Building Great Customer Experiences Across Multiple Touch Points


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Building Great Customer Experiences Across Multiple Touch Points

  1. 1. Building Great CustomerExperiences Across Multiple Touch Points Interactive Retail
  2. 2. What is a Multichannel Experience?
  3. 3. An experience thatcrosses over different “channels”.
  4. 4. Email Call RadioTypes of Center“Channels” Mobile In- Store Social(Touch Points) Print Sponsor WebTwo or more channels are used by78% of consumers to browse,research and make purchases – ATG
  5. 5. “Multi-channel consumers who receive information from morethan one source (store, online, mobile, or catalogue) prior topurchase, spend 82% more per transaction than a customer whoonly shops in store.”(Source: Deloitte, December 2010)
  6. 6. Specific Channels! In-Store !   Using digital to attract and assist !   Bringing online into the physical space! Online (Web) !   Consistent online and in-store experience !   Online containing in-store content! Social !   Twitter and Facebook !   Social affecting physical! Mobile !   Bridging mobile and physical with QR codes !   Location-based
  7. 7. In-Store: Attract and Assist
  8. 8. In-Store: AttractXQ StreamClients live with XQ experience up to 30% increase in traffic
  9. 9. In Store: AttractXQ AdPlay
  10. 10. In-Store: Assist 55% of retailers believeXQ Browse as a sales aid shoppers are actually better connected to information than store associates5. Prominent need to better equip retail sale staff and stores with additional technology and information.
  11. 11. In-Store: AssistRQ4 on a TabletBuild Basket Order in XQ and checkout quickly with RQ4 on atablet. Offers convenience for customer
  12. 12. Bringing Online into the Physical Space
  13. 13. Online into the Physical Space Of web savvy consumers: 54% want to try a store that offers a combination of web-like and in- store experiences; 73% would prefer a touchscreen virtual interface in-store.
  14. 14. Online into the Physical SpaceJC Penney allows shoppers to view online catalog, check inventory, and share recommendations
  15. 15. Tips for Creating a MultichannelExperience: In-StoreBringing the online experience in-storeOffering customers !   Information !   Convenience !   Self-Serve A Great In-Store Experience!
  16. 16. Online
  17. 17. Can consumers find you online? Smartphones showed a higher level of research versus buying online: Nearly two-thirds of While 52 percent of U.S. consumers use consumers would seek the Internet to out information about research consumer smartphones on the Web… electronics purchases Just 23 percent could imagine themselvesBut… going online to purchase one.Most are still buying in-store Research by NPD Group
  18. 18. Online“Retailers continue to have an edge with consumers, when they can leveragetheir physical storefronts with a strong online presence.” while just 65% for 76% of all consumers online-only shoppers say they have used a retailer’s website to research a potential And 62% for purchase manufacturer-direct shoppersNPD’s new “E-commerce and Consumer Electronics: Online Shopping &Purchasing” report – Sept 2011
  19. 19. Online! User friendly website that clearly communicates your products and services! Fresh and accurate content! Mobile friendly version of website! Address and maps so consumers can easily find you online or with their smartphone88% of shoppers are more likely to choose a companythat allows them to interact via an online, mobile or self-service device.
  20. 20. Consistent Online andIn-Store ExperienceEnsure you are delivering the same message,brand experience, and content on the web and in-store for a unified customer experience.
  21. 21. XQ Browse! Use with! XQ AdPlay Website XQ AdPlay
  22. 22. Tips for Creating aMultichannel Experience:Online !   Online Presence !   Mobile friendly content !   Consistency of information !   Tying the online and in-store experience together
  23. 23. Social
  24. 24. Social - Twitter53%of people on Twitter recommendcompanies and/or products intheir Tweets, with 48% of themdelivering on their intention tobuy the product.(ROI Research for Performance)
  25. 25. TwitterWho’s doingit well?
  26. 26. Social - FacebookFacebook is growing the mostdramatically of any channel as asource of retail shopping traffic.Facebook has upped its contributionby 92 percent between August 2010and August 2011.RichRelevance Online Consumer Report
  27. 27. Social 100% How manyFacebook most effective for retailers orretailers 80% brands do you interact with 60% (follow/Of the 69 percent of onlineshoppers who say they use social friend/fan of)?media sites, more than half (56 40% More than 20percent) choose to proactivelyinteract with companies on social 20% 11 to 20sites by "friending" or "following" at 6 to 10least one retailer. 1 to 5 0%ForeSee Results
  28. 28. Social 100% What is the main reason you interactFacebook with this companyContent – give 80% through social media?customers whatthey want 60% Other 40% Get Customer support Learn about products 20% Learn about special offers 0% ForeSee Results
  29. 29. Facebook – Who’s Doing it Well?
  30. 30. TwitterWho’s doingit well?
  31. 31. Social Affecting Physical
  32. 32. Social Affecting Physical Levi’s ‘Friends Store’ Social Shopping Site
  33. 33. Tips for Creating a MultichannelExperience: Social !   Join the conversation •  Create a Facebook Twitter page •  Don’t have time? – Look into hiring journalism or marketing students at your local collage
  34. 34. Mobile: QR Codes
  35. 35. Mobile: Use of QR codes30-40% of all smartphone users havedownloaded a barcode scanning application.In 2010, there was a 1600% increasein mobile barcode scanning97% of respondents found mobile barcodesuseful in some capacity while 3% found themnot very useful.ScanLife – Jan 2011
  36. 36. QR Code Best PracticesWhat Works?Giveaways, discounts, free tickets and exclusive access willcompel consumers to interact with and scan your code.What doesn’tBarcodes that simply direct users to a mobile website – novalue provided to user14 million U.S. mobile phone users scanned QR or barcodes inJune alone
  37. 37. QR Codes: Mobile + PhysicalHome plus, the Korean branch of Tesco, launched virtual stores on subway platforms, allowing customer to purchase items using their smartphones.
  38. 38. QR Codes and XQDisplay QR Code on AdPlaywith in-store call to action,offer or takeaway
  39. 39. Mobile: Location-Based Marketing
  40. 40. Location-Based MarketingAdding a location componentto a campaign increases therelevancy of the messages andmakes them immediatelyactionable.
  41. 41. Location-Based MarketingShopAlerts by AT&Tdelivers coupons anddiscount offers toconsumers via theirmobile phones whenthey are near aparticipating store orbrand.
  42. 42. Location-Based MarketingAccording to research from our ShopAlertsprograms,55-79% of consumers find location-basedalerts from retailers appealing, and11-34% report making a purchase, dependingon the brand and the offer.
  43. 43. Location-Based Marketing Rewarding through Foursquare check-ins.
  44. 44. Tips for Creating a MultichannelExperience: Mobile !   QR Codes are an easy, inexpensive and engaging way to connect to your customers !   Leverage existing location based apps like FourSquare and tie them into current in- store promotions
  45. 45. In Summary !   Think about leveraging the benefits of each channel and tying all of them together to create one cohesive experience !   A multi-channel experience still needs to be a GREAT experience at its core