Next Generation Prepaid April 12 13 Carlsbad, CA


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This is the show brochure for Next Generation Prepaid Show in Carlsbad, CA April 12 - 13, 2010.

I'm speaking at this event about Int'l Mobile Top-Up and Mobile Money. Please feel free to participate and attend this event that discusses and defines tNext Generation Prepaid Products & Services.

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Next Generation Prepaid April 12 13 Carlsbad, CA

  1. 1. Successful Strategies for Delivering NEXT-GENERATION PREPAID April 12–13, 2010 ■ La Costa Resort & spa ■ Carlsbad, CA Your Interactive Forum for Identifying Winning Strategies with New Prepaid Distribution Channels, Technologies and Customers Speakers: FeaTurINg: Marilyn Bochicchio, PAyBEFORE Bruce Burke, IPAySTATION Cherie Hamblin, NBPCA Terry Maher, BAIRd HOlM; NBPCA Kirsten Trusko Carman Brad Hanson Marilyn Liz Strauss Kevin Morrison, H&R BlOCK NBPCA Wenkoff META Bochicchio SOCIAl MEdIA Michael Nebeker, BAKS COMPANy IPC (SuBwAy)/ PAyMENT PAyBEFORE STRATEGIST Gary Palmer, NBPCA RGCA SySTEMS Brad Hanson, META PAyMENT SySTEMS Connect with your peers to learn how to leverage Ennio Ponzetto, ECOMMlINK mobile payments, social networking sites and Andrew Popp, ZIPZAP next-generation physical card innovations! Rebekka Rea, INNOVATIVE PREPAId • Garner strategies and insights from • Hands-on workshops: Step-by-step, SOluTIONS case studies by retailers and other issuers process-oriented information on how to plan Judie Rinearson, BRyAN CAVE; who have developed their own mobile & and deploy both next-gen mobile prepaid NBPCA next-generation solutions programs or methods for enhancing your Jim Rowins, FANdANGO • Proven techniques and tactics for current physical card programs Alan Safahi, ZIPZAP leveraging social networking sites to • Conduct meaningful discussions with Joi Sheffield, SHEFFIEld BROTHERS; support prepaid product marketing efforts your peers in a small, roundtable-driven NBPCA and distribution strategies forum, without needing to wade through • Hear ideas and innovations from both miles of exhibits, activities or other distractions Liz Strauss, Social web Strategist Jennifer Tramontana, FlETCHER closed- and open-loop prepaid issuers and GROuP; NBPCA vendors to enhance your knowledge of new market developments and innovations Kirsten Trusko, NBPCA Scott Wall, AMC THEATRES Carman Wenkoff, IPC (SuBwAy) Plus! Connect with your peers to learn how to Trent Sorbe, META PAyMENT leverage mobile payments, social networking sites SySTEMS and next-generation physical card innovations! PlAtinuM SPonSor Gold SPonSor Silver SPonSor exhibitor ASSociAtion & MediA PArtnerS To RegisTeR: Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 ■ Fax: 781-939-2543 ■ e-mail: ■
  2. 2. Successful Strategies for Delivering NEXT-GENERATION PREPAID April 12–13, 2010 ■ La Costa Resort & spa ■ Carlsbad, CA Who ShoulD Dear Colleague, aTTeND The conference is designed for WrG welcomes you to the Successful Strategies for Delivering Next-Generation Prepaid, the first uS-based senior-level decision makers— including directors, program conference designed to serve as a forum and roadmap for senior-level prepaid executives looking to identify the best managers, managers and business- and most profitable way to deliver future products, services and distribution strategies for open- and closed-loop prepaid unit leaders from the following financial products. industries and sectors: in the uS, the mobile and next-generation payment market is still quite nascent, and the prepaid market is well- ■ Retailers positioned to benefit from a variety of factors, including a large, underserved population that utilizes mobile devices, the ■ Direct Sellers declining availability of credit products for many consumers, and the growing acceptance of electronic transactions. ■ Financial Institutions nonetheless, significant hurdles to achieving mass adoption of mobile prepaid services remain, a lack of solid roi among ■ Non-Bank Financial institutions issuers, the absence of a demand for a true “killer mobile application,” and an uncertain regulatory environment. that ■ Remittance, Payday Loan, and said, mobile – as well as the use of supporting electronic support systems such as social networking sites, blogs and Cash-Advance Businesses email – are clearly on the horizon, and it’s imperative for issuers to learn how to integrate and adopt these systems ahead ■ Tax-Preparation Firms of their competition. ■ Government Institutions this year’s conference is designed as an interactive forum where merchants, financial