iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Tutorial


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In this tutorial, iRepair Solution shows how to replace the iPhone 4 Screen. This is a very popular repair with a high level of difficulty.

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iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Tutorial

  1. 2. In this tutorial you will learn how to replace the screen and LCD assembly on the AT&T iPhone 4. This is a difficult repair and requires a great deal of patience and skill. If you feel that this repair is not for you, iRepair Solutions offers a nationwide same-day iPhone repair service. For this repair you will need a philips head screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, a plastic spudger tool, a sim card tray removal tool, and sometimes a 5 star screwdriver, depending on the two bottom screws on the iPhone. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  2. 3. Step 1. Remove the sim card tray located on the side of the iPhone. Use a sim card removal tool or a small pin by pressing into the sim card tray hole. The sim card tray should slide out. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  3. 4. Step 2. Remove the two screws located on the bottom of the iPhone. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  4. 5. Step 3. Slide the back cover up and out to get access to the internal components. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  5. 6. Step 4. Disconnect the battery by removing the screw holding the connection in place. Lift the connection out using the spudger tool. Once disconnected pry the iPhone battery out. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  6. 7. Step 5. Remove the antenna connection cover and the antenna located next to the battery connection. It simply snaps off. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  7. 8. Step 6. Remove two screws holding the metal plate covering the charging port flex cable. Once the plate is removed simply lift the connection from the motherboard. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  8. 9. Step 7. Remove two screws holding the speakerphone in place. The screw on the left also holds the motherboard in place. www.iRepairSolutions.net
  9. 10. Step 8. <ul>Remove the white &quot;water damage indicator&quot; sticker and the screw underneath it. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  10. 11. Step 9. <ul>Remove two screws holding the vibration module. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  11. 12. Step 10. <ul>Remove five screws holding the metal cover over the motherboard connections. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  12. 13. Step 11. <ul>Remove the metal cover and disconnect the flex cables from the motherboard. Be careful not to tear any of the flex cables. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  13. 14. Step 12. <ul>Remove the camera from the motherboard. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  14. 15. Step 13. <ul>Remove the last screw holding the motherboard in place. Use a flat head screwdriver to do this. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  15. 16. Step 14. <ul>Lift the motherboard out of the iPhone. Take great care with the surrounding flex cables. Make sure not to force anything. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  16. 17. Step 15. <ul>Remove four screws located in the four corners of the iPhone. They hold the iPhone screen in place. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  17. 18. Step 16. <ul>Loosen the six screws located on the sides of the iPhone but do not remove them. They also keep the iPhone screen in place. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  18. 19. Step 17. <ul>Pry the iPhone screen from the mid-frame and remove the two flex cables through the opening in the mid-frame. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  19. 20. Step 18. <ul>Remove the grill mesh and front camera holder from the iPhone and place them back in their place on the iPhone. Reusing these parts saves a lot of time. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  20. 21. Step 19. <ul>Re-install the adhesives for the screen and reinstall the new iPhone 4 screen in place. Take great care with the digitizer and LCD flex cable when sliding them through the mid-frame. </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net
  21. 22. <ul>Follow these instructions in reverse order to re-assemble the iPhone. This iPhone repair is brought to you by iRepair Solutions iRepair Solutions - We Solve Your iProblems </ul>www.iRepairSolutions.net