iPhone Accessories: Tips for The Best


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Best iPhone Accessories Review and Information for iPhone and iPads
You might have seen cheap iPhone Accessories and iPhone Cases and covers before, but this is something else.
Best Accessories for iPhone Review

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iPhone Accessories: Tips for The Best

  1. 1. Top Seven Cheapest iPhone Accessories Scan the Barcode below with your Phone, or visit the website. http://www.iphoneTutorialVideos.com
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  4. 4. ==== ====Get More iPhone Accessories and iPhone Tutorial Videos athttp://www.iPhoneTutorialVideos.com==== ====Soon after Apple iPhone hits the market, it took all the latest cell phone behind because of its highquality multi-touch technology, user friendliness and iPhone applications which makes this gadgetcompletely customized according to the needs of individuals which eventually proves that Applehas dominated the cell phone industry. This domination gives birth to a lot of small businesses,which design accessories for Apple iPhone.Following are a few of the best iPhone accessories which are categorized on the basis of theirpurpose and usability for the end users. These accessories will let the iPhone user, fully avail itsabilities and functions. Some of the following accessories will also work for Apple iPod as well.Ventev PowerCELL - Portable Backup PowerThose who travel a lot expression cell phone charging problems. There are old techniques tocharge your cell phone using travel charger while you are traveling and car charger during yourjourney but these techniques are some-how dependent other things. How about having a black-box while will just plug into your iPhone to start charging? Now, Ventev PowerCell has launched anew portable backup power which can provide charging facility to your Apple phone without beingdependent on others. You can charge you phone anywhere with this portable charger for iPhone.The PowerCELL 1700 mAh is specifically designed for all Apple iPhone models but it has beenalso been tested for other Apple products including iPod Nano, Shuffle and Touch. This innovativeand universal solution delivers portable power of 1700mAh from PowerCELL to your gadget usingUniversal Serial Bus (USB) data cable accompany your iPhone.Best online Price: Around $47.99 to $50.0iPhone Cases OtterBox 2000 Series Waterproof Clear CaseThe OtterBox waterproof case has a very high usage for those who love water sports. This dry boxhas an exterior dimensions of 6.855" x 4.571" x 1.829" which can easily carry your iPhone toprotect it from water damage. The OtterBox 2000 has been tested to 100 feet of depth and provedto serve its feature perfectly.Price: Around $15.99 to $18NaztechCaimain-Exotic Luxury Crocodile Pattern CaseAre you looking for cheap fashion iPhone cases, they you are reading about the right stuff, Thenew Naztech-Caimain Exotic Crocodile pattern case is an elite and beautiful case for you iPhone,its made from one of the finest materials of the world called Polyurethane (also known as artificialleather). The exact crocodile patterns are etched on this premium quality material to give realAlligator skin look.
  5. 5. Best online Price: Around $19.99 to $22NazTech Universal Voyage Case with Stow Away CompartmentWherever you go, you will have always something along; this may include driving license, creditcard, national identity card, your cash etc. How about carrying your iPhone and all these in asingle wallet case? NazTech Universal Voyage Case is made from the highest quality materials,having a separate section for your cell phone, a zipper enclosure and a revolving clip that can betied with your belt or purse. This stylish case comes in different colors to cater personal choice.Best online Price: Around $18.99 to $20Motorola MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone with Digital FM TransmitterThere are many Bluetooth wireless speakers for iPhone including Motorola MotoROKR EQ5 Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker 89242N (around 94$), Samsung CK811 Portable Bluetooth StereoSpeaker (around $70), Motorola MotoROKR EQ7 Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker 89243N(around $190) etc which are really good at their functionality and features. There is another verystylish Bluetooth speaker for iPhone by "Motorola named MOTOROKR T505 BluetoothSpeakerphone" which is also equipped with digital FM transmitter with following features.Connects wirelessly with Bluetooth enabled phone and car stereo.A two watt speaker specifically designed for car/motor vehicleAn advanced audio caller ID feature which speaks the phone number of incoming call.Clips to the visor and can easily be moved from one car to another as there is no installationrequired.StationFinder feature finds and convert to tune FM radio for clear and noise free radiotransmission in your car.Features Latest echo and noise reduction technology improves the sound quality.Equipped with a car chargerThe Class two Bluetooth connection ranges from eight to ten meters (33 feet)EasyPair makes it simple to connect with other Bluetooth enabled devices.Suports any phoen with Bluetooth stereo that supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)Best online Price: Around $78.99 to $85LG Solar-Powered Portable Bluetooth Car Kit HFB-500Bluetooth car kit is now a need of every driver to ensure safe driving. How about a Bluetooth carkit that runs on natural powers! The solar energy powered Bluetooth car kit for iPhone storescharging energy while exposed to Sun light. Every two hours of charging provides one hour of talktime with a total backup talk time of sixteen hours. This accessory is designed by LG but it has agreat compatibility with Apple iPhone. Among other Apple iPhone Accessories, this accessory hasan environment friendly solution for conversation while driving. This apple accessory features.Bluetooth 2.0Call/End option
  6. 6. Volume control keyLast number redial optionVoice recognition system for dialingEasy pairing of multi-connection (maximum of up to 2 phones)Best online Price: Around $89.99 to $95Parrot Bluetooth Conference CenterThose who are into offshore businesses can now conduct conference like they are sitting in oneroom meeting, the new "Bluetooth Conference Center" for iPhone allows you to execute properconference calls for business purposes. The devices take your iPhone to a next level that it reallybecomes a conference call machine. Bluetooth Conference Center accessory is designed andmanufactured considering the fact that iPhone is a PDA/business phone and now mostly used bybusiness class as well. Conference call is something that businessmen would usually do speciallywhen communicating with off shore companies. This device can also be used by a family memberliving abroad, far away from the dear ones. The device has the power to let you enjoy your familydiscussions and fun at a distant place.Parrot Bluetooth Conference Center features:User interface with 5 buttons and 12 dialing keysOptimized for all types of rooms3 high-sensitivity microphones covering 3605W hi-fi dynamic speakerManagement of secure public and private phonebooksOperating time: up to 10 hours continuousRecharging time: 4 hoursBatteries: 3 high-capacity Ni-MH batteriesFull duplex and specific echo cancellationBuilt-in specific SKYPE software menusConnectivity: Bluetooth, Skype via USB* dongleNumber of contacts: 6,000 maximumTFT 160x128 pixel screen with 262,144 colorsBest online Price: Around $ 299.99 to $320The prices mentioned against each researched product are the minimum prices available online;one of the websites which is offering minimum online price for all the above products isWirelessPhoneGallery with a home delivery service within US and Canada.About Author:Ronnie Williams is a staff writer for WirelessPhoneGallery. You can find latest cell phones,discounted cellphone accessories, especially blackberry accessories, iphone accessories, palmaccessories, apple accessories and wide range of accessories for LG, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola
  7. 7. and HTC.Resource Area:Notice: Publishers are free to use this article on an ezine or website provided the article isreprinted in its entirety, including copyright and disclaimer, and ALL links remain intact and active.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ronniee_Williams==== ====Get More iPhone Accessories and iPhone Tutorial Videos athttp://www.iPhoneTutorialVideos.com==== ====