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This presentation is more of an outline for a conversation that I had with a great group of folks at today's AMA Atlanta event. If you're not sure that a slide means shoot me a message via Twitter and I'll do my best to explain in 140 characters or les :) @iRollo

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  • AMA Atlanta Digital Chat

    1. 1. digitalcore Digital Media Strategy Presentation by:
    2. 2. ctr jk - click-thru-rate :) Presentation by:
    3. 3. Your first interaction with a customer is a priceless opportunity Source: CEO of Loews Hotels – That said, today your first interaction will most likely happen online
    4. 4. SearchWORKS If Social Media is a fad then so is PR Mobile HAS arrived Media is PEOPLE too Twitter is NOT dead
    5. 5. Sites. Placements. Creative. +Share with EVERYONE Test. Measure. Learn. Optimize. Define What uMeasure BEFORE uLaunch +REPEAT Presentation by:
    6. 6. Email Data Facebook “Fan” Data Mobile Data Survey Data Site Data Search Data Rich Media Data Twitter “Follower” Data If content is king, data is queen. Consolidate. Insights. Communicate (Peter Rabbit English)
    7. 7. goals and (clearly defined) Objectives EDUCATION Presentation by:
    8. 8. Measures + Metrics? Based on campaign specifics regarding audience, message, platform and overall business goals Presentation by:
    9. 9. Measure everything. There are no benchmarks, uMUST establish your own. Presentation by:
    10. 10. Campaign Measures By Tactic Display/Rich Paid Search Social Site Side ‣ Delivered Impressions ‣ Top Performing Keywords ‣ Total Fan/Followers ‣ Total Visits (by media) ‣ Click-Thru-Rate% ‣ Total Opt-Ins ‣ Fan/Follower M/M Data ‣ M/M Total Visit Data ‣ Total Clicks ‣ Total Site Side Actions ‣ Fan/Follower Value ‣ Avg. Time Spent ‣ Click-Conversion Rate% ‣ *Bounce Rate ‣ Active Fan ROI Value ‣ Avg. Page Views ‣ Total Site Side Actions ‣ Delivered Impressions ‣ Comments/Likes/Shares ‣ Most Viewed Page ‣ Total Actions ROI ‣ Click-Thru-Rate% ‣ Total Organic Imp. ‣ Top Exit Page(s) ‣ Top Performing Mkts. ‣ Total Clicks ‣ Total Organic Imp. Value ‣ Total Opt-Ins ‣ Expansion Rate% ‣ Click-Conversion Rate% ‣ Mobile Database #’s ‣ Played Videos ‣ Panel Views ‣ Total Site Side Actions ‣ Mobile Response Rate ‣ Top Performing Mkts. ‣ Panel Actions ‣ Total Actions ROI ‣ Mobile Redemption Rate ‣ Total Site Side Actions ‣ Play Videos ‣ Top Performing Mkts. ‣ Opt-Outs ‣ Total Actions ROI ‣ Total Opt-Ins ‣ Total Opt-Ins ‣ *Bounce Rate ‣ Played Videos ‣ Top Performing Mkts. ‣ Total Site Side Actions Audience. Message and Platform ‣ Total Actions ROI Presentation by:
    11. 11. $0.003 (visit) Display (view) (click) KPI CR% Increase (view-thru) 0.05% Presentation by:
    12. 12. Your Site Digital Core Visit Broadcast (+Print) Social Media
    13. 13. ADVOCACY Digital may be the most measurable medium. However, it’s not always comparable. Presentation by:
    14. 14. Presentation by: