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IT & Network Companies in Egypt


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It & network companies in egypt

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IT & Network Companies in Egypt

  1. 1. IT & Network Companies in Egypt
  2. 2. Special thanks to Ahmed Rezk for sharing his list with us Name Website IBM Oracle Microsoft Intel ITworx ITsoft HP (EDS) Link Development Raya Software Symbyo Technologies Giza systems Intercom Enterprises Microtech Sakhr Harf GNS ASGATech QSIT Value Sys ZadSolutions OMS AXIOM Systems Tawasol IT Code95 Horizons Software GlobeSoft FekraSoft Delta Software Ajyal Information Systems ACT ISIS eSpace KeyFrame
  3. 3. DMS KHAYALEie DreamSoft e-motion Mash LinkEgypt BadrIT Informatique Asset EBM NTG ValleySoft Sumerge Santeon Health Insights 3adda SAND TabsSoft EGABI Qemmah Technowireless ClickNet QueenTech OLIT equation-solutions Bright Creations GCS Globisoft Nilecode a-designs 1bignet 4S 4Smart A1 Works A2ZEgypt ABC (Advanced Business Consultants)
  4. 4. Abic Aboul Dahab ABTech Accentia Middle East ACCIT (Academy Company for Information Technology and Communications) ACIS (Advanced Computer for Information Systems) ACS (Advanced Computer Systems) ACS (Arabian Computer Services) ACTIVISYS aculta Adore Software Advac Systems Advan Sys Advanced Computing Advanced Group AHBS (Andalusia Healthcare Business Solutions) AHCC AHS (Advanced Hospitality Solutions) AI-Egypt Ain Arabia AIS (Advanced Integrated Solutions) AIS (Arabic Integrated Service) AIT Group (Arab Information Technology Group) AITG (Advanced
  5. 5. Information Technology Group) AITS (Allied Information Technology Services) Al Khawarizmy Alarabia Alawael IT Albahaa Alcatel-Lucent Alex Web AlexForHost AlexHighTech Alkan Telecom alkarma All Insight Allied Engineering Group (AEG) Allied Soft Almoltqa Alpha Group Software ALS (Advanced Logic Systems) Alufok Information Systems Amadeus Egypt AMS Anova AntWorx APC Trust Appnetics Aptech AquaSoft Arab Academy for Development Arab Computers Arab Sea Arab4Design
  6. 6. ArabCompany Arabia For Information Technology (Mayman) Arabia Inform Arabian Advanced Systems (Naseej) ArabianLink ArabIP (Arba Internet Professionals) Arabize ARABTEC (Arabian Systems Tech) AraDOCs ARCOM Aria Systems Art Web Manage ARTAC ARTEL Artra Trading Arx ICT ASCON (Arab Software Computer Intelligent Solutions) AT (Advanced Technology) A-Tech Group ATMasr ATSI (Advanced Technology Solutions International) ATSoft Medical Software Automation Consultants Aymakan Babel Soft Back & Front
  7. 7. BAGSoft Balsam Healthcare Corporation Bartech Egypt Bayan Translation Services BayaNet Bayan-Tech bconcepts B-Connect BEC Beemode Be-Genius Beshara Group Better & Partners Interactive BFSoft (Banking and Finance Information Technology) BIM Binary Works Binary-Stream Bird ICT Bit & Bits BI-Technologies BizWare BlankSpaceDesign BlobalNet Blue Print Network Blue Techno BlueBridge BMS Egypt Bravo Serve Bright Star Eg Brilliancesys Broker Egypt BSoft Egypt BusinessConnect Byte Information
  8. 8. Systems CADCAMCIM Cairo IT Cairo Server CASSL Castle Soft Catalise Catalyst CEC (Computer Engineering System) Cegedim Dendrite Cellusys Centrivision CIC (Certified IT Consultants) CIHOST (Cairo integrated hospitality open systems technology) CIT Global CITC Citex Software citPOINT CityNet ClarusTech CLIP Solutions CNG (Comm Net Group) codAria Code Corner Code Republic CodySoft COINS (Consultation Office Of Integrated Systems) ColorBoxes Coltec Comdotcom COMEC Compact Egypt
