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iStrategy London - B2B Social Media – Moving Beyond the Hype Jeremy Woolf, Text100


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B2B companies are looking beyond conventional marketingcommunications and using social media to engage directly withtheir audiences, build trust and gather customer insight. Butmany companies are struggling to do this in a meaningful way.They’re prioritising marketing rhetoric over content creation,community building, and problem solving. This means thatbusinesses are missing the opportunity to turn prospects intocustomers and customers into advocates.In this workshop, Text100’s Global Digital and Social Media LeadJeremy Woolf will present the case for B2B social media and amethodology for driving results. The delegation will then be splitinto four groups, each tasked with creatively responding to aB2B social media brief. Text100 experts will guide the groups,with each presenting their strategy back to the delegation.

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iStrategy London - B2B Social Media – Moving Beyond the Hype Jeremy Woolf, Text100

  1. 1. Social Media:B2B Moving Beyond the HypeiStrategy, London26 November 2012 @jeremywoolf
  2. 2. Jeremy Woolf @jeremywoolf @jeremywoolf
  3. 3. Social Media: Moving Beyond the Hype•Beyond conventional B2B comms• Engage directly with audiences, build trust and gather insight• Marketing rhetoric vs. content and community• Turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates•Buyers and their journeys•Workshop exercise•Skype! @jeremywoolf
  4. 4. “Theres going to be an opportunity over the next five years or so to pick any industry and rethink it in a social way...we think that every industry is going to be fundamentally re-thought and designed aroundMark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook people.” Mark Zuckerberg - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2009, World Economic Forum, @jeremywoolf
  5. 5. 1. Who do you sell to?2. How do they buy? @jeremywoolf
  6. 6. Buyer Personas @jeremywoolf
  7. 7. Meet Dave (Not his real name)BACKGROUND:• Head of IT in digital advertising agency• Worked at the same company for 10 years; worked his way up from senior systems engineer• Married with one child (11)DEMOGRAPHICS:• Skews male• Age 40-50• Dual HH Income: £220,000• UrbanIDENTIFIERS:• Calm demeanor• Small team, jack-of-all-trades• Very active online @jeremywoolf
  8. 8. Meet DaveGOALS:• Support business goals• Reduce storage costs• Improve data access speedsCHALLENGES:• Getting everything done with a small, dispersed staff• Rolling out changes across the entire company• Keeping pace with innovationHOW WE HELP:• Offer storage and services via the cloud• Integration with existing systems @jeremywoolf
  9. 9. How Does Dave Buy?(Obligatory social medianumbers bit) @jeremywoolf
  10. 10. He’sgotthepower@jeremywoolf
  11. 11. He’s social @jeremywoolf
  12. 12. He’s hungry for content…Consumers gather 60% ofinformation needed tomake purchase decisionsbefore contacting vendors @jeremywoolf
  13. 13. He’s hungry for content…Most tech buyers become aware oftechnology products by talkingwith their peers/colleagues(followed by industryinfluencers and web search) @jeremywoolf
  14. 14. He’s hungry for content…An average of 9 informationassets are downloadedduring the purchase process @jeremywoolf
  15. 15. Sales is evolving…1950s - Sales teams find and persuade buyers, supported by1990s advertising and public relations1997 Buyers start to search online, find product information from multiple vendors2006 Buyers start to confer with each other via online social networks Sales uses online tools to prospect, generate and qualify2009 leads Sales uses social networks and diverse content to engage2012 with prospects before they contact you @jeremywoolf
  16. 16. How do we reach Dave?• Relevant, useful and entertaining• Enhance social status• Reaction and fun• Connect him with peers• Enable participation• Direct behaviour by understanding and directing the buyer’s journey @jeremywoolf
  17. 17. The buyer’s journey RESOLVE AWARENESSReduced cost of RETAIN customer CONSIDERATION acquisition PURCHASE INTENT ELECTInfluence others’ DECISION buying journeys SELECT SUPPORT RECRUIT LOYALTY CREATE ADVOCACY @jeremywoolf
  18. 18. Content directs the buyer’s journey TRADITIONAL OWNED / SOCIAL EARNED PAID Announcement AWARENESS Tweet Third party blog Display ad release CONSIDERATION Case study Blog post Discussion forum SEM / SEO INTENT Whitepaper Video Q and A site Email offers DECISION Social support Survey Support forum Discussion forum SUPPORT platform LOYALTY Win release Guest blog post Third party blog Satisfaction survey Trade show P2P Advocacy ADVOCACY Video blog post Blogger site visit presentation Program @jeremywoolf
  19. 19. EARNED OWNED SOCIAL PAID Product / news Press release / Facebook / Banner ad press / blog case studies on TwitterBuyer: coverage website updates SEM• Realizes Case study Flash demos Quora / problem or media / blog LinkedIn Outdoor business need coverage Answer Blog posts responses• Doesn’t yet Broadcast understand Analyst papers Social games Landing page and Print solutions Feature articles competitions• Needs product about technology / Tip sheets Trade show and industry trends information• Commitment is Search Infographics low Content informs, demonstrates understanding of the problem and vendor expertise @jeremywoolf
  20. 20. EARNED OWNED SOCIAL PAID Expert Facebook / Speaking Free webinars interviews Twitter engagementsBuyer: media / blog updates coverage Whitepapers• Performs Discussion SEM research Case study Podcasts forum / media / blog LinkedIn• Has determined coverage Group Telemarketing tech needs eBooks interactions• Asks more Analyst papers Quora / educated Spec sheets LinkedIn Review questions websites Answer responses• Email is Buyers guides frequently Expert preferred Gamification interaction in social channels• Commitment is Email from low to medium Content reinforces vendor suitability, sales rep and ability to solve problems @jeremywoolf
  21. 21. EARNED OWNED SOCIAL PAID Case study Free trials Expert media / blog interaction inBuyer: coverage social channels Product demos• Established Analyst Discussion ‘must haves’ outreach Consultations forum /• Price, quality LinkedIn etc. Group Spec sheets interactions• Narrow down vendors Product• Concerned whitepapers about missing details• Commitment is medium-to- high Content defines and meets custom requirements @jeremywoolf
  22. 22. EARNED OWNED SOCIAL PAID ROI calculators Expert interaction inBuyer: social channels• Compare Consultations vendors Proofs of• Detail is concept important• 4.2 technology products / solutions examined before decision• Commitment is high Content arms buyer to make / endorse decision @jeremywoolf
  23. 23. @jeremywoolf
  24. 24. Helping buyers buy: Ninefold EARNED OWNED SOCIAL PAID Website Twitter Foursquare Bar tab Trade show Sales engagement Proof of concept Case study @jeremywoolf
  25. 25. Helping buyers buy• Not usually a linear process• Cross over between phases• Many people involved in decisions• Buyers armed to sell products internally• Create relevant content for each person involved in the process• Deliver content where, when and how it will have the greatest impact on the buying decision• Understand the signals that indicate readiness to move between phases of the purchase process• Simplify the buying process for customers @jeremywoolf
  26. 26. Summary1.Understand your buyer2.Understand your buyer’s journey…3.…and the content that helps them4.Not all content is created equal5.But it can drive decisions @jeremywoolf
  27. 27. Discussion @jeremywoolf
  28. 28. Jeremy Woolf @jeremywoolf @jeremywoolf