point of failure exists.\n\n\n
  • In addition to providing many tools for taking notes, Noterize allows users to import PDFs and PowerPoint files for annotation. Documents can be annotated with typed text, sticky note formatted text boxes,  as well as freehand pen and highlighting. Notes may be many pages in length and reordering of pages or insertion of PDF files is easy. \n\n
  • The app integrates with, Dropbox, and Google Docs for online importing and exporting. \n
  • The app integrates with, Dropbox, and Google Docs for online importing and exporting. Completed notebooks may also be shared via Twitter, Facebook, and email.\n
  • News Republic is defined as smart news for smart people. The goal of this app is to provide a large amount of customized news, delivered to a reader. It provides keyword support of your favorite topics with an attractive interface that makes you want to open this app on a daily basis. If you liked a particular topic, then you can use the encyclopedia feature that will link up related articles to help you learn more about it. \n\n
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  • comparison of Italian vs English sound system\n
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  • Sprint Network 3G/4G\n
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  • Again, not a native iPad app...using apps that are not designed for the device is truly limited its possibilities.\n\nThe user-interface of the iPhone, just doubled creates a view or update only post, where it has the potential to be so much more\n
  • Skype scenario with iPhone app one iPad...colleague’s issues with landscape vs potrait and inconsistent audio and video feed.\n
  • iPads are intuitive and easy to use...\n\n-student reaction --> typing, searching youtube videos, easier to use a laptop/computer (this semester, in our new building, in a translation lab, students prefer traditional computers to iPad)\n-faculty --> adapting tasks to apps; we have the solid methodological preparation/experience now we need to adapt our best pratices to a new mode of delivery\n- Michael Heller, past vice president of NEALLT, deals with all the management issues; pre-loading apps, pushing out updates to apps and operating system \n- No italian apps used here...italian language options for some apps; apps for language are limited; text based and based on translation (for the most part)\n
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  • iLearn iTalian: Perceptions on Using the iPad

    1. 1. Teacher Roles and Practices in Technology-Enhanced Instruction NEALLT 2012 @ Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)iLEARN iTALIAN Perceptions on Using the iPad
    2. 2. THE NEW FACE OF THE CLASSROOMiPad inspires creativity and hands-on learning with features you won’t find in any other educational tool — on a device that students really want to use.
    3. 3. A NOW TECHNOLOGY2012 Horizon Report, p. 17 Image:
    4. 4. RESEARCH QUESTIONS• What pedagogical potential does the iPad offer?• What pedagogical potential do apps offer?
    5. 5. PEDAGOGICAL VALUE OF THE iPAD• Replacement and transformation• Pedagogical use of e- learning• Multimodal modes of learning• Collaborativeand sharing (in-class and in Henrik Valstad (2010) iPad as a pedagogical device
    6. 6. • THE MOBILE APP The best apps are tightly integrated2012 Horizon Report, p.p 10-12 with the capabilities of the device itself, using location data, motion detection, gestures, access to social networks, and web search, to seamlessly create a full-featured experience.• Mobile apps embody the convergence of several technologies that lend themselves to educational use, including annotation tools, applications for creation and composition, and social networking tools.
    7. 7. THE GOOD THE CHALLENGES DROPBOX - the cloud BLACKBOARD - Content Management SystemNOTERIZE - Reading, annotating, note taking LINKEDIN - Professional networking SOUNDS - English phonetic transcription NEWSREPUBLIC - News aggregator
    8. 8. DROPBOX• Sharing to the cloud• Backup through automatic sync• Seamlessintegration with other apps
    9. 9. NOTERIZE• read• annotate• write
    10. 10. NOTERIZE• audio notes too
    11. 11. NOTERIZE• sharing • in the cloud • on social media sites
    12. 12. Multilingual News AppCovers 8 regions (USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, LatAm and International)
    13. 13. Vocabulary development- Lexical proficiency based on tags
    14. 14. THE APP• IPAsymbols, with examples and audio
    15. 15. SOUNDS
    16. 16. The many limitations of Blackboard Mobile
    17. 17. • Mobile carrier issues• Native app vs web app• Limitations within certain features
    18. 18. THE WEB APP
    19. 19. APPS For Other Mobile Devices
    20. 20. Limitations of the platform
    21. 21. FINDINGS THUS FAR Student and faculty training• App management• Pedagogical soundness of apps
    22. 22. iLearn iTalian: Perceptions of Using the iPad Enza Antenos-Conforti, PhD Montclair State University ~antenose