Employee Commission and Chargebacks


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Employee Commission and Chargebacks

  1. 1. Employee Commissions & Chargebacks Presented By: Stacy Hamer Retail Management
  2. 2. We have a lot to cover!!1.  Carrier Commission tracking, reconciliation best practices2.  New Chargeback Module3.  Employee Commission
  3. 3. #1. Carrier Commission Setup Must Do’s…
  4. 4. Scenarios you think you can’t track….. Ported #’s Cross Upgrades“I want to keep my “I want to upgrade phone number my phone but use my husbands eligibility and from my current then just change carrier…..” phones….”
  5. 5. Allow Port # in PAWAllow Ported Number on Phone Activation Wizard
  6. 6. No need to use so manyprice sheet promotions…
  7. 7. Use Spiff Sku for extra commission…
  8. 8. BUT….Price SheetPromotions are still fabulous….
  9. 9. Please check these off….Force a customer to be attached when an activationis generated through the Phone Activation WizardAllow manual addition of Phone Activation WizardSKU’s onto invoice.Allow manual addition of promotion SKU’s ontoinvoice.
  10. 10. Guess what 80% of you don’t use?? Invoice Editor
  11. 11. What is Invoice Editor?
  12. 12. What’s new onInvoice Editor?
  13. 13. What’s new on Invoice Editor?
  14. 14. New to Invoice Editor…..
  15. 15. New to Invoice Editor…..
  16. 16. What’s new on Invoice Editor?
  17. 17. XML Import
  18. 18. What is an XML?" File provided from Carrier at point of activation" Contains everything relevant to what was activated including : "   Contact info "   Rate Plan "   Features "   ESN/IMEI "   Phone Number
  19. 19. Employee Activates Phone Open RQ4 Tender Sale and creates customer Add Start InvoiceToday’s 10 Accessoriesstep Flow Adds Features Enters ESN Enters Phone Chooses Term Number Chooses Rate Plan(s)
  20. 20. Employee Activates Phone Open RQ4 Tender Sale and creates customerPotential Add Accessories Starts InvoiceAreas formanual Adds Enters ESNerrors Features Enters Phone Chooses Term Number Chooses Rate Plan(s)
  21. 21. Employee Activates PhoneXMLImport Tender Sale Import XML into RQ4Flow Add Accessories
  22. 22. Here’s how it easy it is….
  23. 23. What happens if I skip XML import?
  24. 24. How is this setup?
  25. 25. RQ4 maps to your template….
  26. 26. If you don’t believeme….ask Arjay Wireless,an AT&T Dealer out of New York.....
  27. 27. #2. New Chargeback Module
  28. 28. Why the new chargeback module? " Eliminate $0.01 work around " Stop refunding
  29. 29. Flexible & Detailed Reporting " Original Invoice Date " Chargeback Date " Journal #
  30. 30. #3. EmployeeCommissions
  31. 31. Use the Commission Widget
  32. 32. Use Commission Ledger
  33. 33. How to pick a comp plan thatworks?" Sales Employees will figure out how to make $ faster than you will" Provide employees an opportunity to make $" Ask yourself this….would you work for your program?
  34. 34. Now the good stuff…let’s look atsome real dealer comp plans…
  35. 35. RQ4 Customer #1Cellcom Wireless •  55 Rogers Wireless Locations running across all markets in Canada •  Recently acquired 30 Sprint locations in USA in the West market. •  Has had their current comp plan for XXX years
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