institutions, issuers, processors, ■ Insurance Companies and program managers can meet in an intimate forum to discuss how mobile and next-generation prepaid programs can ■ Healthcare Providers and should be designed, deployed and managed to ensure rapid adoption, scalability and a positive return on investment, and Insurers while keeping a close eye on the regulatory and legal issues affecting all prepaid operators. ■ Corporate HR and Benefits Divisions of Small, Medium unlike other events, this forum will include real-time practical applications of mobile and next-generation delivery and Large Businesses programs, and an opportunity to hear directly from the professionals dealing directly with the legislators on capitol hill in ■ Payments Processors our legislative impact Forum. ■ Mobile Payments Technology Join me and more than 200 of your peers April 12-13, 2010 to uncover strategies for delivering the next-generation of and Service Providers prepaid products and services. register today at tK…. ■ Card Associations ■ Acquirers and ISOs Sincerely, ■ Law Firms ■ Prepaid Program Managers and Issuers ■ Prepaid Marketers Keith Kirkpatrick ■ Loyalty, Incentives and conference director Rewards Companies Successful Strategies for delivering next-Generation Prepaid ■ Payments Consultants and Analysts eight great reasons To attend • connect with other senior-level prepaid professionals in an interactive, intimate forum • designed as an integral part of the conference, the interactive discussion roundtables for in-depth discussion of mobile payments trends, prepaid innovations, and updates are woven throughout the conference, providing more opportunities for knowledge on legal and regulatory changes impacting prepaid transfer, networking and relationship building, beyond standard networking breaks • learn how to deploy next-generation prepaid services by hearing about the underlying • Specialized workshops provide in-depth, process-oriented information on how to plan ‘big picture’ issues on how consumers use mobile, social networking and payment and deploy both next-gen mobile prepaid programs or enhance your current physical types card programs • Garner strategies and insights from case studies by retailers and other issuers who • conduct meaningful discussions with your peers in a smaller forum, without needing have developed their own mobile & next-gen solutions to wade through miles of exhibits, activities or other distractions • learn from both closed- and open-loop prepaid issuers and vendors to enhance your • hear the latest updates and strategies for managing the challenging legal and knowledge of new market developments and innovations regulatory issues affecting prepaid at the legislative impact Forum. To RegisTeR: 2 Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 ■ Fax: 781-939-2543 ■ e-mail: ■
  3. 3. advisory Board WrG would like to thank the following individuals for their invaluable assistance in the design and development of Successful Strategies for delivering next-Generation Prepaid: Kirsten Trusko Kim Sobasky Nathan Ehrlich Dan Horne NBPCA REGIS GROuP HOME dEPOT GlOBAl PREPAId ExCHANGE Steve Casco Carman Wenkoff Greg Thompson Grant Rogers PAyBEFORE RETAIl GIFT CARd ASSOCIATION BASS PRO SHOPS META PAyMENT SySTEMS Pre-CoNFereNCe WorkShoPS – Monday, April 12, 2010 8:30 AM Workshop registration • please register for Workshop A or B Workshop A: 9:00 AM – 12:00 pM Understanding and Managing the Operational Challenges of Deploying Prepaid Using SMS and Other Wireless Delivery Channels • Steps for analyzing your customer’s needs, and how a mobile solution prepaid solution could make their experience easier, more efficient and/or more robust Please contact Meredith Sands at if you’re interested in joining this session. • understanding the technical capabilities and limitations of mobile payment technology • Methods for identifying the proper technology to utilize when rolling out your program • techniques for assessing your in-house capabilities, and questions to ask when sourcing potential vendors • best practices for program deployment, testing, rollouts and analysis, including timelines, staff training, and customer education Workshop B: 9:00 AM – 12:00 pM Maximizing Profitability and Reach Through Next-Generation Physical Card Enhancements and Distribution Strategies • interpreting the latest open- and closed-loop consumer usage data, and Michael Nebeker analyzing how consumers prefer to use prepaid cards VP, Sales & Marketing • Assessing best practices for innovative card packaging and designs to BAKS COMPANY make your card stand out • techniques for creating exciting products that • capitalizing on the shift to “green” cards through use of recycled card material, environmentally friendly ink and support of other green initiatives 12:00 – 1:00 Lunch for Workshop Attendees and speakers DAy one 1:00 – 1:45 opening Discussion Monday, april 12, 2010 Mobile and Next-Generation Prepaid: Profit Center or Pipe Dream? 