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iProf Launched a Noteworthy and New Education App


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iProf, A leading digital education provider and most trusted organization recently launched its mobile app for students and teachers. This free app is available on Google Play Store. In this app, you will find huge collection of digital notes, videos, PDFs, test papers. You can access and share study material on social media networks. So, start your study on iProf App and save your time. For more info, visit :

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iProf Launched a Noteworthy and New Education App

  1. 1. iProf Education Mobile Android App
  2. 2. What is iProf App? iProf recently launched its android mobile education app.  A platform of knowledge.  Classroom learning environment.  A complete place for students and teachers to discussion, assessment and much more.
  3. 3. Features for teachers Course Assessment Analytics Notifications Network
  4. 4. Customize batches  Teachers can create their own batches to teach and connect with many students together.
  5. 5. Course creation  Teachers can create their own courses for different subjects and upload video, digital notes and much more.
  6. 6. Assessment creation  Teachers can create assessment which is easily accessible by students.  After the completion of test, teacher can view the detailed results instantly.
  7. 7. Performance tracker  Teachers can easily track the performance of every student on daily basis.
  8. 8. Wide network connectivity  A teacher can expand their network very easily.  A teacher can invite any student.  App can easily connect with social network like facebook, G+, etc.
  9. 9. Earning opportunity  Teacher can also earn from their batches.
  10. 10. Features for students Course Assessment Analytics Notifications Network
  11. 11. Huge collection of courses  Students can join any course as per their requirement.  Course suggestions are available for students.  Each course has huge collection of notes, videos and tips.
  12. 12. Assessment creation  Students can see assessment report.  Students can see the detailed test result after the completion of test.
  13. 13. Performance checker  Student can check their performance on a daily basis.
  14. 14. Network connectivity  Great network for students with different modules: • Messaging • Raise a doubt • Discussion forums • Notifications
  15. 15. Download iProf App For more details, visit