Greg Savage, Fire Brand Talent - 'Talent attraction & Retention in the Digital Age'


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iStrategy Conference Melbourne 2011: Greg Savage, CEO, Fire Brand Talent, 'Talent attraction & Retention in the Digital Age' - Session Case Study (Day One)

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  • Job boards still working across generic employ categories, but this is not true of talent short niches like design and digitalI predict will become far less effective as skills shortage becomes more severeWOM don’t forget your employer brandRec companies till a major forceBut the fact is finding staff via SM, right now, is insignificant!
  • BUT, they may not be getting jobs there now but they are already looking for them there nowAnd that can only increase
  • Again its clear that the talent market will drive the talent sourcing function to SM, even if employers are slow to respond!Its clear there is a HUGE opportunity for far sighted employers to get ahead of the pack when sourcing hard to find skillsSM is a channel which can pay off right now and will pay off far more in the futureBut you need a plan!
  • WeeklyContrarianHonestContrbersialIt has a style that peiople have come to lokforwad toGives a lot200 readers a week and up to 10,000 some weeks100,000 a yearLots of comments100 RTsLI discusions
  • When people subscribe they are saying. I like what you say, please send me more stuffThis is a data base o future FB staff
  • 7000 followers70% recruiters20 % marketing and design10% HRGives ,e great influencing powerDrive people to blogAnnounce our own jobs
  • Once again setting up a YT channel is free Can load video and keep them private till you are ready to publish Lots of stats I for example have had 3500 views of my 5 or six video that have gone up there over the last 6 weeks Is it what lady gaga gets or the kid who can push a chopstick through his nostrils?NoBut for my targeted market is powerfulI get plenty of feedback recruitment companies use my Video and the platform for their in-house training (Ransstad)I have had speaking gigs from the YT andIt gave my kids a massive kick to see dad on you tube until they realized it was just a new way ridicule mepromote YT via blog, Twitter and LIN
  • Relevant updatesRelevant groups and participateTargeted connectionCross reference twitter and FbGetting 25 requests to link week-20 from recruiters
  • Greg Savage, Fire Brand Talent - 'Talent attraction & Retention in the Digital Age'

    1. 1. Talent attraction & retention in the digital age<br />Greg Savage, Global CEO <br /> Firebrand Talent Search<br />
    2. 2. Strategy is nothing without execution!<br />Who will execute your plans?<br />How will you locate, attract and retain the key talent?<br />“The new normal” in the world of talent and recruitment<br />The tension between hiring and cost control<br />“Skills Churn”<br />No people shortage. We have a talent shortage. <br />Talent shortage. To get much worse and to last a long time<br />The talent contradiction<br />Right talent, right time, right place<br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    3. 3. Digital Jobs Growth – US <br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    4. 4. Talent hunt is truly global<br />Retention – from anxiety to action!<br />Future leaders. Where from?<br />New era – new talent strategies<br />JIT recruitment will no longer suffice<br />The difference between the active and passive talent market<br />Muscle won’t be enough<br />Low cost networking can beat traditional sourcing<br />Social media and recruitment? No!... And Yes<br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    5. 5. Talent: How they got their last job? (APAC)<br />Online Job Board 33%<br />Word of Mouth/referrals 22%<br />Recruitment company 20%<br />Direct approach from employer 14%<br />Print Advertising 5%<br />Other methods 5%<br />Social media 1%<br />Source. Kelly Global Workforce Index: The evolving workforce<br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    6. 6. Talent: Do you Job Search on Social Media sites?<br />Gen Y 23%<br />Gen X 24%<br />Baby Boomers 24%<br />Source. Kelly Global Workforce Index: The evolving workforce<br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    7. 7. Talent: Do you feel it Essential to be active on Social media to advance your career?<br />Gen Y 34%<br />Gen X 26%<br />Baby Boomers 20%<br />Source. Kelly Global Workforce Index: The evolving workforce<br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    8. 8. Six-pronged CEO Social Media strategy<br />Blog “The Savage Truth”<br />Subscriber database worked and maintained<br />Twitter – active and very targeted<br />YouTube Channel<br />“The Savage Truth” Facebook Page<br />LinkedIn<br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    9. 9. | Enemy of Average<br />
    10. 10. “The Savage Truth” Subscriber List Growth<br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    11. 11. | Enemy of Average<br />
    12. 12. You Tube<br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    13. 13. | Enemy of Average<br />
    14. 14. Firebrand: Social Media Talent Acquisition StrategyLearnings<br />Driven by CEO<br />Huge time commitment<br />Be prepared to invest - 12 months at least<br />No ghosting. Real and engaged<br />Integrated SM Strategy<br />Very targeted at recruiters in our markets<br />Be niche. <br />Be generous. Give to get<br />Content is key<br />Consistent message and activity<br />Build a voice. A brand. <br />Build ‘expert’ status<br />Work the integration between platforms<br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    15. 15. Results<br />Massive benefits outside recruiting our own staff with clients and talent<br />Every candidate I interview for FB has read the blog – has our “ethos”<br />PR generated by blog has driven awareness of FB brand exponentially<br />Speaking requests monthly – all over the world<br />FB “potential” hire community is strong and can be communicated with<br />One status update on LinkedIn reaches 10’s of 1000’s of recruiters<br />25 LinkedIn requests a week – mostly HR and recruiters<br />8 of last 15 Firebrand hires came via social media<br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    16. 16. In closing<br />Finding talented people to work for you is going to be much harder than it is to find new clients <br />And what worked for you before will not work going forward<br />So if you want your strategies to come to life, think about the execution now<br />And that means new and better ways to connect with talent<br />| Enemy of Average<br />
    17. 17. Connect with greg savage and firebrand<br />Email:<br />Company website:<br />LinkedIn profile:<br />Twitter:<br />YouTube:<br />Facebook:<br />The Savage Truth Blog:<br />Firebrand<br />| Enemy of Average<br />