12:30 – 1:00 the proliferation of iPhones, blackberries and other smart mobile devices Registration for Main Conference Opens has undeniably changed the way consumers communicate, receive and send information, and conduct transactions. but in prepaid, the delivery of a truly 12:55 – 1:00 mobile solution –- which goes beyond a simple account status message sent Opening Remarks via SMS or a contactless payment that links back to a physical prepaid card – could be years away from attaining ubiquity. To RegisTeR: Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 ■ Fax: 781-939-2543 ■ e-mail: ■ 3
  4. 4. technological or operational hurdles aside, it’s still unclear how a mobile Panelists: prepaid application will meet a need not already served by systems in place, Kevin Morrison whether physical cards or through other financial services. AVP, Card Programs that’s why it’s imperative to understand the wants, needs and behavior H&R BLOCK trends behind the consumers of today and tomorrow, as well as the challenges Scott Wall that need to be met on the technological and back-end integration sides of the VP, National Sales equation. AMC THEATRES in this session, you’ll hear insight from professionals who have monitored developments from both closed- and open-loop mobile prepaid, and will provide 2:30 – 3:15 analysis of current and future consumer usage of mobile payment systems, rounDtABLe Discussion ForuMs channels and technologies, which you can use to create your own mobile & reFreshMent BreAk prepaid road map. Next Generation Prepaid Key takeaways: each small-group roundtable will focus on a different topic, and will be led by • identifying common purchasing and payment behaviors of today’s an expert in the field. A full list of roundtable discussions will be listed on the consumers, broken out by demographic segments, and how they could Web at Attendees will have an opportunity to join morph into mobile prepaid customers over time two different tables during the session. • Assessing new initiatives and technologies currently in the market, and Table 1: Embracing “Green” printing and packaging solutions analysis on why they have or haven’t been successful to date Michael Nebeker • Strategies for incorporating new media and payment types as part of your VP, Sales & Marketing prepaid strategy for today and tomorrow BAKS COMPANY • Setting realistic projections for mass adoption of mobile and next- Table 2: From Cards to Codes generation prepaid systems Jim Rowins Carman Wenkoff Director of Promotional Sales Director of Electronic Card Services and President of Value Pay Services, FANDANGO LLC IPC (SuBWAY) Table 3: Identifying New Payment Needs of Gaming Consumers Andrew Popp 1:45 – 2:30 SVP, Business Development pAneL Discussion ZIPZAP Leveraging the Opportunities in Mobile Payments Additional tables to be added; check for updates! With more than 250 million mobile users representing a market penetration of 85% in the uS, the wireless market remains a fertile opportunity for financial 3:15 – 4:00 institutions, retailers and corporate users to extend access to their current pAneL Discussion prepaid programs and offerings, improve real-time response to promotions and find new revenue streams from new types of products. The Convergence of Prepaid, Debit and Credit the key to finding and profiting from these new types of mobile services is to Prepaid has accounted for a significantly smaller piece of the payments understand how mobile users think, access services and products and interact landscape, compared with its credit and ddA-based debit brethren. but the with mobile applications. confluence of traditional lenders tightening lending standards and a greater recognition of the opportunities among underserved consumers, new products in this session, you’ll hear market leaders discuss: incorporating elements of each payment type are coming to market. • current and future mobile purchasing trends, including demographics and Plus, with the rise in reload centers, kiosk distribution and new distribution application type and the factors driving these trends locations, savvy issuers can continue to drive revenue through the use of • insight into how successful mobile applications are designed, developed