  9. 9. CompEx Compuhosp CompuMedical Computek Computer Academy 4 All Comsys Software ComTech Connection Contact Contrast Media Solutioins CPS (CompuPharaohs) Creative Design Crystal Mind CSS (Cairo Software Services) CyberEgypt Daltex DashSoft Data Express Data Trust DataGear DataLab DataSoft DataTec DataVision DCI (Design Co- ordinators Interactive) DCS Degla Systems Design Valley Solutions DevEgypt Developer-Online Diamond Technology EST DigiArt
  10. 10. Digital Cairo Software Digital Chains Digital Youth Dismension Seven DIT (Delta Information Technology) Dot Com Dot Map DOT Technology DotCom DotCom Centers DOTIT Double Click Dream Makers DREAMS Martketting Consultancy DSonic Dynamic Dezyne EAST (Egyptian Advanced Systems & Technologies) EastNets ebb & tide EBIC eBSEG (e-Business Solutions Enabling Group) ECC ECCO (Egyptian Contact Center Operator) ECHO Egypt (Egypt Computer House Organization) EConnect ED Edge Technology
  11. 11. Edge-Pro EDJ International EDS (Engineering Data Systems) EEMS (Electroinc Enterprise Management System) e-Finance EgForIt EGID EGIT (Egyptian Group For Information Technology) EgoSolutions Egy1Host EgyDesigner EgyGo EgyMark EgyMe Egypt Development Center Egypt Experts Egypt Web Solutions EgyptianCC (Egyptian Computer Community) EgyptLinx EgyptNetwork EgyptOnSite Egypto-Soft EgySoft EgySol EgySpot EgyTrust Egyweb EIE (Egyptian Information Engineering)
  12. 12. EIEGroupe (Egyptian International for Engineering) Ejada EKC (Egyptian Kuwait Company) eKnowledge eKur El Kotob El Masria IT El Raed eLABs ELAN Electronic Formations Electronic Sols Elegant-IT El-Emad e-Life Network El-Mashreq ElMotaheda eLocalize Elrowad Elshayal Smart Elzameel Elzoghby EMAK International Academy E-Manage EME International EMEIT emind soft Emmice Technologies EmpNetwork Encom Engineering Global Solutions eNile
  13. 13. Entelaq Enterwide Technologies Epic Systems eRevMax Egypt Ergons Solutions ERSS (Environmental and Remote Sensing Services Center) ESC (Egypt Soft Commerce) ESI (Engineering System Integration) ESI Soft (Al-Einei Software Industry) eSmartsoft ESRI North East Africa etisalat eTrend Solutions e-turn eWebbers eWebstar EXA-IT Expede IT Experience House Expert Software House ExpertSoft ExpressMedia Exsys solutions Eyaro Eye-Designs FC&ED (El Fayrouz for Computers and Electronic Devices) FIMCI (Future Information and Marketting Consultation
  14. 14. Corporation) Fingerprint Fixed Solutions FlashCorner FortiServ Free Tech Fudevs Fujitsu Egypt Future Soft Future Solutions Future Systems Gadtech GAIA Galaxy Soft GateWorx GBS (Global Business Systems) GeoTiba Systems GET Group GhoSoft Technologies GigaBug Gioventy GIS (Giza International Systems) GITC Soft Gitex Global Brands Global Geobits - Egypt Global Impact Global Promotions Global Solutions Global Systems Global Trade GoodNews4Me Technology Services(GN4TS)
  15. 15. Gozoor GPSExperts Grapheca Graphicano GSI Egypt GT Egypt (Globe Telecom Egypt) GTIS (Glory Technology for Information Systems) GTO (Global Technologies Online) GTT (Global Telecommunications Technology) Guide Hayl Hdeya Healthy-IT Hendawy Group International HIBA HITS Hostega H-Prog HR-First HR-Pro Hurghada Community Hydro-Comp I.T.4.NET i2i Vision IBE (Internatinal Biomedical Engineering Technologies) ICC4ST Iconic Minds Icons Ideavelopers
