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Peter Pauwels (TomTom) iStrategy London


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Peter Pauwels (TomTom) slides from iStrategy London, May 2012

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Peter Pauwels (TomTom) iStrategy London

  1. 1. TomTom @iStrategy London Peter Pauwels 22nd May 2012
  3. 3. Mission To provide all drivers with the world’s best navigation experience…3
  4. 4. Our Traffic Manifesto When 10% of people drive with TomTom’s HD Traffic, roads will flow more efficiently and journey times will be reduced for everyone4
  5. 5. Consumer Products GO LIVE 1005 GO LIVE 825 VIA 125 High-end PND Premium Mid-rangeEntry levelLow-end PND Mobile Urban Rider SportWatch Apps START 20 Places5
  6. 6. B2B Products AutomotiveLicensing Business Solutions  Maps  Traffic data  Speed data6
  7. 7. Digital @TomTom is centralised for all businesses andgeographiesDigital organisation Marketing & Comms Consumer Customer Sales & Digital Support Countries B2B Business 7
  8. 8. Digital is core to TomTom’s business, for both marketingand salesDigital for TomTom Digital has a direct impact on 2 major KPI  NPS  Sales Digital is the affordable 1:1 connection with our consumers Digital provides a clear and direct pulse from consumers on products, markets, brand, etc. – Just ask! 8
  9. 9. 10
  10. 10. Starting point was to listen and analyse what consumershad to say about our brand & productsListen – Analyse – Engage cycle Listen Analyse Engage 11
  11. 11. Deeper connection on social channels is measuredthrough share of voice, sentiment & engagement ratioSocial analytics key KPIs Share of voice Sentiment Always in comparison to competition Engagement ratio Measure of like / share / comment in relation to number of followers & posts 12
  12. 12. One of the most important topic we monitor is traffic, andhow consumers use and perceive TomTom HD TrafficSocial analytics – topic traffic monitored March / April 2012 1200 25 Users who use HD Traffic report faster 1000 20 commute times and thus better mileage Number of posts 800 15 600 10 400 5 0 200 0 2 Mar - 31 1 Apr - 30 Apr Mar Total Number of Posts Comparison Insights: • Users are concerned about mileage of their cars – users who use HD Traffic report faster commute times and thus better mileage • However an user points out that HD Traffic is not useful in a small city where if the arterial road is jammed one cannot get to the faster routes • Users use more than 1 app to find out optimal routes – in this case using Waze with TomTom 13
  13. 13. The platform is also great support when launching newproducts or in this case a new version of our iPhone appSocial analytics – topic iPhone monitored March / April 2012 Users praise new features of 2500 25 the iPhone app Some users do not like the new 2000 iPhone app icon 20 Number of posts 1500 15 10 1000 5 500 0 0 2 Mar - 31 Feb 1 Apr - 30 Apr Total Number of Posts Comparison Insights: • ‘Winding Roads’ planning option liked by the users of iPhone app • iPhone app easy to setup and preferred in the city • Users praise the new features of iPhone app but say that it has lost some of its accessibility • Some users do not like the new iPhone app icon • TomTom application for iPhone consumes more battery power 14
  14. 14. Once educated on what consumers like & dislike, westarted building engagementListen – Analyse – Engage cycle Listen Analyse Engage 15
  15. 15. The site is the deepest interaction level with people – thewhole digital ecosystem provides reach & engagementDigital ecosystem Our website is used to create depth Social & mobile media create engagement Online Online Paid media create reach Search Display The 3 layers work together: YT audience, engagement, big idea Twitter email Site Depth Mobile FB Engagement Print Radio Reach Source: Forrester research, 2011 16
  16. 16. For example, we created dedicated tools for our mapexperts, to foster high quality map inputsExample of map forum & mapshare reporter 17
  17. 17. For engagement, each global social channel has its rolewith targeted audience & purpose – local channels alignSocial channel framework Link to Who What Why Engagement News, contests, promo, Facebook All – followers exclusive content Brand awareness Key source Acquisition / retention Professionals Recruitment, corporate, Linkedin B2B industry collaboration Limited but high quality Limited, specific pages B2C for causes & HR Product / service Corporate culture & All demo, new product Youtube B2C, B2B, B2G products, campaigns, co usage, campaigns Some links to site rporate Education Specific & general Real time consumer All – public conversation / engagement Twitter Customer care news, contests, promo, Customer service Limited customer care News 18
  18. 18. By far, our main Facebook channel is where we nurturepermanent dialogue with our consumersExample of Facebook posts 19
  19. 19. With Youtube, we found a magic recipe making 4,7mviews to date… and replicated it !Example of Youtube video 20
  20. 20. Finally, product reviews are monitored very closely andoffer a new engagement opportunityExample of review discussion 21
  21. 21. What you can take away from TomTom’s experience… Overpromise Start small Start & stop Raise sense of urgency Go unstructured Prove with data Underestimate Showcase great complexity stories22
  22. 22. It’s all about testing & learning… testing & learning…again and again!23
  23. 23. Thank you Any questions? Peter Pauwels peter.pauwels@tomtom.com24
  24. 24. Our history Acquisition LIVE Services of fleet available across management Acquisition of Europe company Tele Atlas Fully focused Fully focused on car navigation oncar navigation First line Founded Acquisition fitted of Set up Automotive LIVE Introduction HD Traffic Automotive product with Services First navigation of the PND technology Renault launched software launched in US1991 1996 2001 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 201125