How They Did It: Top XQ Clients with Tara


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How They Did It: Top XQ Clients with Tara

  1. 1. How They Did It: Top XQ Clients Share Keys to Their Success Scott Aronstein, Founder and CEO, Connectivity Source Joel Ganong, Marketing Manager, SaskTel
  2. 2. About Connectivity Source! Founded in 1999! Sprint Preferred Retailer! Won the Sprint Platinum Partners Award the past 11 years! 32 Sprint & 2 Boost Mobile stores! Texas and Louisiana
  3. 3. Company Goals! Provide world class customer experience before, during and after the sale! Become a top Sprint Preferred retailer! Retain and build a long term customer base! Provide the most advanced and inviting retail environment
  4. 4. Why XQ Interactive Retail?
  5. 5. Why XQ AdPlay?! Attract customer’s attention! Deliver consistent messaging to both staff and customer XQ Adplay screen
  6. 6. Why XQ Browse? ! Engage and entertain customers while they are waiting for help ! Help customers make an informed decision ! A guide for newer sales rep to help them cover all steps and selling points XQ Browse screen
  7. 7. Why XQ Stream?! Draw customer into the store! Provide more interactive experiences
  8. 8. Interactive Retail Launch ! Went live on May 2012 !   4 XQ Browse, 4 XQ Adplay !   3 XQ Stream in 3 kiosks ! Goals for implementation •  Attract new customers •  Create excitement in the store •  Increase brand engagement •  Turn shoppers into buyers
  9. 9. Results & BenefitsIncreasing in average number of items per visitCustomers are spending more time in the store and making more buyingdecisions. 2.8 2.6 May-Sep ,2011 18% 7% 2.4 May-Sep 2012 2.2 •  Comparing period: May-Sep 2011 vs. 2 May- Sep, 2012 •  Non XQ store result is an average of all XQ Store Non XQ Store locations Number of Items per Invoice
  10. 10. Results & BenefitsIncreasing in profit per customerProfit per invoice at XQ store increased 19% higher than non XQ store. $110 $90 +80% +61% $70 May-Sep ,2011 $50 May-Sep 2012 $30 XQ Store Non XQ Store •  Comparing period: May-Sep 2011 vs. May- Sep, 2012 •  Non XQ store result is an average of all Profit per Invoice locations
  11. 11. Results and BenefitsBoost Sales Productivity •  Guide both customers and staff through the sales process •  Remind staff to cross-sales by presenting related items •  Reduce training time •  Boost staff confident when encounter with tech savvy Video Testimonial of Elena Mate, Store customer Manager
  12. 12. Watch the video
  13. 13. In summary! Deliver amazing customer experience! Create a competitive advantage and differentiate the store! Increase sales and profit! Drive customer loyalty and referral
  14. 14. SaskTelJoel Ganong, Marketing Manager
  15. 15. About SaskTel! Telecommunications company based in Saskatchewan! Over 1.4 million customer connections! $1.1 billion in annual revenue! Approximately 4,100 employees! 11 Corporate SaskTel Store locations
  16. 16. SaskTel XQ Launch! 4 locations live with XQ starting in April 2011! XQ standalone solution! Major store redesign for each location
  17. 17. Watch the video
  18. 18. SaskTel TourBefore After
  19. 19. Flagship SaskTel Store – Regina
  20. 20. Goals Set by SaskTelStore redesign and XQ launch goals! Revenue growth! Increasing customer satisfaction! Strengthening the SaskTel brand! Increasing sales productivity
  21. 21. SaskTel Tour22” Planar Multi-Touch Monitors running XQ Browse
  22. 22. Easy to Compare Products
  23. 23. Related Products
  24. 24. ResultsIncrease in Attachment Rates:Prince Albert Store’s attach rate has increased 27%since implementing XQ year over year (Jan 2011 –Sept 2012, 74% prior now averaging 101%)Related products and accessory tab in XQ promptcustomers and sales staff to communicate up-sellitems more effectively
  25. 25. SaskTel Tour:Strengthen the Brand No more paper posters and brochures
  26. 26. ResultsStrengthened Brand! Top-of-mind brand recognition! Increased brand visibility, delivering consistent messaging across locations! Consistent experience, regardless of store location
  27. 27. ResultsIncrease in Store Traffic!   Prince Albert Store up 15% in Store traffic since redesign!   Swift Current Store saw an increase of close to 30% in traffic over the first few months!   Regina Store is averaging over 1,000 customers per day“This store is sick!” feedback from 15 year old customer
  28. 28. ResultsEnhanced CustomerExperience•  Overall Q2 2012 survey results show touch XQ has helped screens had the highest increase over Q1 SaskTel raise the•  Customers can engage with interactive bar for customer’s displays while waiting to speak to a sales rep retail experience in our market•  Provide customers in-depth product info to help make a purchase decision•  Wow Factor! Ted Mortensen, SaskTel Store Manager
  29. 29. Summary !   Increase in traffic !   Higher Attach Rates !   Increase Customer Satisfaction Scores !   Stronger Brand Recognition !   Increase in sales productivity
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