  16. 16. IDS Egypt (Intellect Data Systems) IFS Arabia igaba IIS (International Integrated Systems) iKD (Integrated Knowledge Dynamics) ILD ILTA IMEX.NET IMHolding ImproVision IMS (Industrial Management Systems) Industrial Systems and Global Enterprise Inetbug Infinity InfoArab Infocast InfoGlobe Informatica Information & Communication Technology for Health Information DynamiX InfoSoft InfoTech InfraDrive Inotek InSoft InspirationGate Integrant Inc Integration Online
  17. 17. Services Interact Interdesigns International Services Internet Business Mall Internet Egypt Internet Plus InterNile Intersite IntoDevelopment IPT Egypt Irange ISDreams iSource IST (Info Sys Tech) IST (Integration, Services and Technologies) IT Egypt IT Gate IT House IT Land IT Middle IT Plus Arab IT Primo IT Sponsors IT Synergy IT Vision IT-Blocks ITBuilder ITComplete ITDeals ITDuty ITE Corp ITeShare ITG Egypt ITGaurd
  18. 18. ITHW (Innovation Technology Highway for Biometrics) ITI ITI (Information Technology Incorporation) ITIS (Information Technology Integrated Systems) Itology ITQaan ITS (International Turnkey Systems) ITStandard ITTSoft JCTODAY JTC Solutions Jupiter 2000 Kader Kadi Arabia Kaffak Kalaya Technology & Information Kash Kemet Key Solution Khabeer Khalifa Khayal Khebrat Kit Kolaly Technology Koloh Soft LADIS (Legislation And Development Information Systems) Liberated Systems Light Wings Studio Logica
  19. 19. M3 Webz MacroCell Magd Soft Magic Solutions MAIN TELECOM Makka Soft ManaraSoft Mari-net MasrTec Massar Software Master Vision MasterPiece Masters Technology Mazaya Design MCS (Modern Computer Services) Meaprom Media Egypt Media In Touch Media International Mediasoft MediTech MedSites Megacom Megamedia MegaSoft MEIT (Middle East Information
  20. 20. Technology) MentorGraphics MES (Maintenance Engineering Solutions) METACO (Middle East Technical and Commercial Office) MetaMedia IT MH Sites
  21. 21. MicroData Technology Microsystems Microtech - Alex MidEast-Net MillenMed Millennium Consulting MILLENSYS MiniMax MIPS (Management & Information Processing Services) MIS (Mansoura Information Systems) MIS (Misr International Systems) Misr Pro Misrya MNS (Middle East Network Solutions) Mobinet Mobinil Model It Modern Technology Mohaseboon Mohtawa Mostafa Shawki & Co. MOVE-IT MRCO-Egypt MSD Solutions Mspired MTG (Modern Technology Group) MTS (Modern Technical Systems) MTS (Modren Telcom Systems)
  22. 22. Mubasher Multisolution Multi-Tech N.E.T (Networks for Entertainment and Trade) Nahdet Misr National Technology - Integrated Medical Solutions NaviWorld NaviWorld Nebras Tech Net Skill NetEgypt NetFlavours NetSignature Netsis Netstartups NetWave Networks Valley Information Systems New Vision New Vital Soft New Way NewSoft NewVision Next Design Next Source NiceEgypt Nile Information Technology & Dissemination Nile Network Nile Networks Nile Solutions Nile Technology & Advanced Solutions (NAT) Nile Visions
  23. 23. Networks Nile Web Nileage NileCreations NileDevelop NileSoft NITCO Nmtechnology Noofl NOUR Soft NPC (Egyptian Company for Electronic Systems Development) NPG (Net Pate Group) NRG Solutions NT Solutions NTS NUBIX Nutrxia ODEC Offoc OFIS Soft OK4Host Omega Soft OmniCoreTech Online Horizons Open Soft OpenCraft OpenScope OpenSystems OpenTech Optimal-sys Optimize Orange Business Services Oratech ORB Development