physical cards. and deployed • Methods for utilizing bundled card products to drive incremental sales revenue • techniques for educating customers on the benefits of mobile payment • connecting with customers via mobile and handheld PoS devices applications, and strategies for driving adoption and frequent usage • improving reach through satellite distribution centers • Managing transaction security, reporting and compliance issues • Managing staff training and education to ensure smooth rollouts and • Steps for matching the functionality customers want while understanding excellent customer service and support the limitations of mobile devices (screen sizes, input methods, software incompatibility, security, etc.) Moderator: • identifying ways to generate incremental revenue through new channels, Marilyn Bochicchio rather than simply replacing existing revenue streams CEO PAYBEFORE Moderator: Rebekka Rea Panelists: President Ennio Ponzetto INNOVATIVE PREPAID SOLuTIONS CEO ECOMMLINK Trent Sorbe SVP META PAYMENT SYSTEMS To RegisTeR: 4 Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 ■ Fax: 781-939-2543 ■ e-mail: ■
  5. 5. trAcks coMMence trAck A trAck B 4:00 – 4:45 4:00 – 4:45 Case Study #A: Deploying Successful Prepaid Programs Case Study #2: Deploying Prepaid Programs to Reach New from Plastic Cards Through Next-Generation Applications Communities: this workshop will take attendees through the following elements of the this case study will take attendees through the following elements of the process for migrating a plastic card program to incorporating mobile features process for designing and deploying an alternative payment system aimed at non- and services. the case study will focus on Fandango, a provider of movie traditional communities who need a prepaid payment system. the case study will ticketing services. focus on ZipZap, a payment system designed for online gaming communities. • Steps for identifying your programs goal and objectives, and ensuring they • understanding your target market’s online behavior and usage patterns, dovetail with your overall marketing and sales activity and barriers to using traditional financial payment types • best practices for sourcing and working with card manufacturers, • Planning, sourcing and deployment issue to manage when dealing in a integrators and distributors, and technology vendors solely electronic marketplace • techniques for launching a program, gathering user feedback and making • Steps for launching and integrating a prepaid payments system within a adjustment to the program dedicated community, including marketing and publicity strategies • Methods for leveraging lessons learned through physical card programs • techniques for collecting feedback from users to refine and improve the and applying them to mobile and next-generation distribution platforms usability and efficiency of prepaid payment systems Jim Rowins • identifying and minimizing instances of fraudulent activity Director of Promotional Sales Alan Safahi FANDANGO CEO ZIPZAP 4:45 – 5:30 4:45 – 5:30 Leveraging Remittance Networks and Mobile Phone Finding Your Blue Ocean: Revenue Opportunities Beyond US technology to Deliver Mobile Money Transfer Services Borders transferring funds from person to person is one application where utilizing regardless of whether you’re running an open- or closed-loop prepaid mobile phones dovetails nicely with the convenience and speed requirements of program, government regulation is and will continue to impact the operations customers who send money to other people on a regular basis. and profitability of uS-based programs. that’s why savvy companies porting • opportunities from uS to other countries around the world their prepaid program expertise beyond uS borders, where regulations are less onerous and opportunities abound. • domestic opportunities with P2P payments in this session, you’ll hear discussion on: • technical considerations and challenges • Strategies for identifying the most appropriate types of programs that can • Analyzing Fincen’s position on whether mobile money transfer vendors deployed in foreign markets must register as MSbs and comply with related guidance for AMl regulations • insight into the most “prepaid friendly” countries and key international companies involved in prepaid Bruce Burke • Methods for working with local partners and other international vendors Director of Business Development IPAYSTATION • Steps for conducting operational, technical, legal and business “needs assessments” for launching an international prepaid program Ennio Ponzetto CEO ECOMMLINK 5:30 5:30 