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Rethink Retail: Connecting with Today's Mobile Consumer


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The convergence between mobile shopping technology and the wireless retail store is of course of great interest to our client base. Smartphones (the ones you’ve sold your customers) have changed the way people shop and also their expectations of the in-store experience. In this session, we’ll look at trends related to what today’s mobile consumer wants (in-store pickup, mobile POS, etc.), real-world examples of how retailers are trying to meet those demands, and in-store mobile solutions iQmetrix offers help you deliver that desired shopping experience.

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Rethink Retail: Connecting with Today's Mobile Consumer

  1. 1. Showrooming Since 2012, there has been a 156% percent increase in consumers who purchased a product from a competitor while in a retail store. Source: Mobile Consumer Report).
  2. 2. Showrooming is a phenomenon that’s here to stay. Sarah Todd, Marketing Manager, ZBD What are some things our retailers can do?
  3. 3. 1 Today’s Presentation: 2 3 Today’s Mobile Consumer Their Desired Experience The Changing Retail Landscape What Retailers are Doing Open Discussion Q&A Period Throughout How you can utilize iQmetrix mobile solutions to move your business forward
  4. 4. 1 Today’s Mobile Consumer Their Desired Experience
  5. 5. Who is today’s consumer? Connected High Expectations Empowered Showrooming Busy
  6. 6. Cross-Channel Shopping Behavior Study… 57% Most people (57%) already research products on a PC before buying in-store. 38% 38% of shoppers do the actual showrooming process (Store-to-online).
  7. 7. XQ Browse for iPad combines the best of online and in-store experience to attract, engage and educate consumers.
  8. 8. Mounted customer facing or sales assist tool Massive catalog capacity Product info across channels Lower perceived wait time Training tool for sales staff
  9. 9. Browse for iPad as a sales assist tool
  10. 10. ™ TradeIn Entice consumers to trade in their old phones. Lower consumers’ out-of-pocket costs. Increase trade-in transactions and revenue. Increase store-visit frequency. Differentiate your brand from competition.
  11. 11. “XQ TradeIn is so easy to launch and maintain. It is simple yet engaging. We had customers using this app 30 minutes after we installed it in the store.” XQ Launch Team, Wireless Communications, Verizon
  12. 12. In summary, today’s consumer wants: Omnichannel Speed & Convenience Consistent shopping experiences Apps, browsing, checkout Instant Info Deals Product, pricing and inventory Mobile Coupons, in-store promos Question: How do retailers deliver these?? (Hint: It’s all via mobile technology.)
  13. 13. 2 The Changing Retail Landscape What Retailers are Doing
  14. 14. What Retailers Are Doing
  15. 15. Mobile enables omnichannel. The reason why Shopkick is so successful is because we are redefining the arc from the couch to the store… letting consumers know what is hot at the store… and then rewarding them for just showing up in the store. Cyriac Roeding, CEO of Shopkick
  16. 16. Retailers are investing in mobile apps. 83% of top retailers provide at least one mobile offering (i.e. mobile site, iOS app, or Android app) Source: Cognizant (June 2012).
  17. 17. mobile   A complete mobile sales and inventory management solution that streamlines in-store operations and delivers ultimate customer experience.
  18. 18. mobile Sales (Mobile POS) !  Checkout anywhere in-store !  Issue eReceipts !  Lower hardware cost !  Maximize floor space
  19. 19. mobile Inventory !  Reduce count times !  Streamline operations !  Eliminate errors !  Reduce shrinkage
  20. 20. How much are you writing off?
  21. 21. Retailers are investing in data tracking and in-store mobile connectivity. Tracking customers via in-store Wi-Fi: Nordstrom Eye tracking: SideWays is a startup developing technology to track what customers look in-store Push deals in-store, in real time: Swirl is a startup that sends real-time, personalized offers to in-store shoppers’ phones. Google, Nokia and Qualcomm on similar technology using GPS
  22. 22. iQmetrix consumer tracking partners
  23. 23. Retailers are investing in interactive in-store tech. 74% of retailers polled believe developing a more engaging in-store customer experience is going to be business critical. Source: Motorola (May 2012).
  24. 24. In-store tech examples Source: Motorola (May 2012).
  25. 25. In-store tech examples Source: Motorola (May 2012).
  26. 26. ™ Shelf Extend shelf space Drop ship products not available in-store Consistent shopping experience across channels Eliminate risk of carrying high-priced accessories Rich media, lifestyle features and highlights
  27. 27. Key Takeaways 1 Today’s consumer is looking for a faster, more convenient way to shop. 2 Retailers are investing in ways to make shopping experiences more informative, consistent across channels, efficient and trackable. 3 Mobile technology allows retailers to accomplish all of these things in the in-store space.
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