BI Basics


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BI Basics

  1. 1. BI 101Basics of Business Intelligence Reporting Keith Nelson & Cory Paetsch
  2. 2. Benefits Of Business Intelligence ! Automation of reports ! Save time! More free time for analyzing data and becoming proactive with business decisions
  3. 3. So I Have BI… Now What?
  4. 4. Terms You Will Need to Know!! Cube! Measure! Dimension! Briefing Book
  5. 5. How Can I Get the Most Out ofBusiness Intelligence?! GIGO! KISS! Setting up RQ4 Specific Functions! Recognize
  6. 6. Garbage In, Garbage Out!
  7. 7. RQ4 Specific Functions
  8. 8. RQ4 Specific Functions
  9. 9. RQ4 Specific Functions Good! Bad!
  10. 10. RQ4 Specific Functions
  11. 11. Now That We’ve Established Your Foundation for BI…
  12. 12. Employee Profitability Per Clocked Hour
  13. 13. What information do we need?! Gross Profit of sales! Hours Punched! Wages! Commission Paid! Total Cost Of Employee! Profitability Per Hour
  14. 14. What Measures do we need to build?! Wage! Total Cost Of Employee! Profitability Per Hour
  15. 15. If your employee is in group A wage is $10 per hourIf your employee is in group B wage is $20 per hour Everyone else is $15 per hour
  16. 16. How Can I Get the Most Out ofBusiness Intelligence?! GIGO! Performance Groups! Inventory tree structure! Employee setup! Location setup
  17. 17. Let’s Start with our Custom Report
  18. 18. Highlights
  19. 19. Highlights
  20. 20. Highlights
  21. 21. Sorting
  22. 22. Sorting
  23. 23. Sorting
  24. 24. Filtering
  25. 25. Filtering
  26. 26. Filtering
  27. 27. BI: The Aftermath! Refund %! Profit Month Over Month! Top and Bottom Performing Employees! Handset Sales by Manufacturer! “Better Than Your Best”*! Tiered Commission
  28. 28. But Don’t Just Take it from Us…Let’s face it, we are all companies that look at the numbers.  When we had seven stores, each day we had an employeespend between an hour and an hour and a half compiling daily numbers for the stores and the managers of those stores.  This was a pretty comprehensive month-to-date report with categories and metrics of all kinds tracked and displayed in ameaningful way.  It took a lot of time to compile that report and since it was by hand there was a lot of room for error.  Notonly that, but if our reporting person wasn’t in the office the stores simply had to go without their daily numbers or theemployee responsible would have to do put together the report while vacationing. We now have over forty stores.  You can imagine that with maintaining the same kind of reporting on that old systemwould have been increased by six fold or worse.  Instead, the report has been built and maintained in the BI system.  Itgives us more flexibility to add and subtract various numbers or metrics and allows us to more easily track trends in thedatabase.  It has also eliminated nearly all the risk of human error in the reporting process.  The Bottom Line; It took what would have become a full time job copying and pasting information from RQ4 and turned itinto a twenty minute routine each morning.  Not only are we able to create a report for our individual employees, but alsoa second report for our individual stores and districts. Instead of spending the money in wages for an additional person, we can get more productivity out of our existingworkforce, not to mention all the other benefits that BI has to offer beyond our simple daily reporting needs. To anyone who is growing their company and is also considering the BI system I would simply say this.  There is no timetoo soon to get with the program.  It will make your simple reporting needs easier and you’re your entire organizationmore agile and able to make smarter decisions.  It also makes growth and integration of new stores, districts, or locations amuch less difficult task.Adam WagnerNorthStar Telcom
  29. 29. Remember This…! Structure your data and database accurately! Keep your reports simple and effective! Customize what you create to make your point
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