End of Day 1 End of Day 1 DAy Two As a result, there’s a large opportunity to use these sites to support, market and even sell prepaid products and services, from both a b2c and a b2b perspective. Tuesday, april 13, 2010 Key takeaways: • insight into how these social networking sites attract users, and entice 8:30 – 9:00 users to return on a regular basis Morning Coffee • Key features of the sites that can be leveraged by marketing and sales 9:00 – 9:45 applications Harnessing the Reach and Ubiquity of Social Media • Pitfalls to avoid when reaching out to members Social media sites such as Facebook, linkedin and twitter have rapidly • best practices for crafting applications that seamlessly integrate the look, gained traction among consumers of nearly all types: young and old; male feel and experience of each site to maximize usage and female; and student and professional. these sites are extremely “sticky,’ Liz Strauss and feature a loyal user base that not only keeps coming back, but often Social Web Strategist proselytizes others to join. Founder of SOBCON & SuCCESSFuL BLOG To RegisTeR: Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 ■ Fax: 781-939-2543 ■ e-mail: ■ 5
  6. 6. 9:45 – 10:30 11:30 – 12:45 What is Wealth? The Value of a Dollar session 1 how do we measure the value of a dollar? is it measured by the amount Capitol Hill, Legislation and Regulation it can buy or by the impact it can have on people’s lives? this presentation • understanding how the prepaid industry has been impacted by legislation will discuss the relative value of a dollar and how emerging payment options and where future regulation of prepaid industry is headed can create wealth in underdeveloped economies by the efficient movement of money. • Strategies industry professionals and groups can take to impact decisions made on capitol hill Brad Hanson • Assessing the operational and technological implications of legislation and President regulation on prepaid META PAYMENT SYSTEMS • Media, grassroots initiatives and third-party activities: understanding how 10:30 – 11:00 these groups fit into the prepaid industry puzzle Networking & Refreshment Break 12:45 – 1:30 11:00 – 5:30 Lunch for Conference Attendees & Speakers Wrg & the netWork BrAnDeD prepAiD cArD 1:30 – 3:45 AssociAtion present session 2 The 2010 LegisLaTive impacT Forum Tactics for Managing Regulatory Changes the prepaid industry has received significant attention over the past year, with several bills introduced in 2009 that included a focus on prepaid, • Steps for managing new Anti-Money laundering regulations, particularly including the Fair card Gift Act, the credit card Accountability, responsibility, the classification of prepaid cards as monetary instruments and disclosure Act of 2009, and the formation of the consumer Financial • Analysis of the impact of new consumer protection laws, including the Protection Agency. in this Forum presented by WrG and the nbPcA, you’ll hear Federal cArd Act and related regulations, as well as: insight from nbPcA and industry professionals who are working directly with o overdraft laws and regulations legislators on capitol hill. o State regulations related to prepaid cards this interactive forum will cover the following topics, as well as other o regulation e provisions, as applied to prepaid developments that occur between now and the date of the conference. • understanding federal preemption and its relation to state law provisions Leaders: • Making sense of the cFPA and the new structure for financial services Judie Rinearson regulation, including new rules for deposit-taking Partner BRYAN CAVE • Analyzing the current state of state money transmitter licensing, including Co-Chair Government Relations the stepped-up licensure enforcement and the preemption of Federal laws NBPCA • Managing abandoned property/escheatment laws, including the impact of the recent Young America rebate litigation Terry Maher Partner • tactics for managing legal issues with reward cards, hSA and FSA cards, BAIRD HOLM government benefit cards, and the marketing of prepaid cards to minors General Counsel NBPCA 3:45 – 4:00 Networking & Refreshment Break Joi Sheffield SHEFFIELD BROTHERS 4:00 – 5:30 Director Legislative Activities session 3 NBPCA International Laws, Interchange, Privacy Rules, and Future Kirsten Trusko Outlook President NBPCA • techniques for dealing with international laws and regulations, including new e-Money laws in the eu, canadian laws, and developments in Asia and Jennifer Tramontana South America FLETCHER GROuP • updates on interchange legislation, data security, and privacy rules and Director, Media and PR regulatory activity NBPCA • top 10 items to watch for prepaid in 2010 and beyond Cherie Hamblin Co-Chair Government Relations 5:30 NBPCA Conference Concludes Gary Palmer Chair NBPCA To RegisTeR: 6 Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 ■ Fax: 781-939-2543 ■ e-mail: ■
