Creating the Ultimate Wireless Retail Space


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The days when the physical store was the sole transactional point-of-sale are behind us. Today, the focus is on the customer experience: creating excitement and inspiration, invoking social engagement, offering a relaxing experience through the use of design elements in the space, and providing interactive tools as well as friendly, knowledgeable staff. These spaces not only build a loyal customer base, but loyal and motivated employees as well. We’ll discuss key store design principles using real-world examples that you can implement in your business to enhance the customer experience and boost sales.

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Creating the Ultimate Wireless Retail Space

  1. 1. Creating the Ultimate Wireless Retail Space Tara Bartlett and Alen Puaca
  2. 2. Why do you attend the Summit? A You just come to learn as much as possible about the software iQmetrix sells. B You come to learn, connect with iQmetrix people, industry peers and friends, be inspired by top-notch keynote speakers, check what's new in the industry, and have a great time at the parties.
  3. 3. You Sell Experiences not just Products and Services
  4. 4. ht? It’s for the wings, rig
  5. 5. 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience.   CEI Survey
  6. 6. Busy Connected High Expectations Empowered Entertained Who is today’s consumer?
  7. 7. Which retailers are getting it right?
  8. 8. Walgreens
  9. 9. Walgreens
  10. 10. Walgreens
  11. 11. Walgreens
  12. 12. Lululemon Lululemon
  13. 13. Lululemon Lululemon
  14. 14. EE London
  15. 15. EE London
  16. 16. AT&T STORY
  17. 17. AT&T flagship lessons learned •  •  •  •  •  Average visit – 1 hour Staff on the move Importance of presenting solutions Importance of being local Importance of physical design
  18. 18. AT&T flagship lessons applied •  1 store -> 2000 stores •  Personalized service •  Focus on solutions, rather than transactions •  Create emotional experiences
  20. 20. •  •  •  •  •  •  •  This can be any dealer, not carrier Modules to pick and choose Medium size 800-900sqf, mall or inline Simple circulation, easy exploration Natural materials Existing in-store media solutions Existing retail management solutions
  23. 23. Attraction •  It takes eight seconds to walk by a typical storefront. •  Within two seconds of entering a store, 70% of people know whether they will buy something. •  An open door generates 35% more business than a closed door.
  24. 24. ore! ew in-st what’s n
  25. 25. te Local con nt!
  26. 26. te Local con nt!
  27. 27. eme! levant th re
  28. 28. eme! levant th re
  29. 29. Space for Exploration •  “Concept of exploration, education, and interactivity” AT&T   •  Simple stories in designated spaces •  Logical grouping, labeling •  Flex space for various uses •  Address all demographics
  30. 30. ries! mple sto si
  31. 31. e flex spac !
  32. 32. Space for Exploration •  75% of American spending occurs after 5:30pm and on Sunday.  •  The average shopper in America does not like shopping. She's a single mom with very limited time.
  33. 33. phics! demogra all
  34. 34. Product Availability 2/5 59% 2/5 retailers believe that the inability to find the item they came to purchase is a major source of customer dissatisfaction, second only to out-of-stock items. 39% of retailers offer consumers the option to buy on mobile and ship to home, while 59% expect to do so by 2017
  35. 35. isle! a Endless
  37. 37. Solutions, not transactions “They go to a store to discover solutions to help them live, work, play, and learn." AT&T “Prior to putting it together as a complete lifestyle solution, consumers didn’t see the value. Now they can discover solutions they didn’t know existed.”  AT&T So once they are in-store, do people benefit more from features/specs or the stories about solutions?
  38. 38. g! Groupin Android! iOS!
  39. 39. Store as a lifestyle magazine?
  40. 40. theme ads! nt! focal poi theme as theme demo products! theme in-depth! ent! environm theme ent! rtainm eme ente th
  41. 41. ent! nvironm theme e screen for demos! er! guest present 1:many se ssions! 1:1 sessions!
  42. 42. eful?! us me story the Why is
  43. 43. eful?! us me story the Why is
  44. 44. Engage senses •  In-store customers want to touch and try devices within a solution. •  Hear and learn from staff, be educated but entertained at the same time. •  See the same information on in-store media that can be seen online.
  46. 46. "When we think of the next generation of retail design, we think about storytelling.” "My rule: 70% of an experience should be what consumers know and 30% should be surprise and delight.” "Why are people going to brick and mortars at all? For the experience." RACHEL SHECHTMAN founder of New York’s “Story”
  47. 47. SPACE | MEDIA | PEOPLE
  48. 48. Back Office! Setup! 60:40! Stage!
  49. 49. Back Office! Setup! 60:40! Stage! circulation!
  50. 50. Back Office! Setup! materials! 60:40! Stage! circulation!
  51. 51. In-Store Media Online in -store! ays! al displ digit tion! olu ry of a s sto
  52. 52. People •  The most important part •  Space + tools enable staff to solve people’s problem, establishing long term relationship on good basis. •  Customers feel like this is a place they can not only shop, but learn, have fun, bring friends.
  53. 53. Side by side! Wants to p articipate and share! Wants choices! Wants sto ries! Greeting cu stomers! here! Checkout anyw roducts! yp ants qualit W
  54. 54. "It's no longer sufficient to create a product, a service, an experience, or a lifestyle that's merely functional. “Today it's economically crucial and personally rewarding to create something that is also beautiful, whimsical, or emotionally engaging.” Daniel Pink A Whole New Mind
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