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iValueHealth.NET_Vaccination programme


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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iValueHealth.NET_Vaccination programme

  1. 1. iValueHealth.NET http://beta.iValueHealth.NETiValueHealth.NET unveils a new mHealth service to support vaccination/health programmes.iValueHealth.NET is a European health multilingual platform gathering the healthcare ecosystem in one place. With only two clicks, theplatform connects people & professionals and provides access to health information and dedicated services for each actor.Our contact contact@iValueHealth.NETService: NGOs send alerts to target groups andinform them about ongoing delivery ofvaccines Beneficiaries send feedback via any ofthe available channels (SMS, USSD, IVR) Excellent evaluation of immunizationefforts, keep target population up-to-date with all future health campaignsAssurance: Anonymity is kept Neither personal information such asname, address nor bank accountdetails are asked/stored or sharedwith anyone.Overview: Support health campaigns initiatedby NGOs/Foundations, governmentsor pharmaceutical companies Easy, Quick, Convenient:NGOs/Foundations can have betterplanned and focused campaigns Secure and very affordable: usingsimple communication channels, suchas text messaging (SMS), USSD, IVRPlatform for General Subscriber or Users, Medical Professionals - Doctor, Future Doctors, Para Medical Professionals - Nurse, Association, Lab etc, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) or Subject Matter Expert (SME), Nutrition companies,M2M/Device or Equipment Manufacturers, Insurance companies, Government & Health Ministry, Hospital & Clinics, Medical Stores, Pharmaceutical companies, Institutes, Private companies, Social Networks, Telecom Operators,NGOs & Foundations