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iStrategy Melbourne - Australia, the Land of Digital Opportunity - Austin Bryan, Singtel/Optus


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In this keynote session, Austin Bryan, Vice President of Digital Communities and Ecosystems at SingTel & Optus, will provide an insight into how Australians are approaching digital mobile content – what’s of interest to them now, and what are they expecting in the future? The local environment and trends in digital shopping, hyper-local services and video on mobile devices will be dissected and illustrated to provide a greater understanding of the generous opportunities available to reach customers. Austin will delve deep into the digital world and showcase how companies can provide their customers with less friction and more value through digital advertising.

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iStrategy Melbourne - Australia, the Land of Digital Opportunity - Austin Bryan, Singtel/Optus

  1. 1. Australia: the land of digital opportunityMaking it relevant and personal forcustomers with digital advertising Austin R. Bryan VP, L!festream, SingTel Group Digital L!fe
  2. 2. The DigitalExperienceAllowing people tocommunicate andengage with your brandOperate in both the ‘real’and ‘virtual’ worlds
  3. 3. Australia’s DigitalLandscapeMobile subscriber ratesare over 130% ofpopulationAustralia has the secondhighest smartphonepenetration in the worldData used by Australianshas doubled over the lastyear
  4. 4. Australia’s This is only going to increase! Customers have embraced this and will Digital The Optus 4G network, rolled out across the expect your brand to make the most of theLandscape country, provides superfast speeds digital world
  5. 5. How are Australiansusing devices?Multi-tasking with mediaconsumptionThree in four Australiansconsume more than onetype of mediasimultaneouslySoon, this will all happenon the one device
  6. 6. The retail revolution7.8 million adultAustralians used theinternet to purchasesomething in the pastyearThe online world not onlyacts as the shop frontand shopping guide, butas a platform for reviews
  7. 7. SportsgirlFrom 9 to 5 to 24/7QR codes givecustomers the freedomto shop at anytimeOptus also uses QRcodes for a superiorcustomer experienceCombine the real andvirtual world for moreconvenience
  8. 8. Providing customers with discounts through ‘Live All online – get them Pricing’Kogan involved, give them an incentive to buy early Streamline the supply chain
  9. 9. Five-fold growth inInnovations Create a seamless shopping experience by mobile payments by Australians in 2011 reducing friction forin payments customers Cash-less, card-less
  10. 10. The walletgoes digitalPay with a single swipeof your smartphoneAggregate your bills inthe digital world into oneThis all revolves aroundconvenience
  11. 11. Tough Competition has expanded beyond The digital space is filled with content traditional telcos producers, devicetimes for manufacturers, over-the- Focus on leveraging top players telcos strengths to stay relevant
  12. 12. SingTel GroupDigital L!feTasked with developingand deliveringinnovations on a globalscale30 products and servicesalready launched
  13. 13. GDL holds the edgeStrong customer base –463 million customersfrom Australia to AfricaData retention andanalysis of ourcustomers’ behaviourThe goal: define the waypeoplediscover, share, andcommunicate
  14. 14. Consumers are being 66% of consumers will bombarded actively unsubscribeAdvertising Click-through rates are from a brand with irrelevant ads down from 7 per cent to 0.1 per cent
  15. 15. MobileadvertisingAustralians are the mostopen in the world toreceiving advertising ontheir mobilesAsia Pacific region willhave the largest mobilead market in the world by2015Significant potentialAmobee, part of theSingTel Group, is aleader in mobileadvertising
  16. 16. We need to cultivate a Two investments culture that supportsAustralian startups announced last week 121cast and Venuemob:innovation Optus-Innov8 Seed Program fosters local two Melbourne-based startups innovation
  17. 17. The online experienceDo this for yourcustomers:• Save time• Reduce frictionBe transparent and gaintrustSharpen your customerfocusBe real but also bevirtual
  18. 18. Thank you Austin R. Bryan VP, L!festream, SingTel Group Digital L!fe