  7. 7. SPoNSorS aND exhIBITorS PLATINuM SPONSOR GOLD SPONSOR SILVER SPONSOR Meta Payment Systems sponsors, discover network, a business unit of ecommlink enables program designs and delivers innovative discover Financial Services, is a managers and financial payment solutions that bring money to comprehensive and secure payments institutions to maximize revenue from their prepaid liFe. our team of experts, the most network that connects to millions of merchants debit programs. the company’s flexible prepaid experienced of any prepaid issuer, has throughout the u.S., canada, Mexico, central processing platform, innovative features and industry the creativity and insight to help clients grow their America and the caribbean. discover markets and experience allow clients to create customized businesses and create long-term success in prepaid. supports a full range of credit, debit, and prepaid prepaid programs for their specific markets while together with our vast knowledge of the industry, products and provides customer-centric tools ensuring quality, security and time to market. unrivaled regulatory expertise and unmatched designed to drive loyalty and increase transaction partner relationships, we serve as a valuable volume. ExHIBITOR extension of our partners’ organizations. the result: we deliver results-driven, consumer-focused innovation with superior time-to-market. MeDIa ParTNerS Paybefore’s 360-degree coverage of prepaid and stored value card the network branded Prepaid card Association (nbPcA) is a nonprofit, issues gives industry professionals the news, analysis and inter-industry trade association that supports the growth and success of perspectives they need to make solid, informed decisions to help their businesses grow network branded prepaid cards and represents the common interests of and prosper. the many players in this new and rapidly growing payment category. the nbPcA’s Paybefore delivers content through a number of properties (, Paybefore members include financial institutions, card organizations, processors, program news, Paybefore news international, Paybefore update, Paybefore legal, Paybefore managers, marketing and incentive companies, card distributors and law firms. the Magazine, and the Paybefore buyer’s Guide). Subscribe today at http://www.paybefore. nbPcA’s Working Groups drive the activities of the Association for its more than 42 com/subscribe/ members. For additional information, visit PARTNERshIP OPPORTuNITIEs industry-specific events help 80% of b2b marketers reach decision makers, • becoming part of the decision making to enhance the conference/seminar generate qualified leads, and build brand awareness. According to American program experience business Media, b2b events are ranked #1 for helping business decision makers • consulting as their editorial content advisor find out about new products and services. • creating an experience that matches the client’s goals to the market’s needs At WrG, we spend our time understanding the business needs of the primary • coming away with leads and a positive roi market. our conferences and seminars are designed to ensure the delivery of the Specific partnership opportunities with WrG depend on how we can best meet the most pertinent and timely content on new product and services. that’s why 95% of needs of the individual client. We work closely with clients to create a worthwhile companies attending WrG programs make a point of returning. investment. examples of participation from solution providers include, but are not We view solution providers as partners and assist them in: limited to: • being more effective in reaching the target audience before, at and after the on-site service demos • topic matter expertise • exhibiting face-to-face experience reception/luncheon/breakfast sponsorship • compendium sponsor • Gaining direct and personal access to potential clients Specialized track hosts • discussion group leaders • topic moderators • Maximizing the investment in making connections and developing relationships For more information on WrG partnership opportunities, please contact • organizing face-to-face meetings Meredith Sands at 646-723-8056 or REGIsTRATION INfORmATION PAYMENT POLICY/SuBSTITuTIONS/CANCELLATIONS: registration fees must be paid by xxx, HR / Benefits