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6 Amazing Brand Case Studies - iStrategy eBook


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Learn how top brands dominate social media and drive revenue - with McDonald's, ModCloth, Rovio, Wheat Thins and Ben & Jerry's

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6 Amazing Brand Case Studies - iStrategy eBook

  1. 1. THE BEST SOCIAL CASE STUDIES:Learn how brands can elevate themselves from the pack, build advocacy, transparencyand create inspiring campaigns
  2. 2. LEARN HOW THESE TOP BRANDS DOMINATE INSIDE THIS eBOOK, YOU WILL LEARN:ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND DRIVE REVENUE CHAPTER 1: How Wheat Thins went viral with its ‘Crunch is Calling’ campaign, a lesson in listening. CHAPTER 2: How McDonald’s delivered amazing brand engagement and authenticity through a simple video. CHAPTER 3: How Modcloth continues to grow a global audience through social media activity and increase its sales exponentially. CHAPTER 4: How Rovio (Angry Birds) listened and acted on the advice of its advocates to elevate its brand above its competitors. CHAPTER 5: How Ben & Jerry’s built a simple social media campaign that increased engagement and buy-in from potential advocates and customers. CHAPTER 6: How McDonald’s took an online activity offline and surprised, shocked and delighted its customers and built amazing D O W N LO customer loyalty. The full v A D ersion this eboo of All brought to you from market leaders and social media pros: k! Aaron Lee, Jeff Greenhouse, Ross Densley, Malou Morgan
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