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Blogging - Shaping The Social Visions


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Before social media, the society acted as passive consumer of content. Blogs enable everyone participate in content creation and distribution, and that participation is having a profound effect on the entire society.

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Blogging - Shaping The Social Visions

  1. 1. Blogging ‐ Shaping the Social Visions Intro Blogging Shaping the Social Visions
  2. 2. Blogging ‐ Shaping the Social Visions Before Social Media State Powers The Society 4th Power Influence Legislative Executive Mass‐Media • One‐Way Communication Judicial • Passively Absorbed Content • Limited and Non‐Independent
  3. 3. Blogging ‐ Shaping the Social Visions Importance of Blogging Mass‐Media Community Social Media &  TV Distribution Web Discussion Print Blogger • Two‐Way Communication Radio • Decentralized & Independent • Content Creation Made Simple
  4. 4. Blogging ‐ Shaping the Social Visions Blogging Impact ative Infor Inform m ative Traditional Media Blogger Bloggers Blogger Shape the Social Opinion Communicate Trust Social Experience Fun Pluralism Viral Audience Audience
  5. 5. Blogging ‐ Shaping the Social Visions Micro‐Blogging and Blogging Facebook Twitter LiveJournal Blogger FriendFeed WordPress Free + Easy Micro‐ Blogging Blogging • Followers Content Only • Worldwide Accessible Content • Status Updates • Consistent & Elaborated • Short Replies • Focused Discussion • Time‐Saving • Traceable Media • Superficial • Monetization
  6. 6. Blogging ‐ Shaping the Social Visions Social Media Distribution Making Blogs Visible Blogger Audience Organic Search Blog Directories 1 Billion Online Users Spread the Word (comScore, January 23, 2009) Network w/Others Join Blogger Forums 200 Million Blogs Worldwide (Technorati, others  sources, 2009)
  7. 7. Blogging ‐ Shaping the Social Visions BlogUpp! Blog Marketing Blog Promotion  Free & Automated  No Registration Integrate in Seconds Auto‐Share and Discover Blog Directory + Interactive & Informative Widget Worldwide, Multilanguage Quality Control, Anti‐Fraud
  8. 8. Blogging ‐ Shaping the Social Visions Make Your Voice Heard Want to Make an Impact? Have Something to Say? Blog it!  It’s Free & Simple, It’s Powerful. Self‐Development, Money, Tech,  Style, Fun, […]
  9. 9. Blogging ‐ Shaping the Social Visions Closing Thank You! Valer Batcu