Executives, Register By Register By Register By Consumer Banking, Retailer 02/05/2010 02/26/2010 04/12/2010 2010. Your registration may be transferred to a member of your organization up to 24 hours in advance of the conference. All cancellations received on or before xxx, 2010 will be subject Conference $ 795.00 $ 895.00 $ 1095.00 to a $295 administrative charge. We regret that no refund for cancellations will be made after Conference + 1 Workshop $ 995.00 $ 1095.00 $ 1295.00 this date. in case of conference cancellation, World research Group’s liability is limited to Register By Register By Register By refund of the conference registration fee only. World research Group reserves the right to alter Standard this program without prior notice. All cancellations must be submitted in writing on or before 02/05/2010 02/26/2010 04/12/2010 14 days prior to the conference date in order to receive a refund, minus cancellation fee. Conference $ 1295.00 $ 1395.00 $ 1595.00 CONFERENCE VENuE: Conference + 1 Workshop $ 1595.00 $ 1695.00 $ 1895.00 la costa resort and Spa Fee includes morning coffee, lunch, refreshments, and conference documentation. 2100 costa del Mar road Please make checks payable to WrG research, inc. carlsbad, cA 92009 Phone: 800-854-5000 TEAM DISCOuNT: register 3 team members from the same organization at the same time and the 4th team member attends Free! (valid only at regular registration rate.) PRESS PERMISSION: Press permission must be obtained prior to the event and is dependent upon the speakers’ approval. the press may not quote speakers or delegates unless they SATISFACTION GuARANTEED: World research Group stands behind the quality of its have obtained their approval in writing. Press passes do not include admittance to pre-event conferences. if you are not satisfied with the quality of the conference, a credit will be workshops. awarded towards a comparable World research Group conference of your choice. To RegisTeR: Call: 800-647-7600 or 781-939-2500 ■ Fax: 781-939-2543 ■ e-mail: ■ 7
  8. 8. WRG Research, Inc. Attention MAilrooM: if undeliverable to addressee, this 500 West Cummings Park, STE 5400 important time-sensitive information should be forwarded to PRSRT STD Woburn, MA 01801 your Marketing Director. u.S. POSTAGE PAID 10006 Please do not remove label SALEM, NH PERMIT #151 Connect with your peers to learn how to leverage mobile payments, social networking sites and next-generation physical card innovations! • Garner strategies and insights from case studies by retailers and other issuers who have developed their own mobile & next-generation solutions • Proven techniques and tactics for leveraging social networking sites to support prepaid product marketing efforts and distribution strategies • Hear ideas and innovations from both closed- and open- loop prepaid issuers and vendors to enhance your knowledge of new market developments and innovations • Hands-on workshops: Step-by-step, process-oriented information on how to plan and deploy both next-gen mobile 4 Easy Ways to Register prepaid programs or methods for enhancing your current physical card programs • Conduct meaningful discussions with your peers in a small, WEBSITE PHONE E-MAIL MAIL 800-647-7600 WRG Research, Inc. roundtable-driven forum, without needing to wade through 781-939-2500 500 West Cummings Park miles of exhibits, activities or other distractions outside the u.S. STE 5400 Woburn, MA 01801 (registrations and Payments only) Successful Strategies for Delivering NEXT-GENERATION PREPAID April 12–13, 2010 ■ La Costa Resort & spa ■ Carlsbad, CA Your Interactive Forum for Identifying Winning Strategies with New Prepaid Distribution Channels, Technologies and Customers SPeakerS: FeaTurINg: Marilyn Bochicchio, Brad Hanson, META Alan Safahi, ZIPZAP PAyBEFORE PAyMENT SySTEMS Liz Strauss, Social web Bruce Burke, Ennio Ponzetto, Strategist IPAySTATION ECOMMlINK Jennifer Tramontana, Kirsten Carman Brad Hanson Marilyn Liz Strauss Cherie Hamblin, NBPCA Andrew Popp, ZIPZAP FlETCHER GROuP; Trusko Wenkoff META Bochicchio SOCIAl Terry Maher, BAIRd Rebekka Rea, NBPCA NBPCA IPC PAyMENT PAyBEFORE MEdIA HOlM; NBPCA INNOVATIVE PREPAId Kirsten Trusko, NBPCA (SuBwAy)/ SySTEMS STRATEGIST Kevin Morrison, H&R SOluTIONS Scott Wall, AMC RGCA BlOCK Judie Rinearson, BRyAN THEATRES Michael Nebeker, BAKS COMPANy CAVE; NBPCA Jim Rowins, FANdANGO Carman Wenkoff, IPC (SuBwAy) Plus! Connect with your peers to learn how to Gary Palmer, NBPCA Joi Sheffield, SHEFFIEld Trent Sorbe, META leverage mobile payments, social networking sites BROTHERS; NBPCA PAyMENT SySTEMS and next-generation physical card innovations!