Best XQ Launch Practicies with Steve and James


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Best XQ Launch Practicies with Steve and James

  1. 1. Plugging In: Best PracticesFor a Successful XQ Launch
  2. 2. PresentersSteve JacobsManager of Launch ServicesSteveJ@iqmetrix.comJames WestgateXQ Experience
  3. 3. Why might you be here?! You’re interested in XQ and want to learn what’s involved in the Launch process.! You’re in the planning stage of incorporating XQ into your locations.! You’ve already incorporated XQ into some of your locations and want to maximize your experience.
  4. 4. What you will learn! Launch process! Timelines! 5 best practices! Maximize XQ benefits
  5. 5. Launch Process & Timeline Getting Started •  Completed by Day 3 Hardware and Site •  Completed by Day 5 PreparationContent Development •  Completed by Day 14 and Setup XQ Training •  Completed by Day 16Software Activation and •  Completed by Day 18 Go Live
  6. 6. Launch Process & Timeline Getting Started •  Completed by Day 3! Welcome call – Launch team! Initial data collection! Introduction to XQ training materials! Timeline discussion
  7. 7. Launch Process & Timeline Hardware and Site •  Completed by Day 5 Preparation! Introduction to hardware partner! Site survey! Hardware order
  8. 8. Launch Process & Timeline Content Development •  Completed by Day 14 and Setup! Content template! Console introduction! Content review
  9. 9. Launch Process & Timeline XQ Training •  Completed by Day 16! Content management training! Sales training
  10. 10. Launch Process & Timeline Software Activation and •  Completed by Day 18 Go Live! Hardware installation completed! Media player setup! Play list assignment! Final content review - adjustments
  11. 11. 5 Best Practices for XQ Launch1.  Select the right people for the team2.  Place the right screen in the right place3.  Keep content fresh4.  Boost staff engagement5.  Continue monitoring & improving
  12. 12. #1 Best PracticeSelect the right people for the team.
  13. 13. How Big is Your Team…..?1 3 2 4 5
  14. 14. Project Lead Owner Operator IT! Overall responsibility for the project! Control budget! Recruit team! Prepare location! Hardware order and installation! Monitor timelines
  15. 15. Content Lead Marketing Inventory! Provide input on digital content and merchandizing! Ensure brand consistency! Determine what to promote and highlight! Ensure the content is always fresh and exciting
  16. 16. Sales Lead Sales StoreManager Sales Lead Manager! Get staff buy-in & engagement! Design and incorporate XQ into new sales process! Provide training
  17. 17. #2 Best PracticePlace the right screen in the right place.
  18. 18. Attract Traffic andXQ Ad Play Screen Maximize your Brand! 42” screen or larger! Near entrance, windows, and behind checkout station! Portrait and landscape format
  19. 19. XQ Browse Screen Get customers engaged and decrease walkouts•  Placed low within hands reach•  22” near devices•  6 to 8 devices per screen•  32” placed near the flow of traffic
  20. 20. More flexibility for empoweringXQ Browse for iPad consumers and staff with on- demand product information ! Arm your employees anywhere in the Store ! Mounted in areas with limited space ! Great for kiosk ! Great for B2B sales
  21. 21. #3 Best Practice Content is king. Keep it fresh!
  22. 22. Elements of content •  Product images •  Rate plans •  Prices •  Add-ons •  Specs •  Videos •  Related items •  RQ4 Integration
  23. 23. Promote the Right Content Tag Bestseller, New, and On Sale
  24. 24. Maintain with Regularity! Develop a content maintenance plan! Ensure the latest content! Get fresh promotional material from your Vendors
  25. 25. #4 Best Practice Boost Staff Engagement
  26. 26. Example from Harris Teeter
  27. 27. Change is hard because people overestimate thevalue of what they have—and underestimate thevalue of what they may gain by giving that up.— James Belasco and Ralph StayerFlight of the Buffalo (1994)
  28. 28. Provide Proper Introduction &Training! Introduced by executive! Get store manager involved early! Ensure that all staff watch the XQ training video
  29. 29. Get them excited!! Coolest location on the block! Ensure job security! Highlight the benefits !   No memorizing !   Less time educating, more time selling !   Increase sales and profit
  30. 30. Incorporate XQ in the Sales Process ! Map XQ into the new sales process ! Encourage sales staff to use XQ in their routine ! Invite customers to use XQ (i.e. having a greeter)
  31. 31. Video – Staff testimonial Documents/MarketingInternal/XQ/PhotosVideo/Retail Staff Testimonial.AVI
  32. 32. Assign a Store Champion! Ensure that all staff incorporate XQ into the sales process! Alert content lead when Content needs to be updated! Provide feedback to iQmetrix
  33. 33. #5 Best PracticeContinue Monitoring and Improving.
  34. 34. Continue to Improve! Monitor the process and improve it! Keep content fresh and exciting!! Try new things!! Communicate changes
  35. 35. Maximizing XQ Benefits! Placing screen strategically !   Provide real wow factor to your store !   Showcase your brand and promote your product! Maintain Fresh Content !   Fresh content brings life into the store !   Promote the right products! Boost Staff Engagement !   Sales staff become more successful !   Boost sales efficiency !   More customers use XQ to self-educate
  36. 36. = Higher ProfitSuccessful + Amazing Launch Experience
  37. 37. | 1.866.iQmetrix © 2011 iQmetrix. All right reserved. iQmetrix, the iQmetrix logo, RQ4 and other trademarks, service marks, anddesigns referenced in this material are the exclusive property of iQmetrix Software Development Corp. and/or its subsidiaries.