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Soil Julio


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Soil Julio

  1. 1. Seeds 5th Period 7th Science Jesus and Luis
  2. 2. Research
  3. 3. Research The Great Plant Escape http:// Seeds come in different size, colors, shapes. You could eat some seeds. All seeds need water, oxygen, proper temperture. Is a melon a fruit. Yes
  4. 4. vege004/vege004.htm Do big seeds need to be deeper in the dirt. Yes
  5. 5. Research 2 vege004/vege004.htm Do big seeds need to be deeper in the dirt. Yes
  6. 6. Hypothesis
  7. 7. Hypothesis If we plant the seed horizontal and vertical the seeds are going to germinate because it needs sunlight and nutrients for the plant to germinate.
  8. 8. Variables Independent Variable (doesn’t change in experiment) Bean Seed, Water, Same Environment (light/temperature), and same paper towels. Dependent Variable (result that changes in experiment, usually what we are testing) Germination of the seed
  9. 9. Experiment
  10. 10. Experiment To test our hypothesis we planted the seed in a cup with paper towels and a paper around it. Then we put one seed horizontal and one vertical and then we put it beside the window so it would get sunlight. We added water daily to the cup and from their we put water each day and then we have obser ved it.
  11. 11. The first picture shows all tree plant Data steps. The second plant shows the plant germinating and getting bigger and bigger. The third plants shows thats it is dead and that has leafs. The last one is a bean growing out of its seed.
  12. 12. Results from Data Gravel didn’t help the plant germinate faster it like killed the plant as the plant died over a period of week. The sand plant didn’t germinate that good. The paper plant germinated a little. The soil one did grow good cause it had a lot of minerals for the plant and seed.
  13. 13. Conclusion Hey you people do you wanna learn about the seed. If you think you made a mistake planting the seed vertical or horizontal then your not in trouble by taking it out again they both will germinate when you add water and nutrients on the seed.