Project Retail: Driving Growth


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This is a scenario fit for reality TV. We’ve gone into a client’s stores and done everything we can to enable staff to deliver the ultimate customer experience. We’re taking the software and hardware (XQ and RQ), strategy, training and best practices we’ve shown you at past Summits and applying them in several stores of a 40-location dealer. We’ve put it all to the test and tracked our results – we’re excited to share them with you.

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Project Retail: Driving Growth

  1. 1. Project Retail DRIVING GROWTH ® & Wireless Communications
  2. 2. Magic. Humble. Lucky.
  3. 3. 2005 Illegal Music Downloads Satellite Radio Photo Messaging, Wallpapers, Ringtones
  4. 4. 2005 70 Attendees 5 Vendors How to Create Price Sheet in RetailiQ
  5. 5. 2013 500+ Attendees 41 Vendors Clients Host Sessions NBA Superstar
  6. 6. Please stand up if…
  7. 7. Over the last 10 years…
  8. 8. Wireless Retailer Ecosystem
  9. 9. I only understood one piece of the puzzle.
  10. 10. We wanted to take all of our knowledge from over the years and practice it in the real world.
  11. 11. Cutting Edge We needed to partner with a company who was… Open Minded Willing to let iQmetrix hijack their business for 6 months
  12. 12. Krish Patel President, Wireless Communications
  13. 13. Milestones Retail Management New Security Permissions Email all invoices Coupons Hardware Collections Email Marketing for birthday month Activities Blind Inventory Counting Biometrics added Verizon Eroes Import RQ Mobile Inventory Performance Targets Floor Price & Discounting Training Module in Intranet Custom background + Company wide links Non-Sellable Blind cashouts Bulletin board for managers Aged Serialized Widget Force Cash-in before sales Navigator Widgets Verizon Reconciliation
  14. 14. Activities Created } BI iPhone Spiff Bonus Employee Project Retail Challenge SalesRev_BreakDown Adjustment History Report iPhone Spifff Bonus Store Manager ProtectCell Rankings Trade-In Rankings Gross Profit per Hour Rankgins Profit By Day of Week ProtectCell vs AppleCare AUTOMATED Saves 7 Hours/Week
  15. 15. Partners Implemented
  16. 16. Results Across Wireless Communications SALES GROSS PROFIT Project Retail District 11% SALES 14% 5% GROSS 19% PROFIT
  17. 17. Not Everything can be measured.
  18. 18. Over 20 RQ Changes + New Partners IN 33 Stores WITH Aug 27 4 Days Notice
  19. 19. Let’s Continue to learn & grow together
  20. 20. Krish Patel President, Wireless Communications
  21. 21. Eric Stachowski President US Operations, iQmetrix
  22. 22. ? Project Retail & SOWI Questions
  23. 23. © 2013 iQmetrix. All right reserved. iQmetrix, the iQmetrix logo, RQ4 and other trademarks, service marks, and designs referenced in this material are the exclusive property of iQmetrix Software Development Corp. and/or its subsidiaries.