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Bloomfield College Tech Showcase


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Faculty Showcase-Twitter workshop

Published in: Education, Technology

Bloomfield College Tech Showcase

  1. Twitter and Teachers:Expanding the Learning Space<br />Enza Antenos-Conforti<br />Montclair State University, NJ<br />Follow me: @iVenus (my PLN)<br />@profeac& @profenza<br />(teaching handles)<br />Image credit:<br />
  2. What Is It?<br /><br />
  3. Many have criticised tweets to be “banalities” and “mindless”<br />
  4. Why and What Do We Tweet?<br />Tweets are a source of information; people in certain places, at certain events, sharing at a global level<br />Tweets his way out of an Egyptian jail (U of California-Berkley student, James Buck—April 2008)<br />Earthquake in China (May 2008)<br />Landing on the Hudson (US Airways Flight—Jan 2009)<br />Earthquake in Italy (April 2009)<br />Mumbai Terror Attacks (Nov 2009)<br />
  5. Twitter and Haiti<br />
  6. Where Do We Start?<br />Joining the conversation is easy…<br /> Select a username / create a password / provide an email address<br />
  7. My Twitter Page<br />The last thing you<br />micro-blogged:<br />a.k.a. a tweet<br />Where you update/ tweet<br />The Timeline with your following<br />Popular<br />topics<br />
  8. Deciding Who to Follow<br />By common interest?<br />By geographical location?<br />By influential status?<br /><br />
  9. Let’s tweet<br />Tweets are <br />self-perpetuating<br />generative<br />authentic<br />Tweeps / Twitterers (users)<br />interpret input<br />produce output <br />engage in conversations<br />
  10. Twitter term: Mention (aka Reply)<br />The @Replies feature was introduced because we noticed lots of folks putting the @ symbol in front of Twitter usernames as a way of addressing one another. <br />For example: @biz what are you drinking in your avatar? (It&apos;s a soy latte.)<br />@username also now in the middle of tweets as a way to simply reference another account<br />
  11. Twitter term: Retweet<br />Sharing and crediting sources<br />
  12. Twitter Search: Retweet<br />
  13. Twitter term: Hashtag<br />Create groupings by adding context and metadata<br />
  14. Tweeting to…<br />Create a personal learning network—i.e., follow people who share your interests by reading their tweets about<br />blog posts<br />news & events<br />videos & music<br />other followers (who then you begin to follow)<br />The positive spiral of Twitter as a social network<br />
  15. The Teacher’s PLN<br />A Personal Learning Network is essential to implementing Web 2.0 technologies to teaching<br />Conversation and interactivity are organic with members of the PLN <br />
  16. Teaching with Twitter<br />Create a Twitter handle for academic use only<br />Use class time to have students create their handle, follow classmates and tweet for the first time<br />Prompt them initially to have them feel comfortable with Tweeting<br />Develop your best practices for course objectives<br />
  17. Teaching & Learning with Twitter<br />Class chatter <br />Classroom community<br />Get a sense of the World<br />Track a Word<br />Track a Conference<br />Instant Feedback<br />Follow a Professional<br />Follow a Famous Person<br />Grammar<br />Rule Based Writing<br />Maximizing the Teaching Moment<br />Public Note Pad<br />Writing Assignment<br />Source: AcademHack<br /> <br />
  18. In & Outside of the Classroom<br />BEYOND<br />Have them talk about themselves (recycle grammar and vocabulary)<br />Have them investigate topics related to syllabi content<br />Have them investigate language use (vocabulary building)<br />IN<br /><ul><li>Have them brainstorm ideas and post them
  19. Get instant feedback on topics using it as poll device using hashtags
  20. Allow them to ask questions and get feedback instantaneously from a larger language community</li></li></ul><li>Some Great Ideas!<br /><br />
  21. Hands-On Tweeting<br />Here’s what to do:<br />Tweet something to share two (2) things about yourself (personal, professional, etc.)<br />Include the hashtag below (#BCTech)<br />Click on the hashtag in your tweet and read what others have tweeted<br />Reply to the tweet of two (2) other twitterers<br />