  24. 24. Orchida Soft Orchtech Osus OtherLogic OTS (Optimal Technology Solutions) OTS (Orascom Technology Solutions) Oxygen Software Pack2Net PalmaCompu Paradigm PC Lab PC Lab Academy PC Link Phoenix Egypt PhoenixBird PioneerSoft Pixel Information Systems Plexus Works PMEC (Professional Management Expertise Center) PMS Egypt POET PremiTek Proactivesoft Pro-Codes Profiles PROLIGHT Proline PROmaster Promo Links PromoMedia ProNAT Prosoft
  25. 25. Prosylab PSD (Pyramid Systems Development) PTC (Professional Training Center) PTWHosting Pulse Pure Minds QuadraTech Quality Horizons Queen Tech Solutions Quin Sys quTip R&M Solutions Ractors RamaHost RAMATAN Rankab Rasikh RazyTech RDI RightClick RIT RIT (RAMW for Information Technology) RITSEC (The Regional Information Technology & Software Engineering Center) Roeyah Rowad Rowadit Safari Studio Safe Computer Systems Safeer
  26. 26. Safha-Solutions Safi Safwa IT Sahm SAIC salis Salsabel Sama SANAtech Sapphire SaraSoft Sarmady Satyam SaudiSoft SBI Scope Communications Scope TMS SCS (Style Computer Services) SCS (Sunshine Computer Systems) SedfaSoft Segaal Soft Serafa Shadi Systems SharmPro Shift E-Business Shooter Shumool ShuraTechnologies Si Technologies SICC (SI Computer Consultants) Silicon Solution Systems Silverkey SilverLine Simtec
  27. 27. SISTRUM SkinArabia Smart Group Smart Lines Smartec Smartnet SmartWare Solutions SMC (Systems Management Consultants ) Soft Innovation SoftCut SofTec Softec Softec International SofTech Softex SoftLock SoftMagic SoftMems Softoria Softplasma SoftPro Software Valley Solutions Dot Net SOSSD (Scientific Office for System and Solution Design) Spark Systems SparkTech Specialized Solutions SpectraFlare SQS Egypt Star Webmaster STME Strategy Consult STS Success Ways Group Sunsoft
  28. 28. SWIS (Soficom Web/Intranet Solutions) SWS SySDSoft Egypt TAGITI (Talal Abu Ghazaleh Information Technology International) TalentStack Tandex Tarabot Target Solutions Soft Tasnim Tatweer Tatweer for Information Tecnology Tay4Tech Tayait Taybahsoft TCSegy TE (Technology Egypt) TEA Computers TEAM TeamServ TeamSolution Teba Soft TEBAS TechAccess Technivance Techno Management Techno Mena Communications Technologica TechnoSoft Tech-Plus Teeba Data Systems
  29. 29. Tekegy TeknoBuild TeleTec Teradata Egypt The Best Top Systems The Pin IT The Rock Smart Card Solutions The Way Out The webcreative The X Net Systems Thebe Technology Thunder Power Egypt TimeLineInteractive TIT Solutions Tittainment Top Software House Top Systems TopIT TopTech TPS (Technical Professional Services) TRADIGITAL Trendy Solution Trigon Solutions Trust Egypt Trust Information Technology TSE (Travelling Solutions Egypt) TSoft Tut International UES (Universal Educational Systems) Uni Soft Unique solutions United OFOQ
  30. 30. Universal Solutions Universal Systems UPMSoft Uranium Corp. Vadecom ValueSYS VergiTech Vertika Via Victory Link View Soft vimov Vision Creation Vision for Information Systems Vodafone W3Egypt Way2Web WazenTech We Are Communications Web & Art Web Mind Technologies Web Track Web2Arab Web2Era Web-4-all Webcom Weber House WebMasters WebTechAvenue WebTrack WebTrosity West Bay Winter Partners Wipro Wireless-DX World Technology
  31. 31. WSI Egypt XLab Xperts Xchange Xperts4 Yalla Misr YallaWeb YAT Software House YCS Zad Technology Zakaria & Partners Co. Zans ZBuggie Zelog IMZweb Tqniat Spslink 700apps Doublevee AfaqDesigns IWASSA (Integrated Systems Solutions ISS ) Softxpert Cite Ultimarad
  32. 32. iTawy ‫انتكنىنىجي‬ ‫انمجال‬ ‫في‬ ‫حياتك‬ ‫يسههك‬ ‫انه‬ ‫مهمته‬ ‫مىقع‬ ‫يجاوبك‬ ‫مين‬ ‫أنف‬ ‫وهتالقي‬ ‫عارفه‬ ‫مش‬ ‫انت‬ ‫انهي‬ ‫عن‬ ‫اسأل‬ ‫عهي‬ ‫مىقعنا‬ ‫زور‬: ‫عهي‬ ‫معانا‬ ‫تىاصم‬: : : : : e-mail :