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innovative Mobile Surveys on the Go! Feel the difference by taking surveys through your mobile. Currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPodtouch.

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iPinion Mobile Surveys

  1. 1. iPinion Surveys on the go
  2. 2. Whats iPinion? • iPinion is an App based Market research survey platform. Currently available in Appstore for iphone, ipodtouch and ipad users. To be extended to Android shortly. Plans to be made available on Symbion, Blackberry, Microsoft at later point. • iPhone /ipodtouch users download the app freely and they participate in surveys on the go (offline too). • iPinion is designed to create a new way to reach people and create engaging survey experience for them. Aimed at overcoming industry challenges faced in Online panels in terms of respondent engagement, response rate and data quality. • iPinion users can be rewarded for their participation in cash / gift cards, redeemable from the app.
  3. 3. With iPinion, it is easy to reach and engage On-the-go surveys are growing in popularity because: • Smartphone penetration is shooting up. App culture has changed web consumption behavior – Mobile devices are becoming omnipresent. Shift to smartphones is a strong trend. – More people are spending more time on their mobile devices and are using it for multiple purposes (comm, music, media, email, web, purchase) – iPinion is built for specific devices and thrills the users with engaging surveys, and offers amazing possibilities for Market Research • Online panels today face challenges in terms of falling response rate and poor data quality – iPinion eliminates data quality problem by inherently eliminating fake respondents / professional survey takers – iPinion increases engagement and response level made possible by interesting survey design and flexibility to take survey anywhere (offline too)
  4. 4. Why ‘surveys on the go’ is the way to go? • Media consumption, internet consumption is shifting to smartphones and smartdevices (ipodtouch, ipad) • App culture is strongly catching up – Refer Nielsen’s article: U.S. Teen Mobile Report: Calling Yesterday, Texting Today, Using Apps Tomorrow • iPhone, ipodtouch users are spending an average of 80 - 100 mins per day on the apps • There will be 150m smartphone users in USA in 2011, and growing. Including the smart devices like ipodtouch, ipad, this will be even higher. • iPhone, Android and Blackberry will be the three major players in smartphone market, with about 75% - 80% combined market share
  5. 5. Why iPinion is superior ? • Platform meeting Professional needs – iPinion meets the industry needs in terms of question types and complexities: Supports single choice, multi choice, open end, slider, grid, rating, ranking and more – iPinion handles branching, looping, randomization, terminates – iPinion support questions with video, audio, images • Designed and developed by industry experts: – Leadership with more than a decade of MR industry experience – Actively following the trends, challenges of MR industry – Strongly networked to Top MR and Panel firms
  6. 6. Amazing features…Amazing possibilities
  7. 7. iPinion is ahead of the curve Two Reasons why iPinion scores as the platform of choice for surveys on the go: • Highest level of sophistication for professional Market Research surveys on smartphones – You make no compromises on your survey design when you use ipinion. We handle it all: A wide range of question types, survey logics, quotas, screen-outs, reward management • Largest panel eco system to reach any demography / specification that you require – Four select panel partners provide access to over 800K respondents in the USA accessible via iPinion app
  8. 8. Leadership Team’s Expertise • More than a Decade long MR experience – Worked for leading MR firms like Nielsen, Synovate and Ipsos – Worked for CMI and MR functions of F500 organizations like Wrigley, Mazda, Cisco, Unilver, Basspro shops, John Deere, Sprint Nextel, Deutsche Telecom , Best buy, Cisco and more. • Experience in building Market Research applications and Panels – Built several MR applications for Honomichl Top 10 co.s – Experience with online survey platforms and solutions
  9. 9. How to run a survey on iPinion? • If you have your own panel: – We will generate uid/pwd combinations that you can share with your panel members (one-time). – You / we will send an email invite with the link to download and the uid/pwd to login. – We’ll handle the survey programming, hosting and assignment. – Respondents will see the survey waiting for them when they login. – You’ll pay for the platform on per-complete basis. Ask us for the pricing. Pricing is based on annual volumes. • If you need third party panel: – You will provide us the sample criteria and we’ll source them from our partner network – We’ll handle the survey programming, hosting and assignment. – You’ll pay for the platform and samples on cost per complete basis. 9
  10. 10. Screenshots on Survey Initiation 10 Description of the screenshots: 1. Push notification sent to the member 2. iPinion App icon shows 1 new survey 3. Home page of the app upon login, showing the surveys available 4. User clicks on subway survey and sees the survey details (time, date, incentive) 5. User starts the survey
  11. 11. iPinion is appropriate for many surveys • Omnibus surveys • Awareness studies • Attitude / Usage studies • Buying behaviors • Media habits • Concept testing • Ethnography studies • In-store surveys • Mystery shopping • Trackers • C-Sat • Screeners 11
  12. 12. Reach more appropriate people in more appropriate ways. iPinion provides on-the-go survey capabilities for today’s world. USA : +1 614 410 5356 UK : +44 19 22 666 478 India : +91 44 4229 0000 Email : contactus@ipinionrewards.com iPinion