Success Stories from Wireless Retail


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Success Stories from Wireless Retail

  1. 1. Success Stories from Wireless Industry Stacy Hamer
  2. 2. Operational Efficiencies Growth & Acquisitions So what are we going to talk about today? Treating our Empowering our customers right employees
  3. 3. Topic #1Here’s a problem most people in this room likely have…
  4. 4. Where’s that piece of paper?
  5. 5. Everyone’s talking about it but nobody’s doing it….
  6. 6. Going Paperless...why bother? Reduce Costs Create better efficiencies
  7. 7. Let’s talk about someone whoreally did it…..
  8. 8. It only made sense to utilizetechnology to reduce thesecosts and our imprint on the environment. WHY?
  9. 9. What do they consider Paperless? Only print when necessary ex: mail in rebates
  10. 10. Don’t allow printing of…! Cash-in’s! Cashout’s! Purchase Orders! EOD Reports! Etc…
  11. 11. Scan in what you must print Contracts Validated bank deposit slips and bank slips Proof of Tax Exemption Etc…
  12. 12. You need to sell this to youremployees as a benefit to them
  13. 13. Immediate access What benefits did Premier see? Save more $$$ Reduced workload $$
  14. 14. Moving on…. Topic #2We all want to get bigger and sell more…
  15. 15. Why grow so big? “It gives us opportunity for our employees to grow into higher positions in the company that can be good, long term careers, and this helps us retain better people”
  16. 16. How do you approach newly acquired employees??
  17. 17. Acquisitions are about people “Listen, we are seven stores going to 45, we will makemistakes, and we will need to beeducated, but be patient with us, And and it will pay off” NorthStar is a Brady people company
  18. 18. How can a small dealer supportgrowing into a med-large size dealer? Surround yourself with talent!!
  19. 19. What positive changes hasNorthstar seen? Verizon loves it, our vendors love it, and our personnel love it.  Win, Win, Win!  Nice…
  20. 20. What growth comes down to is people people people……
  21. 21. Topic #3Getting your name out there
  22. 22. This morning I checked myfacebook 3 times and my twitter 4 times… (and I’ll check it again after this session is over)
  23. 23. I like Twitter because I find out random things like this….
  24. 24. And I like facebook for things like this….
  25. 25. But I also like facebook for things like this….
  26. 26. Guess how many people like facebook page? 5,035
  27. 27. Why is this so important?! It is important to develop a strong base of loyal customers.! That is difficult to do in our industry as the customer lifecycle generally has customers engage us once every 24 months or so.! With such infrequent contact, it is difficult to develop a strong relationship with our customers and a strong loyalty to our brand
  28. 28. Use Social Media to create more frequent meaningful engagements with your customers
  29. 29. We regularly incorporateour Facebook page intoour on-going advertisingor promotional activities
  30. 30. We have also linked ourcommunity sponsorshipswith our Facebook page.
  31. 31. Get creative…
  32. 32. The small things count….
  33. 33. Allow it to become a support resource
  34. 34. Get ready for the good feedback…
  35. 35. Topic #4How to Deliver Wow to Customers
  36. 36. RQ4 Customers average 56%repeat customer business
  37. 37. And that’s extremely important because repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers!!
  38. 38. Well we have an exception to the norm…..And that’s IDC Communications
  39. 39. 86%How do they do it?
  40. 40. CSAT
  41. 41. And here’s where they get even more unique…..
  42. 42. Impressive Right? Well it gets better…
  43. 43. 6 yrs ago they held a grandopening…
  44. 44. 5yrs ago they had an openhouse….
  45. 45. Fast forward to today….
  46. 46. 175+
  47. 47. Topic #5Achieving the un-acheivable
  48. 48. 400+ devices a day8000 New Activations In only 6 weeks…
  49. 49. We’re going to talk about how she did it…. Well, She is ……
  50. 50. Building The Bridgeü Vertical Alignment Becoming The Expertü Partnering Building Trustü Value Add Know Your Strengthsü Flexibility Be Open To Change
  51. 51. Our Role! Deployment Strategy – 60 Days vs. 6 Months! Deployment Deliverables! Training! Ongoing Support! Accessories! New Opportunity Strategies! Employee Days
  52. 52. Success is Sweet… Together we won…
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